In India there are many film industries which produces the movies in different languages and regions. As everyone knew that the biggest film Industry in India is Bollywood and its hub is Bombay. Bollywood is Hindi film Industry, Films produces Bollywood are only in Hindi, as the national language of India is Hindi the Bollywoods film are popular in India.

Besides Bollywood, there is another Film Industry which is called as Tollywood, it is the regional Film industy. Its main hub is in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, Movies produces in Tollywood are in Telugu language, telugu is main Language of Andhra pradesh. Now a days many movies in Bollywood are copied from Tollywood. Tollywood is the second biggest film Industry in India now.

In the Capital city of Andhra pradesh, There is another tiny film Industry which produces low budget comedy movies, the speciality and focus of these HYDERABABI MOVIES are on true lifestyle of Hyderabadis. the Latest hyderabadi movie is Berozgaari, this highly inspirational for those who are unemployed or are in bad company of society,

Hyderabadi Movies are in pure Hyderabadi Language which is mixed of Slang Hindi and Telugu, The budget of these low investments movies are good as far now. There are chances of booming of this industry in the future,

Hyderabadi's should feel proud of this small Hyderabadi Industry because no other city has its own city based film industry in the sub-continent.


Mr. A

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