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Meaning: Animal from Hyner
Creature type: Rhipidistian fish


Time Period: Devonian
Locality: North America
Family:  ?
Related species: Eusthenopteron

Hyneria was a massive Devonian fish. It preyed on smaller fish, sharks and the first amphibians.

Hyneria was a rhipidistian, aka lobe-finned fish. The fins of these fish are very land limb-like, and many people believe that lobe-finned fish like Hyneria were the ancestors to the amphibians.

Hyneria could have lodged onto the land temporarily, catching land dwelling prey such as Hynerpeton.

Lobe-finned fish were all-but extinct until the discovery of a coelacanth on the coast of Africa. The coelacanth is now a living fossil, and still has the lobe-fins creatures like Hyneria had.

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