The I'Iglii are a sentient species. Known for collecting knickknacks and for their love of trading and haggling. Adult I'Iglii had humanoid bodies averaging a meter in height. They were covered in colorful fur and had rodent-like faces with large eyes. Squibs tasted objects by rubbing them over their fur. The I'Iglii are small, humanoid mammals who ranged from 0.8 to 1.2 meters in height. I'Iglii had pink skin covered in fur, the color of which may have been anything from white to gray, bright blue to dark red. This fur served as an important olfactory organ, allowing a I'Iglii to determine much about something simply by rubbing against it. This led to a common I'Iglii greeting, rubbing a person's palm across the I'Iglii cheek fur.

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