Part 1

  1. Todd's Birthday on October 4th
  2. Todd blowing Bubbles
  3. Todd goes the New Trick
  4. Todd is Small
  5. Todd Shouts Haa Hoo
  6. Todd says See you Later
  7. Todd is Wrong
  8. Todd sings Bye Bye Song

Part 2

  1. Todd says Good Morning
  2. Todd accounces Hotel Mario
  3. Todd pretend be a Cow
  4. Todd eats a Ice Cream Sundae
  5. Todd's Birthday on February 19th
  6. Todd Love to Sing
  7. Todd Laughing
  8. Todd accounces Legend of Zelda
  9. Todd accounces Rugrats
  10. Todd accounces Rocket Power
  11. Todd talking to Phone
  12. Todd feels to Scared and Dizzy

Part 3

  1. Todd accounces Allegra's Window
  2. Todd accounces Gullah Gullah Island
  3. Todd's Birthday on December 15th
  4. Todd opening the Birthday Present
  5. Todd i Can't Laughing
  6. Todd in the Africa (Animal Sounds Version)
  7. Todd Coughing (Superhero Lunch Version)
  8. Todd pretend be a Larry the Cucumber
  9. Todd pretend be a Frog
  10. Todd pretend be a Rooster
  11. Todd pretend be a Robot
  12. Todd pretend be a Dinosaur
  13. Todd makes a Funny Sounds
  14. Todd makes a Percussion Sounds
  15. Todd accounces Barney and Friends
  16. Todd spins Around
  17. Todd is Loud say Goodbye

Part 4

  1. Todd meets a Baby makes me Cry
  2. Todd says a Steve and Blue
  3. Todd meets a Zelda
  4. Todd brushing a Teeth
  5. Todd talking T Words
  6. Todd talking W Words
  7. Todd says Give Me a Five, on the Side, Up High, Down Low.
  8. Todd i Can't Hiccuping

Part 5

  1. Todd blowing a Bugle (Annie and Richard Version)
  2. Todd pretend be a Cowboy
  3. Todd sings a Happy Birthday to You
  4. Todd Loves Birthday
  5. Todd Catching a Fruit
  6. Todd says Where's Ethan
  7. Todd Painting a Picture
  8. Todd says Bye Bye Iguana, So Long Lizard.
  9. Todd opens Ethan

Part 6

  1. Todd sleeping on the Bed
  2. Todd eating a Grilled Cheese
  3. Todd taking a Bath
  4. Todd singing ABC
  5. Todd Counting Hats
  6. Todd's Birthday on September 6th

Part 7

  1. Todd's Birthday on October 10th
  2. Todd's Birthday on July 15th
  3. Todd pretend be a Sheep
  4. Todd's Safari Animal Sound Guessing Game
  5. Todd pretend be a Lion
  6. Todd playing a Basketball
  7. Todd Pet Guessing Game

Part 8

  1. Todd eating a Marshmallows
  2. Todd loves a Pizza Maker
  3. Todd drinking Grape Juice
  4. Todd Counting to 4
  5. Todd Hopping
  6. Todd does the Opposites
  7. Todd pretend be a Ghost
  8. Todd smelling a Rose (Dog and Boy Version)

Part 9

  1. Todd blowing out the Candles on Birthday
  2. Todd yelling Surprise
  3. Todd taking Photos
  4. Todd makes a splash
  5. Todd ringing a Alarm Clock
  6. Todd's Birthday on December 17th
  7. Todd Playing a Tic Tac Toe

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