This is the mini-wiki of the new Independent Monarchist Party, a political party of the Kingdom of Lovely. We tend to take a neutral approach to thing, or as we call it, the Swiss Approach. We do this in order to help people as much as possible. We are currently trying to work out a "working" constitution, claim viable territory for the country, and build a proper, modern national guard and royal guard.

Our Stances:

LEADER: Sir Konrad

OFFICER: Citizen Snips.

Constitutional Affairs

Ratify a workable constitution for the citizens of this fair nation. Also believe that the monarch and prime minister should be equal in power

Culture media sport

Similar to US, but more Lovely in stance. Encourage development, but willing to accept mild foreign influence


Neutrality, with small national militia for defense. Join UN and NATO


Three-step education: 5-8=elementary, 9-13=Junior High, 14-17=High school. Tests at the age of 16, and have the right to go to college, receive military training (but no join military), or go straight to the work place

Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

Have heavy laws and penalties on deforestation, and use our natural resources (after attaining territory) to our best advantages

Foreign Affairs

Sign on with NATO and the UN, and have treaties with nations so as to support them insofar that we are not dragged into a political or militaristic conflict


Promote healthcare properly by taxing items that are known or considered to cause problems. The money from these taxes go straight to the hospitals, allowing free medicare( but not free prescriptions to anyone under 60)

Home Affairs

Supporting King Danny and the legislation. We attempt to take a neutral stance towards things so as to come up with an answer that benefits as many people as possible.

International Development

Be a backer nation to the UN and NATO, while using some tax (roughly 5-6%) in helping so-called 3rd world nations

Trade & Industry

Strong basis on home economy via tourism, while semi-opening our borders to foreign industries like McDonalds and Wendy’s. Tourism employs a lot of people, and our nation will be fairly small, so tourism appears to be the best answer.


Owning a car should not be very well thought of. We believe that our nation should be based around our size: small. Public transportation inside the country, but you may have a car if you travel. This will let money stay in people’s pockets, as they will not have to buy gas or upkeep their vehicle


Taxes should be kept minimum, so that the citizens shall have more money to spend. Money may be earned through the use of parties or other social gatherings, donations, and our industry of tourism

Work & Pensions

Promote helping the needy, poor, and homeless. Help as much as we can with these people to receive training in a field of their choice

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