Web ready isilogo Welcome to the "wiki" home of the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI).

Here you will be able to work collaboratively on articles and essays that relate to the educational mission of ISI.

We are presently working on writing a detailed theme page for the Institute's website that incorporates various online resources and webpages from ISI's websites into the text body. The content is intended to introduce the topic, discuss its essential points, and along the way demonstrate how an individual might use ISI's resources to educate themselves. For example, when mentioning Russell Kirk by name, we are linking to Dr. Kirk's bio. Or when discussing Western Civilization, we point to a particular lecture given by Dr. Alan Kors on Western Civilization and the 20th century.

The use of the wiki environment is a test of how we might include this technology in our mission areas.

The American Experience

The theme for this test is "The American Experience: Our History and Political Institutions" which is taken from the five thematic areas that are highlighted on our website. Each theme relates to a particular area where ISI has focused its programming over the years.

ISI is requesting your input on updating and further expanding the text below. This current text is provided to start the process. Reminder, please feel free to provide links from ISI's website to support/illustrate the text by using the "external link" option on the editing screen.

If you decide to participate, drop me a line letting me know you did so at


Drawing upon the wisdom embodied in the liberties of Englishmen, republican government, and reformed Christian communities, the American Founders debated the means necessary to limit government for posterity. ISI cultivates an appreciation of limited government, the U.S. Constitution, federalism, and the importance of individual liberty.

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