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Information Systems Wiki

Organisational cultures and their sub-cultures play a significant part in the success of adopting new technology. Function rich applications provide an effective framework for changing how workers work.

This wiki examines the trends towards mobile, networked work practices. It aims to provide readers with knowledge of the strategic uses of information technology to bridge the gap between traditional work practices and newer forms of mobile work practices to achieve the goal of mobilising and networking an organisation's workforce.

The wiki aims to provide readers with foundation knowledge for working with 21st century information and communication technologies. The use of information and communication technologies requires individuals to quickly grasp the significance of innovations and to make recommendations on the applicability of their implementation in the workplace.

As a wiki about new information and communication technologies (ICTs), readers will use technologies to enhance their work and leisure activities. Collaborative technologies form a central part of the new forms of business communications. These technologies are being implemented in innovative ways within many businesses. The wiki will use examples of new ICTs from current businesses and from governments both within and external to Australia.

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