Hurricane Michelangelo
Category 5 major hurricane (SSHWS)
Temporary cyclone north 
Formed July 23, 2139
Dissipated August 4, 2139
Highest Winds 240 mph (1-min)
Lowest Pressure 811 hPa
Damages None
Direct Fatalities 12000
Indirect Fatalities 1900
Missing 5000
Areas Affected The Bahamas and Florida
Hurricane Season
Part of the 2139 Atlantic hurricane season

Meteorological History

Hurricane Michelangelo began as a strong tropical wave located in the Caribbean on July 21, 2139. Then on July 23, 2139, a tropical depression formed southwest of Haiti and it was designated as Tropical Depression 13L. 13L would further strengthen to a tropical storm and be named "Michelangelo" with winds of 40 mph and a minimum pressure of 1002 millibars. The tropical storm turned due north hitting Haiti with winds of 50 mph and a central pressure of 1000 millibars. The mountainous terrain disrupted the center of circulation and was downgraded to a tropical depression before exiting into the western Atlantic. Upon entering the western Atlantic it quickly restrengthened due to 94°F sea surface temperatures and a very favorable environment with very little wind shear and dry air. Michelangelo explosively intensified to a category five hurricane while nearing the Bahamas and the east coast of Florida packing winds of 200 mph and a central pressure of 867 millibars. The hurricane then struck Florida at peak intensity with winds of 240 mph and a minimum central pressure of 811 millibars. It rapidly weakened as it went inland quickly becoming extratropical over South Carolina, the remnant extratropical system persisted for a week before dissipating near the United Kingdom.

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