Hurricane Minerva started out as a strong tropical wave forming over Africa and moved slowly to the West-Northwest and emerged into the Atlantic, when the tropical wave reached the Leeward Islands, Hurricane Hunters detected tropical storm force winds and gave the name Minerva, Minerva encountered extremly warm water and skipped past Catagory 1 to a Catagory 2 by 3:36 EDT October 2. By the next day Minerva reached it's peak intensity and then, weakened to a Catagory 4 and made landfall at Jacobson Bay, Florida, then, Minerva made a second peak intensity just before landfall, three hours after, made landfall at Sandelton, South Carolina then started to weakened over North Carolina and was a minimal tropical storm by the time it reached Central Pennsylvania, turned eastward and after Minerva reached the Atlantic, strengthened to a minimal Catagory 2 and made landfall at Norofultotonburgston, Maine and dissipated over New Brunswick on November 9, Minerva lasted 42 days.

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