Meetings for Gisela's MBA project

Mardi 26 dec 2006, 10:00

Jeudi 21 dec 2006

Gisela thinks that microcredit is more important on the social point of view than on the financial one.

Some "classical" banks are proposing some services of that kind.

Gisela find that Internet is a better solution than ordinary banking "manufactures".

Talked about Macroeconomie

15 dec 2006

AlainD and Gisela met to define the project.

Gisela reports her reading on microcredit definition. She question seriously the feasibility of such an approach in her country, based on previous bad experience of bankrupted entrepreurs.

AlainD tells that microcredit is one of the many form of new financial system. He also shows some web site about social lending, web site lending, and some other ways. The basic idea is to solve classical finalcial questions (risk, return,...) on markets which are usually "frobidden". And to use it to promote a social goal (fight poverty, sustainable development, education, health,...)

The project objective may be defined as "study new way of thinking/making finance and the potential applications".

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