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Battalion Staff

  • Commander: Drakon Kaphliton
  • XO: Pfilichos Aristoi
  • Intel Officer: Egathrak Kalphalon
  • Political Officer: Krazeed Ayve
  • Sergeant Major: Mahaleel Kainan
Tresidian OB1

Organization Chart

Company Commanders

  • 1st Company: Irad Asmodeon
  • 2nd Company: Mehuja Aristoi
  • 3rd Company: Noditubal Kaynes
  • MTR Company: Lorgan Kalichon
  • Arty Battery: Zillah Thilith
  • Support Company: Adah Mayouji

Biographical Summaries

Drakon Kaphliton:

  • Quick riser through the ranks
  • Closely tied with a powerful Egathrakoi family by marriage
  • Believed to be hostile to non-Urban areas
  • Probably a racist against non-Tressidians, and non-Parsini’s

Pfilichos Aristoi:

  • One of two natives to the area
  • Uncle to 2nd CO commander
  • Knowledgable about the area
  • Devout and strongly anti-Ursidian
  • Probable ties to the local Nationalist group

Egathrak Kalphalon:

  • Claims descent from Egathrak himself
  • Third son of powerful member of the parliament, who may be selected to the religious council
  • Renowned coward
  • Considered a disgrace to his family
  • Not trusted by other officers

Krazeed Ayve:

  • Native of the southern coastal mountain region
  • Comes from a very wealthy family
  • Only surviving son
  • Publicly loyal, and quiet
  • Privately, distant
  • No casual associations and professionally distant
  • Extremely professional
  • Enemies have a habit of disappearing mysteriously

Mahaleel Kainan:

  • Familial ties to the northwest region
  • Considered an Apostate Ursidian by mainstream, but still practices privately
  • Raised in Selegnasol by devout parents who had moved there for work
  • Both political and intelligence wings consider him a security threat, and he is therefore not included in important briefs

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