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"Now single up all lines!"

My speculation is that this chapter was writen after the bulk of narrative was written. The voyage of the Chums of Chance ties together the various lines of narrative. This is foreshadowing.

The Martingale Stay is a particular "line" that the hypersigil is following.

This is an illusion to cocaine.

hydrogen skyship Inconvenience

Subtle allusion to the narrator being a gas-bag and full of hot air.

Inconvenience is a relative to Dischord...making the Chums of Chance an allusion to the Legion of Dymanic Dischord.

all but mircroscopic size

An allusion to the atypical height that Inconvenience reaches, the first sign that this is not ordinary hot air balloon.

Randolph St. Cosmo, the ship commander

In Humboldt County in the early 1990's an small anarchist group by the name of W(H:.O:.L:.)E , the Humboldt Order of Lunatics, was known to gather for the Full Moon. This group performed the play Savior=Own Self both in an underground garage and at th college theater. It was a common practice to make up various names amoung them were the Saint Names. There were four visible members of the W(H:.O:.L:.)E who were represented on a coin that had mysteriously appeared. And there was an invisible fifth.

The invisible fifth took his name for James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.

The name was Santos Mozos. Saint Moses, St. Osmosis, and also the work Cosmos or St. Cosmos.

"The crisp of the crackling is in the chawing. Give us another cup of your scald. Santos Mozos! That was a damn good cup of scald! You could trot a mouse on it."-James Joyce, Finnegans Wake

This is an allusion to your megalomanic scribe, Chris Titan.

Special Sky Detail

no info

summer uniform of red-and-white-striped blazer and trousers of blue

Since their orders came through

The Chums of Chance are agents. Interzone.

the "scuttlebut"

This is the HyperSigil and he speculations that can be found on the MySpace Group

alabaster temples of commerce and industry

The alley between the Electricity Exhibit and the Mining Exhibit is crucial.

sparkling lagoons

The Regina Argent lands near the lagoon. The Mining Exhibt is just over the bridge from Hunters Island and the Rose Garden.

the thousand more such wonders, of both a scientific and artistic nature, which awaited them there


The Silver Queen solid silver satute.

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Darby Suckling

factotum and mascotte

Perhaps its familiarity made," Randolph suggested plaintively,"rendered it temporarily invisible to you."

Chick Counterfly

crew, Chums of Chance

no info

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Lindsay Noseworth

Second in Command

no info

known for his impatience with all manifestation of the slack

For Slack, see Bob Dobbs

Handyman Spprentice Miles Blundell

crew member, Chums of Chance

no info


A Thomas Pynchon dog character, this dog reads and can be understood when he barks.

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The Princess Casamassima

Book being read by Pugnax. This book contains a detailed description of a French Poodle (male) that we speculate was drawing some of Pugnax's attention. I speculate it is less that Pugnax is homosexual but that th author is making allusion to the natural bi-sexuality of dogs.

Ah. Some sort of...Italian Romance, I'll bet?" (Darby Suckling)

This is the first mention of Italy which comes up in the hypersigil narrative as the place where Lizzy Stonecypher escapes to.

"It's subject," He was promptly informed by the ever alert Lindsey Noseworth, who had over heard the exchange, "is the inexorable rising tide of World Anarchism, to be found particulary rampant, in fact, at our current destination--a sinister affliction to which I pray we shall suffer no occasion for exposure more immediate that that to be experienced, as with Pugnax at this moment, safely within the leaves of some book." Placing upon the word "book" an emphasis whose level of contempt can be approached perhaps only by Executive Officers.

This is a blatent allusion to the alternate reality that can possible leap out from inside the book or visa versa, leaping into the book. The average reader may side with Noseworth but as magickains and Anarchists we have jumped right in to the fray.


Professor Heino Vaaderjuice

"...ingenious turbine engine whose boilder ws heated by burning surplus hydrogen gas taken from the enbvelope through special valve arrangements-though the invention has been predictably disparaged by Dr. Vanderjuice's many rivals as no better than a perpetual-motion machine, in clear violation of thermodynamical law."

hypersigil file

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mexican card game, a person draws the card and has to act out the role so team mates can guess what card.


elfin form

Darby and The Little People


Page 9

"Not exactly. No. Another 'surface, ' but an earthly one. Often to our regret, all too earthly. More than that, I am reluctant--"

In the 1870's Dr. Cyrus Teed had the nature of the Universe was revealed to him. The Earth was enclosed and we live on the inside - the Cellular Cosmology (Isaiah 40:12). The Cellular Cosmology is described in the Borderland Sciences Catalog: "Teed was quite well versed in optical theory, geodesy (surveying) and the like and did many large-scale physical experiments indicating that the surface of the earth curves up. Right or Wrong? It’s an amazing view that will provide great intellectual stimulation and deep thought just seeing how such a diverse view can be built from solid physical evidence."

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