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Hypnosis is a phenomenon of the mind which can be used to treat fears and phobias, or bad habits such as smoking, over eating, or nail biting. Prominent hypnotherapists, such as Jason Vogel in Los AngelesJason Vogel, Hypnotherapist also help people become more personally effective, and overcome the barriers that block their success.

Stage Hypnosis Dr. Mez, Stage Hypnotistdemonstrates the power of the mind in front of large audiences. The show is usually comic, and often side splitting hilarious.

Advertisers... politicians... clergy & your lovers regularly use the techniques of hypnosis to influence you. Hypnosis is more effective and pervasive than you may realize.

Make positive changes in your life: • Reduce Stress • Overcome Procrastination • Quit Smoking & Control Habits • Obtain your Ideal Weight • Communicate & Understand better

Supercharge Your Business: • Create greater Pro$$perity • Establishing Patterns of Success • Communication Skills to Establish Rapport & Close Sales • Motivation to Get the Job Done

Entertainment – (While Exploring the Mind) • Stage Hypnosis for parties – an unforgettable and inspiring show • Teambuilding • Laughter

Jason Vogel, M.A., C.Ht. Productivity Consultant and Certified Hypnotherapist 310-770-8081 Fax: 310-388-0336,

Georgetown University, Phi Beta Kappa M.A. Psychology, USM Post Graduate Degree/Internship, Hypnosis Motivation Institute Author of 2 Books, Business owner, Award-winning Filmmaker Writer for Washington Post, Washington Times, Money Magazine, and other National Publications Co-Host of “LA Commons” TV Program Guest on hundreds of TV and Radio Programs Former Contributing Editor with Financial World Magazine

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