This guild was originally called Creed Tyrants a group of Hunters. Formed to protect humanity. To help with the struggle of Monster v.s. Human. They were on top until that horrible day. One Day the whole guild(around 1300 Guildsmen) went on a gathering quest,a simple night quest like a party rather, as they where eating the heard a Giagamouth Boom, when the guild took a look out of camp They saw a Teostra flock and a Primatus Tribe(which consisted of Elder Rajanan and minons like Congalala, Blangonga, etc.) fighting over sacred ground. Right then, a Blangonga rushed to attack our Guildleader leader, Ursam (Ridelybear's Sensei). Before he was able to unsheathe his weapon, a Elder Teostra slayed the blangonga in one swipe. Apparently the Teostra were on our side. I,only 10yrs of age could not fight(Jaws), and seeked shelther in the thick of the jungle leaves. As the guild fought valiantly along side the Teostra many of our guildsmen fell. As Ursam gave a last fatal blow to the Elder Rajan, He unfortunately fell next to the breathless body of the Elder Rajan. Therefore due to the unexpected dimise of Ursam, RidleyBear rose as leader. The Teostra knew that Ursam was special. They flew all of the guild back to the village.Included in the fight were our fallen guildsmen. In honor of Ursam's bravery, the Teostra attended the burial ceremony. As the guild sent Ursam down the river, the Teostra engulfed the burial boat in a flame in the shape of a phoenix. And as the flames of the pheonix died down, the burial boat dissapeared Our Victory against the Primatus Tribe we have taken on a new idenity. We are the Inferno Tyrants, we Shall Prevail in triump over our enemies.

-To be continued-

Recalled By Jaws.

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