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iFrag is a clan that plays in the game Counter-Strike 1.6. They are based in Australia and normally play on Warcraft3FT modded servers. Their favourites are|CS 1.6 #3 Warcraft3FT and iiNet Sydney CS [1] WC3. Their tag is {.//iFrag }. iFrag remains a leaderless clan, where everyone is equally regarded. However some of the newer or less inexperienced members are often criticised and made fun of. Most of iFrag are real life friends. iFrag was originally iFrog. This was disbanded due to a corrupt leader. The worst player in the clan is {.//iFrag } Demon Prince.

Creation of iFrag

iFrog was first created by Ren. This was disbanded because the leader ditched all the rest of the members. iFrog was an acronym of I Fully Rely on God. It was suggested by another person, that the name be changed to iFrag which was more logical. Frag meaning either to kill someone with a fragmentation grenade (popular method of killing with iFrag members, especially with an Orc Nade, part of the Warcraft 3 Mod) or scoring a kill for killing someone temporarily in any video game (any kill in Counter-Strike). iFrag was then created into the acronym I Fully Rule At Games, however this has not been oficially accepted as the proper clan name, and has been put together quickly.

iFrag Members

There are few members in iFrag. Some of the well established members are:
{.//iFrag } [.::|-RoYu-|::.]
{.//iFrag } Muzzle Flash
{.//iFrag } (In Theory)

Some lesser known members are: {.//iFrag } ud. Naruto {.//iFrag } [S]iR<w3nY> {.//iFrag } Demon Prince

There are a few former members of iFrag. They are: FragPoint Mr. S Ne. (who is currently banned for hacking)


It is known that the clan [Noonans] dislike them. [Noonans] especially dislike {.//iFrag } Muzzle Flash and often accuse him of "mole hacking", the ability to see moles. This has never been proven and is probably just [Noonans] raging when they get killed. The player Orc Nade King also accuses Muzzle Flash of hacking. Rawr tries extremely hard never to be on their team.

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