The Itinerate Tree Dweller Credit is an entirely electronic currency system which is administered and controlled by the central banking system in Tol'Kethis Prime, one of ITD's capital cities. The ITD Credit is based on the Directorate Credit which is also an electronic currency used in the Directorate Alliance, which ITD is allied with in various ways.

Currently the Imperial National Central Bank sets the exchange rate at Cr 1 -> $ 1.5 USD, allowing for easier trade between nations. The official ISO symbol for the ITD Credit is ITCR.

The current breakdown of the currency sytem is as follows:

  • 100 centicredits = 1 credit
  • 10 decicredits = 1 credit
  • 1 credit = 1 credit
  • 10 credits = 1 decacredit
  • 100 credits = 1 hectocredits
  • 1000 credits = 1 kilocredit

Anything above a kilocredit is refered to in the actual amount of credits.

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

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Individuals: Daniel Reck, Emperor Erik Kersk, Emperor Lazarus Kersk, Empress Persephone Kersk, James Riker, Rickter Scott

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