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Episode 26: I'm Not Pulling Any Goods Train!

Characters (in Order): Thomas, Edward, Henry (cameo), Gordon, James, Percy, Duck, Oliver, Emily, Diesel 10, Wilbert, Stanley, BoCo, Bear, Charlie, Molly, Stepney, Annie & Clarebel, and The Fat Controller.

Brief Summary: James doesn't want to take his goods train, and only Percy can do it. While Percy is taking James' goods train, James crashes into his goods train. Duck rescues James and laughs at him.


  • Narrator: One day, James was at the sheds with Thomas, Edward, James, Duck, Oliver, BoCo, Percy, Wilbert, Stepney and Emily. He was tired and very cross.
  • James: I'm tired of taking goods trains, I liked pulling express.
  • Duck: I know you don't like goods train.
  • Thomas: You liked express, James.
  • Diesel 10: Goods trains are very slow, James.
  • Edward: They haul back.
  • Wilbert: They push engines down hills.
  • BoCo: You are still a goods train hater.
  • Bear: Goods trains are trucks.
  • Oliver: You hate goods trains.
  • Stepney: You can pull express trains if you want.
  • Percy: Express coaches are important trains.
  • Thomas: Yes, Percy. Right, Duck.
  • Duck: That's right, Thomas.
  • Emily: Coaches are important.
  • Narrator: Just then, the Fat Controller came to see James. He had important news.
  • TFC: James, you are to take a goods train to the station.
  • Narrator: This made James very cross.
  • James: Egh, a goods train? No way. I'm not pulling any goods train. That's least for smaller engines. I had more important trains to pull, such as the express.
  • Narrator: James puffed up to see Annie and Clarabel, Thomas' coaches. Annie and Clarabel saw James puffing beside them.
  • James: Annie and Clarabel? Well, they are exacally the express coaches, but I suppose they'll do it.
  • Narrator: Annie and Clarabel were surprised. James buffered up to them. And he puffed away with them.
  • James: Come along! I'm taking you for a ride!
  • Narrator: Later, Percy asked Duck that he has to take James' goods train.
  • Percy: May I please take James' goods train, because he doesn't pull?
  • Duck: Yes, you may. Have fun, Percy.
  • Percy: I'll right be back!
  • Narrator: Percy puffed away to fetch James' goods train. Later, Thomas looked for Annie and Clarabel. But, they were gone, because of James. Duck rolled beside him.
  • Thomas: Where are my coaches?
  • Duck: Oh hey, Thomas. James just took Annie and Clarabel for a ride.
  • Thomas: Oh, stupid James. I have to go and give him a piece of my mind!
  • Narrator: Thomas puffed off to find James. Later, James was still pulling Annie and Clarabel.
  • James: Hahahaha, it's me James! James the Fabbish Red Engine on Sodor. I'm the pride of the line! Hahahahahaha! PEEP PEEP!
  • Narrator: James raced past Stanley.
  • Stanley: Rail raider!
  • Narrator: Than, he raced past Charlie.
  • Charlie: Bubbling boilers!
  • Narrator: Then, he raced past Gordon.
  • Gordon: Bust my boiler!
  • Narrator: Then he raced past Wilbert.
  • Wilbert: Gosh!
  • Narrator: Then he raced past BoCo.
  • BoCo: Slow down, James!
  • Narrator: Then, he raced past Bear.
  • Bear: (trucks crash into themselves) Trembling Tracks! What was that?!
  • Narrator: Suddenly he saw his goods train that he doesn't pull, and it was being pulled by Percy.
  • James: (gasps) Trembling Tracks! What was that?! It just looks like a goods train! The goods train that I didn't pull! (screams) AAAAAAHH! (crashes into his goods train)
  • Narrator: The goods train blew up into pieces as James hit it with a loud crash. James wasn't hurt, but he had came off the rails and landed on his side.
  • James: Oh, God. It hurts.
  • Narrator: Just then, Thomas arrived and saw James crashed.
  • Thomas: Well, well, well, serves him right.
  • Narrator: Then, he saw Annie and Clarabel right on the middle of the line which James came off.
  • Thomas: (gasp) Fizzling fireboxs! No, no, no! Annie and Clarabel! Oh, my poor coaches! Don't worry, girls. I'm coming!
  • Narrator: He buffered up to his coaches and pulled them back to the yard. Just then, Duck arrived and chuckled.
  • Duck: Well, well, well, it isn't James! Hahahaha! Look what have you done.
  • James: Shut up, Duck! Now, help me get back on the rails, you stupid little engine!
  • Duck: What if I could, James. What do you see, James?
  • James: (gasps) Bust my buffers! The Fat Controller's car!! Ohhhh, I'm in trouble!
  • Duck: Oh, no, you're in trouble now, James!
  • James: Shut up! What do you mean, Duck! He was well!
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller walked to see the wreckage.
  • TFC: Okay, Duck, tell me what happened.
  • Duck: First, last morning, James is thinking about goods trains that he doesn't like.
  • James: No, it's comeplete untrue!
  • Duck: Oh, yeah, whatever, James. And then, instead of taking his goods train, he stole Annie and Clarabel from Thomas.
  • James: No, I never do that!
  • Duck: Shut up, James. And then, I asked Percy to take his goods train to the Station. And then, James was pulling Annie and Clarabel, and then he crashed into his goods train.
  • Narrator: The Fat Controller was very cross with James.
  • TFC: Oh, James, you had done it this time! You did a bad job for stealing Annie and Clarabel and not pulling your goods train! As punishment, you are suspended from pulling trains, for the next two months!
  • James: (horrifed) Two months?! Oh sir, no, you can't be serious!
  • TFC: Yes! I am serious! You are not doing your job!
  • James: But, sir! I'm sorry!
  • TFC: Doesn't matter, James!
  • James: NO!! I'M SORRY!! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!!! I'M SORRY!!!! I'M SORRRRRRRY!!!!!!!!!!!
  • TFC: I don't care, James!
  • Narrator: And the Fat Controller walked sternly away, leaving James to cry a temper tantrum.
  • James: (wailing) No! I want to stay on Sodor!!! (continues to wail)
  • Duck: I hope you learned your lesson. I will get you back into the rails.
  • James: You will?! (continues to wail)
  • Narrator: Duck puffed way to get the breakdown train. Later, James was at the shed, and told the Fat Controller how long.
  • James: Oh, sir. Tell me how long is it being. What if I can pull trains again. It feels it's like it's being ages.
  • TFC: (still angry) James, it's still two months!
  • James: Two months?! Ohhhh! I'm sorry, sir!
  • TFC: (still angry) It doesn't matter, James!
  • James: Fine, I'll learn my lesson when I get back to my shed!
  • TFC: Well you'd better James.
  • Narrator: James learned not to think about a goods train. I think he learned his lesson, don't you?

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