A Huvee is a hybrid between an Eevee and a humanoid. They are usually classified with the Pokemorphs, and are the most controversial of anths on Earth and Neopia. Neither the term nor any members of the race feature outside the LTE.

Huvee Creation & Controversy

A Huvee is usually born, not created via accident or Morph Stone. However, many Huvees are first-generation - i.e. they are the offspring of a human-Eevee pairing. Much of the controversy surrounding Huvees comes from their parentage, which, while the offspring is not illegal, the act of making a Huvee in this fashion is. The controversy is only worsened by the fact that male Eevees are unable to mate with human females.


A Huvee can evolve if the conditions of its environment allow or it is exposed to radiation from elemental stones. Currently, there are eight varieties of Huvee - one unevolved and seven evolved (one for each Eevee evolution). Each Huvee has a distinct ability as follows:


Flarevees are able to breathe fire, and their body temperature is the highest of all the Huvees at 180 degrees fahrenheit. Huvees become Flarevees if they live in volcanic areas or are exposed to a Fire Stone.


A Joltevee has fur not unlike a porcupine's quills nearer the tail end. However, Joltevees are the least civilized of the Huvees. Huvees evolve into Joltevees if they live in an area that sees constant electrical activity or are exposed to a Thunderstone.


Vaporevees seemingly vanish when submerged in water, and are able to stay underwater indefinitely via gills on their necks. Webbed hands and feet help them to swim. Huvees become Vaporevees if they live near a lake or body of water or are exposed to a Water Stone.


Espevees are psionically gifted, and have displayed (to a degree) telepathy and clairsentience. Huvees become Espevees if they are shown enough affection to prompt an evolution during the daytime or are exposed to a Sun Shard.


Umbrevees are immune to psionics and are unable to use them. However, their sweat is poisonous, and they are hard to discern in the night. Huvees become Umbrevees if they are shown enough affecttion to prompt an evolution during the night or are exposed to a Moon Shard.


Glacevees are at home in the cold and have the lowest body temperature of the Huvees (app. 48 degrees Fahrenheit). They are able to create snow with their breath, but only once per day in hot climates. Huvees become Glacevees if they live in subzero conditions or are exposed to enchanted snowballs.


Leafvees live in the woods and are seen as dryads, for their abilities in a forest are superb. Leafvees have no need to eat - but they do need light so they can photosynthesize. Huvees become Leafvees if they live in wooded areas or are exposed to Leaf Stones. However, Leafvees are very controversial because animals start to become sexually attracted to the Leafvee of their own will.

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