Hurst Trail

Hurst Trail (new)

Name: Hurst Trail
Blaze: Blue
Year Established 1922 by Haven C. Hurst
Distance: .5 mile
Notable areas: Fingerboard Mountain
Termini 1: Seven Lakes Drive
Termini 2: Ramapo-Dunderberg/Appalachian Trail

The Hurst Trail is a short marked trail in Harriman State Park. At only a 1/2 mile, the trail is one of shortest in the whole park. The only notable place along the Hurst Trail is Fingerboard Mountain. The trail was named after Haven C. Hurst in 1922.

Trail description

Mileposts 0.0 - 0.5

The Hurst Trail begins at Seven Lakes Drive near the south end of Lake Tiorati, near the enterance to Camp Theandara. The Hurst Trail follows a fire road for about 125 feet, then turns to the right. After passing some telephone lines, the trail bends left and climbs Fingerboard Mountain. It passes the left side of the Fingerboard Shelter and ends at the Ramapo-Dunderberg/Appalachian Trail duo.


The trail was marked in 1922 by Haven C. Hurst. When it was first made it stretched past the Ramapo-Dunderberg/Appalachian Trail duo, crossed the Long Path and ended at Surebridge Mine Road. The area here seems to have been abandoned since the mid-1950s. Before 1949, the blazes were a white square with a black H on it. Since then, it has been replaced with a blue blaze.

Junction list

Mile Trail Notes
0.0 Seven Lakes Drive Southern terminus
0.5 Ramapo-Dunderberg & Appalachian Trail Northern terminus

Junctions ahead on the abandoned path include Long Path and Surebridge Mine Road.


Myles, William J., Harriman Trails, A Guide and History, The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference, New York, N.Y., 1999

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