The Husnock are a humanoid species from the world of Duran. They look like humans, however, they have pointed ears and ridges on their foreheads. They are a warmongering species who seek to destroy any species because of their "impurity". They are sworn enemies of the humans because of their rescues of members of several species. The Husnock were responsible for the near destruction of ninety-four species including the Acacia, the Argala, the Bourget, the Bowsers, the Calentar, the Niacin, the Porcion, the Quitar, the Tanatuva, the Zooabud, the Klaha, the Klaha, the !'hew, the Deirr, the Cl'cli'cl, the Zontak, the Rurun, the Skwahali, the Garenor, the Rilnar, the Alsuran, the Malkoth, the Mawasi, the Nihydron, the Ram Izad, the Rilnar, the Veltressai, the Pronhoulites, the Rovillians, the Q'naabians, the Korlivilar, the Dunkars, the Slidarians, the Hilidarians, the Cromargs, the Zoolies, the Vudar, the Bargantines, the Vegarians, the Kdatlyno, the Pierin and the Chunquen.

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