• Huw Finger as Thomas, both are Blue
  • Micheal Lanselot as Edward
  • David Paoblino as Henry
  • Freddy Harveyson as Gordon
  • Zipper Patters as James, both are Vain
  • Dirk Finger as Percy
  • Gringus Willburie as Toby
  • Roter 12x¨5-300 as Duck
  • Sabrino Gutierrez as Donald
  • Duncan Horbita as Douglas, both starts with "D"
  • Justic Carter as Oliver
  • Jancy Laterute as Emily
  • Dafne Laterute as Lady
  • Grizler/Doctor Abo as Diesel
  • Lex Robbinson as Bertie
  • Peak-Peak Aviators as Skarloey
  • Calamitich as Norman
  • Tomia Klaytone as Mavis
  • Maity Gatarrete as Madge
  • Ko-Cko Paxk as Bill
  • Zsazhkoo as Ben
  • Brarilu Patters as Rosie
  • Scarlett Javmick as Belle
  • Dearmote Teerdropity as Molly
  • Gangster as Spencer
  • Dr. Etno Raltemino as Diesel 10

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