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Hurricane Logan
Category 5 hurricane (SSHS)
Formed September 18, 2139
Dissipated October 8, 2139
Damage None

A wave spawned 2 systems, one of them dissipated, while the other became the 13th depression of the season. A Recon flying near the storm recorded 45 mph and a pressure of 994. It was declared Tropical Storm Logan because of that. After being La Nina influenced, it became a strong Category 2 after rapid strengthening. After fluctuations in intensity, it became a Category 4 hurricane. Shear strengthened, but La Nina was too strong. Logan became a Category 5 after continued strengthening. Logan was nearly stationary, taking 5 days to reach South America. Logan made landfall with winds at 160 mph on the coast of South America. After coming back over water as a high end Category 4, it restrengthened, but with an even more rapid drop in pressure. It reached peak winds of 170 mph and a pressure of 900. It made landfall in Nicaragua at it's peak intensity. It dissipated on the 8th.

Felix 04 sept 2007 1610Z

Hurricane Logan at landfall in Nicaragua as a category 5 hurricane

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