1. Implant date inserted as patient middle name

2. Prostate volume (in cc) entered under study name

3. Procedure date entered as scheduled date of implant

4. Template registration done correctly

5. Reference plane set as first axial image (prostate base)

6. Correct prescription dose entered (145 Gy for monotherapy)

7. Arch contour looks reasonable

8. Prostate structure grown into PTV

9. Correct seed activity entered (0.389 mCi for Tuesday or 0.376 mCi for Friday implant)

10. Needles are less than 0.5 cm outside PTV contour at mid-gland

11. Needle arrangement does not interfere with arch or urethra

12. Avoid needles in row 1.5 if possible

13. No needles in column D

14. Dosimetric indicies are consistent with guidelines:

    • PTV V150   ~ 65-70%
    • PTV V100   > 98%
    • PTV D90   ~ 125-130%
    • urethra V150 < 5%
    • rectum V100   < 5%

15. 3D view set to seeds only and coronal viewpoint

16. Print:  
  • Study summary
  • Needle loading
  • DVH
  • Therapy visualisation (2 rows x 2 columns, all display boxes checked)
  • 3D view

17. Mark-up order form: Add two extra needles with 3 and 2 lose seeds

18. Indicate on needle loading sheets which needles are to contain loose seeds, ie. those closest to urethra (except near the prostate anterior surface) and rectum.

19. Double check seed totals on order forms

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