The light of the setting sun reflects off the few remaining strands of the cyber-virus visible on her skin; they grow ever fainter with each passing moment. "The procedure is exceptionally... humane... for want of a better word. They have evolved."

Intolt-7 is a cold, rocky and almost airless outcrop of life in the middle of galactic nowhere. As such, it's the perfect home for a corporation's secret research project hybridising artificial intelligences and radical cloning techniques in order to produce an instant army of psionically-gifted soldiers. Unfortunately for everyone involved, the project isn't so secret anymore: both Earth's military and the remnants of the Cyber race want the technology for themselves, but something else dwells in the shadows for whom this is merely a stepping stone in a much grander design.

Once again travelling alone, the Doctor arrives in distress and quickly finds himself beset by a constant tide of suspicion and violence as he tries to save as many lives as possible. But even when the day seems won, what will happen to him when Blue finds a voice that only another will ever hear?

Change is the only constant. As the Doctor is going to discover whether he wants to or not.

This is another round-robin story featuring the 8th Doctor.

Certain characters in this story (mentioning no names) may be copyright the BBC, and/or Fox, and/or Virgin Publishing. Each chapter is © its author, as credited below.

The blurb you see above was whipped up in more than 5 minutes by Jon Andersen, who also moderated the story and designed the cover.

  • Chapter One by Jon Andersen
  • Chapter Two by Kevin Michael Wilcox
  • Chapter Three by Tim Hollis
  • Chapter Four by Timothy E. Jones
  • Chapter Five by Dave Robinson
  • Chapter Six by Writer X
  • Chapter Seven by Tony Whitt
  • Chapter Eight by Writer X
  • Chapter Nine by j.d. andersen
  • Chapter Ten by Time Lady X
  • Chapter Eleven by Chris Payne
  • Chapter Twelve (Parts 1-7) by Jon Andersen



The 8th Doctor


Angus Hanrahan. Deputy Security Chief.
Austin Smithe. Chief Engineer.
BANSHEE. Systems AI, TMV Banshee.
Baxter, Major. Intelligence officer.
BUFFY. Administrative AI.
Chang Li. Security Officer.
Cyberleader, beach-head
Cyberleader, hyperspace
David "Doc" Brian, Doctor. Chief Medical Officer.
Fayle, Commander. Tactical Navigation officer, TMV Banshee.
Jack. Security Officer.
JETHRO. System Maintenance AI.
Jethro. Embodied AI.
Julian "Jules" M'Benga. Chief Security Officer.
Lawrie. Service Technician.
Linda Chambers, Doctor. Researcher.
Mariko O'Brien. Medical technician.
Nadia Rozchenko, Captain. Commanding officer of TMV Banshee.
Nano consciousness. Social Engineer.
Petra Marinova. Security Officer.
Raven. Embodied experimental AI.
Tangerine. Embodied experimental AI.
Vivian Pincus, Doctor. Project head.
Wallace Davenport, Professor. Deputy project head.

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