The IG virus is a devastating weapon that has the unique ability to zombify infected individuals, even reanimating seemingly deceased tissue.

The origin of the virus can be traced back to nation of Fascist White States, which has since been destroyed in several wars and incidents. Quickly making its way onto the international weapon market, the virus was sold off to several nations and continued to proliferate. After several noted outbreaks, nations noted the destructive power possessed by the weapon; many nations decided to either cease production or actively seek to rid the world of the weapon.

Enter the Mississippian Federation, which has also since been destroyed, which developed their own strain of the weapon, named the IG-BS strain, which was notably water borne and much more destructive and resistant to all known vaccines. Prior to the destruction of Mississippi, a small detachment of the virus made its way into the hands of the Venom Corporation.

The Venom Corporation, in its never ending quest to a bigger, better weapon, decided to conduct extensive research into the capabilities of the weapon, specifically focusing on its retroviral nature and its noted ability to reanimate dead tissue. This led to a neutral strain, named the IG-NU strain, which allowed dead tissue to be reanimated, but without the horrifying consequences. All was well until the Gecko City incident.

The Gecko City incident was a large scale viral outbreak occurring in the coastal city of Gecko City, Hades, Itinerate Tree Dweller. This incident saw the death and zombification of over 120 thousand citizens and the subsequent destruction of the city though a strategic aerial bombing campaign. However, sifting through the ashes led to the discovery of an entirely new strain, the IG-GC strain, which had the all the noted capabilities of the IG-NU strain, but granted enhanced speed and strength to the infected. This led to the deployment of a modified version, which effectively weakened the zombifying capabilities of the virus and allowed the retroviral, enhancing side effects to remain intact.

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

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Individuals: Daniel Reck, Emperor Erik Kersk, Emperor Lazarus Kersk, Empress Persephone Kersk, James Riker, Rickter Scott

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