hypothesis model

which affects what and why?

according to Leung and Wei there are several parameters which can explain different uses in cellular phones, based on that reaserch and others, I have built my hypothesis model.

research question

Lamp What are the main uses of cellular subscribers in Israel in cellular internet, and what purposes does they get from it?


One Cellular subscribers in the ages 30-55, in a average-high socio economic status, who are technology oriented, will tend to use instrumental content more that other kind of content. The reasons are security, mobility, superiority and so on.

Two Cellular subscribers, in the ages 15-30, in a average or less socio economic status, will tend to use entertainment content, to pass the time, to solve loneliness, to be connected all the time and so on.

Three people who use cellular internet, fill more sense of security, connectivity, technological superiority and so on, other than people who doesn’t use cellular internet. Research audience: People who have a cell phone 2.5g and above, who are using or not using cellular internet.

Hypothesis model:

1. parameters: Age, occupation, , socio-economic status, looking for a relaioship of friendship, job seekers, sector – jewish, arab, Russian, religios secular of relifous, education, connectivity to the internet at home or at work

2. mediators parameters: belonging to a group, user interface, cost of service and devices, advertisement, necessity, the degree of use among close friends – chats and forums and general use, fear of technology, having a cellular phone 2.5g and up, using other application like emails, sms, mms; emergency status like war; time of the week - weekend vs. week days 3. dependant parameters Level of use in cellular internet; use in different kinds of content – entertainment vs. instruments; feeling secure; showing the boss/friends; feeling efficient; updated with information

--Billie 07:36, 11 July 2006 (UTC)

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