IMP is a British 3D animated comedy series created by Andy Fielding which takes place in the lair of a minor devil known as "the IMP" and its surroundings. Though the Imp tries and declares himself to be the embodiment of pure Evil, he is more childish and petty than truly diabolical, and though he tries to fill the world with sin and suffering, he is far too small and incompetent to make a good job of it.

Other characters in the show include Bob, the rabbit-eared, highly competent, and rather sardonic caretaker of the lair; the moronic, muscle-bound twin monsters Philippe and Bertrand; a helpful Hand on wheels; Lumen, who, dressed in all white and determined to spread sweetness and light, is regarded by the IMP as his nemesis; the IMP's rival Cat-Thing, who continually seeks to destroy him (unsuccessfully); and the Big Boss (the devil himself, and actually once referred to as "Satan"). IMP was also a part of Cartoon Network's Sunday Pants.

The Imp was developed in black and white with a minimalist design. The series was created by the Production house, Red Kite Animations, developed with Screen 21 and distributed by BRB Internacional. Was supported by TVC and consists of 65 episodes of 90 seconds each. IMP has been issued in major chains from different countries like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel Japan, TVC and Antena 3 in Spain.

Voiced by Stephen Mangan (The Imp) and Julian Rhind-Tutt (Bob) from the UK TV series Green Wing.


  • MIPCOM JR Licensing Winner Challenge (Cannes, 2006)
  • Best Short Film for Cars in Circle Talent Competition (UK, 2006)
  • Pulcinella Awards Finalist - Cartoons on the Bay (Italy, 2006)


IMP has a score of 7.8 on IMDB.


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