Article I - The Preamble

A. We the people of Itinerate Tree Dweller, in order to form a more ideal and safe nation, establish these laws with which our governance shall be carried out.

Article II - The Bearer of Power

A. All power shall be vested in the Emperor, whom shall retain control as head of state and head of military.

B. Power over the empire shall be passed by birth. The Emperor's first born son shall be given control over the empire, pending the death or disability of the Emperor already in power. If an Emperor has no male heir, the throne shall pass to his first born daughter until such time that she bears a male son. If no female heir is established then the throne shall be passed to the former Emperor's closest living male relative.

C. All laws passed by the ruling Emperor shall be treated as law throughout the empire, including all occupied nations.

Article III - The Responsibilities of the Emperor

A. The Emperor shall have power to lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare. The Emperor also holds the power to wage war and establish a military.

B. The Emperor shall be expected to provide a sound yearly budget, regulate international commerce, establish currency and standards of measurement, establish roads and a postal system, establish a system of copyrights and trademarks, punish criminals local and abroad, provide for and govern a well trained military, and to establish a system by which naturalization to the nation may be possible.

C. The Emperor shall also be in control of the nations judicial system, which he may design and use at his leisure.

Article IV - Establishment of Rights and Crimes

A. No individual shall commit the crimes of murder, theft, perjury, treason, destruction of property, libel or slander, rebellion, illegal drug use, illegal drug posession, rape, assault, physical or mental abuse, nor any other crime seen as rude, tasteless and evil. B. The Emperor and his forces shall have full rights to commit any and all actions mentioned prior. C. All individuals have the following rights:

  • Freedom of speech and press.
  • Freedom of religion and belief. [reinstated]
  • Freedom to trade and purchase goods.
  • Freedom to travel and relocate.
  • Freedom to procreate and reproduce, pending the purchase of a license.
  • Freedom to experience loss and pain, to suffer.
  • Freedom to live by the rules of the empire.

D. The Emperor and his forces shall have full rights to deny any and all rights mentioned prior.

Article V - Ratification

A. I, Emperor Lazarus I, hereby ratify this constitution to govern the land of Itinerate Tree Dweller.

B. I, Emperor Erik I, hereby ratify this constitution to govern the land of Itinerate Tree Dweller, having taken rule of the land as my right as heir and son of the former and now deceased Emperor Lazarus I.

Article VI - Amendments

1st Amendment - The Division of Cities

A. The nation, having been consisted of 16 sectors with 4 divisions in each sector, will from henceforth consist of cities. The cities will bear names of forefathers and heroes of the empire.

B. An Overseer will govern each sector-city. Each overseer will control 4 Supervisors. Every Overseer will report directly to the Emperor. No overseer may contradict the Emperor, his word is doctrine.

C. To ensure the balance of power at the sector-city level, the 4 Supervisors, if in unison, may overrule the actions of the Overseer. Any such action will require the Emperor to be notified immediately. If the Supervisors have been shown to be wrong in their actions they will be removed or disposed of.

D. The Overseers shall only control local police units, all military units still report to the Emperor's Generals. The Generals report to the Emperor. Neither groups are to interfere with each other, but if necessary the General's may require the Overseers to cooperate.

2nd Amendment - Laws Regarding Breeding

A. No member of the Ninthian tribe may procreate with a non-Ninthian. [no longer enforced, but highly encouraged]

B. The rape of a Ninthian by a non-Ninthian is considered an offense punishable only by execution. [Edit: All rape is now punishable by death.]

C. No non-Ninthian may adopt a Ninthian. [no longer enforced, but highly encouraged.]

D. Any person who is 15/16 Ninthian is considered, legally, to be Ninthian. Such heritage must be proven in a court of law. The other 1/16 may not be from the 8th tribe. [no longer enforced, but highly encouraged]

E. No physician or individual may abort a Ninthian fetus. Non-Ninthian abortion is legal. [All abortions are now illegal]

F. In the event that a non-Ninthian impregnates a Ninthian, the child shall be aborted and the non-Ninthian executed. [no longer enforced, but highly encouraged.]

3rd Amendment - Law Additions

A. Any member of the ITD police or military forces may ask to see identification of any civilian.

B. No non-Ninthian may inhabit areas deemed Ninthian only. Areas considered permanently Ninthian include: Hades Cluster, Tol'Kethis Prime, Xerikis & Tol'Lazarik. [no longer enforced, but highly encouraged.]

C. No non-Ninthian may possess ammunition or firearm weapons. No Ninthian may possess automatic weapons. Weapons used primarily for hunting and basic self-defense may be possessed. [no longer enforced]

C. Citizens are now required to own firearms and be trained in the safe use of them.

D. No individual may commit what may be considered a hate crime. Any crime perpetrated, when the victim is selected by race, is hereby outlawed.

4th Amendment - Clarification

A. Sections a, c, d and f of the 2nd amendment are no longer enforced and thus no longer considered law.

B. Section b of the 2nd amendment is further clarified so that all rape is now punishable by death.

C. Section e of the 2nd amendment is further clarified so that all abortion is now illegal.

D. Sections b and c of the 3rd amendment are no longer enforced and thus no longer considered law.

E. The freedom of the religion and belief shall not be infringed upon by any government agency or individual either through force or coercion. Further more, no single religion will be given preference by the government or any publicly funded group. Private groups may disallow members from religious group or sects if they choose to do so, but they may not use force against any religion or group, causing damage to that religion's members or property.

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

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