Hypothetical 2009 Season
First storm formed June 7&nbsp
Last storm dissipated December 2
Strongest storm Hurricane Mindy, 200 mph
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Tropical Storm Ana

In Early June, a tropical disturbance began to develop in the SW Caribbean near Panama. The disturbance steadily gained organization and on June 7 was upgraded straight to Tropical Storm Ana off the coast of Honduras. Tropical storm warnings were immediately issued for Belize and Ana made landfall near Belize City late on June 8 packing winds of 60 MPH. Minor damage was reported along with 2 deaths in the nation. Torrential downpours caused isolated mudslides and decent flooding which was responsible for both of the deaths.

Hurricane Bill

In Late June, a tropical wave came off Africa. It didn't show any significant signs of organization until' the first week of July when it entered the Eastern Caribbean. On July 3, it was declared Tropical Depression Two and tropical storm watches/warnings were posted for the southern tip of Haiti and Jamaica. The system was upgraded to Tropical Storm Bill and continued to steadily strengthen. Its center missed Haiti by less than 20 miles late on July 4 as a 65 MPH system. Minor damage was reported in the nation as well as 3 deaths from flooding. Hurricane warnings were posted for Jamaica and watches up for Cayman Islands/SW Cuba. The system was upgraded to Hurricane Bill early on July 5 and made a direct hit on the island later that day as a 85 MPH hurricane. Significant damage was reported as well as 10 deaths in Jamaica. Trees fell on houses and some houses suffered major roof damage. Bill weakened into a tropical storm after crossing Jamaica and was a 70 MPH system by the time it passed directly over the Cayman Islands on July 6 causing minor damage and no deaths there. Hurricane warnings were now up for the Yucatan Peninsula Of Mexico and Bill gradually intensified before striking the Cozumel area that evening as a 90 MPH hurricane causing moderate damage and 8 deaths there. Bill weakened into a mid range tropical storm before emerging into the Bay Of Campache. Some slight re-intensification occured before Bill made a fourth and final landfall in NE Mexico as a 65 MPH system on July 8 causing minor damage and one death there. A total of 22 were killed and $950 million in damage.

Tropical Storm Claudette

In Mid July, a disturbed area of weather began to show signs of organization over The Bahamas. It continued to organize and on July 17 it gained a closed circulation and thus was declared Tropical Depression Three in the Florida Straits, near Key West. Because of its large circulation, much of the Florida Keys and South Florida received gusty winds and flooding rainfall. The system maintained depression strength as it rode up the Florida Gulf Coast before landfall near Tampa Bay. Very light if any damage was reported in the Florida Peninsula but as the depression exitted off NE Florida Coast and began to race out to sea away from land, it started to kick up in intensification and on July 20 was declared Tropical Storm Claudette halfway between US East Coast and Bermuda peaking with a maximum intensity of 50 MPH (999 mb). On July 24 it became extratropical.

Tropical Storm Danny

In Mid to Late July, a tropical wave had begun to develop in the Open Atlantic. On July 23, it was declared Tropical Storm Danny a few hundred miles east of Bermuda. The system gradually strengthened to a peak of 60 MPH before losing tropical characteristics on July 26. Because of the system's track at sea and tiny circulation, no damage or impacts have been felt on any land masses whatsoever.

Hurricane Erika

In Late July, a tropical wave emerged off Africa. Dry air prevented it from any decent development until' a couple of days later when it was in the Central Atlantic. It begun to increase in shower activity and on August 1 it was declared Tropical Depression Five several hundred miles east of the Northern Lesser Antilles. It intensified into Tropical Storm Erika that evening and on August 2 tropical storm watches/warnings were posted for the Northern Lesser Antilles. It intensified into a 65 MPH system before impact in Puerto Rico on August 3 when her eyewall directly passed over the island. Minor damage and one death was reported in the island. Later that day it intensified into a hurricane and then a category two on the afternoon of August 4 as it was near The Bahamas. Forecast tracks initially took it toward the US East Coast but it slid under the ridge of high pressure and hooked back westward. On August 5 it became a major category three hurricane and hurricane watches/warnings were posted for the Florida East Coast as well as mandatory evacuations. Much of the shores from West Palm Beach to Jacksonville had to evacuate well inland but many stayed despite the orders from officials. Later that day it intensified further into a category four and it made landfall near Jensen Beach FL packing winds of 145 MPH (932 mb). Extreme damage estimated at around $32 billion USD mainly from the then record-breaking 46 foot storm surge and also the powerful destructive winds. At least 74 deaths were reported in the state and if the evacuations weren't ordered in time the death toll would've definitely been in the hundreds. Erika weakened into a category two before entering the Gulf Of Mexico. Same concerns were for New Orleans and evacuations were ordered but higher shear weakened it into a 60 MPH tropical storm before landfall near Slidell LA causing very minor damage and one indirect death, a lot significantly less than what was initially feared. Still due to the damage and deaths caused in Florida, the name Erika was later retired.

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