Hutz is Fiark's friend and Mizu's partner.


His backround history is still unknown.

Season 1

Fiark's Hotel

Hutz first scene is outside Fiark's house. He storms in a tells Fiark about Colors and Black and his father. Fiark had hard time beliving it so they starts fighting and later, Fiark agrees and joins Hutz. Mizu shows up and the three of them leaves the place and travel to Fiark hotel. Later at the day Hutz and Mizu rescues Fiark while fighting Rock (Colors!). Rock escapes. Hutz, Mizu and Fiark runs into the mountains.

At the field

They meet up whit Kain and have to flee. At the mountain top they have to face the 5th Leuge and Axe-Raxe. Hutz first fights Hana(Flower Color), but he escapes. His next battle is against Raxe, but needs help from Fiark and wins. After that, Skilla(Zombie Color) is his next opponent. Mizu later takes over for him and Hutz helps Fiark fighting Ninja, Raxe's strongest Elite. Hutz almost dies, and Fiark enrages and finishes Ninja and Skilla. Mizu takes Hutz whit her in hide while Fiark fights the three leuges, 4th, 5th and 6th. Fiark leaves Hutz and Mizu.

Season 2

To Kain

Hutz and Mizu finds Fiark again and runs into the desert to find Kain's Mansion. They finds Kain's Mansion. They storm in and begins the battle against Kain's Army. Hutz fights against the top Member Koran(Tree Color).In this battle, he activite he's Kekkai Genkai for the first time. He kills him and helps Rock and Mizu kill Miko(Sand Color). After that Hutz and Mizu fights Kain's childs, Lucy and Luca. They win and another victory goes for Fiark and his friends.


Hutz have the Grass Color that let's him summon leafs that he throws like senbons.

Major Battles

  • Fiark
  • Rock (Colors!)
  • Black's Army
  • Hana
  • Axe-Raxe
  • Skilla
  • Ninja
  • Kain's Army
  • Koran
  • Miko
  • Lucy and Luca

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