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So, you want to apply to be a member of IRM? Well, applying may or may not be easy — you see, this all depends on your personal preferences, taste in music, food, pen-style, cameraphone and etc... There is also many rules to I.R.M.. Or maybe not — again, this all depends on your personal preferences. For example:

What is your favourite animal?
  • A: Squirrels
  • B: Moose ("meese")
  • C: All of the above
  • D: None of the above, except squirrel
  • E: None of the above, except moose
  • F: None of the above, except moose AND squirrel
  • G: None of the above, except the "None of the above" questions
  • Z: All of the above (again)

Now that you understand, we can move onto application. Leave application requests at the bottom of this page, under the section entitled "Pending applications".


  • Though outh never reveal thy "I.R.M."'s meaning
  • Though outh never speak of "I.R.M."'s meaning
  • Though outh not learn meaning of said "I.R.M."
    • If thou learn thy meaning of I.R.M., thou shalt suffer beheading and/or castration
  • If thou art to correct bad english of thy rules, thou shalt suffereth chemicle castration
  • Thou shalt like thy word "Thou," "Thy," "Art," "Shalt," "Outh," and "-eth"
  • "run around in circles and fall down and die"
  • Undoeth thy spirit and body of Chadeth.
  • Though MUST liketh thy Cubeth of Gameth and Nintendo

Pending applications

  • Your name here!


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