The ITD army makes up the backbone of the ITD armed forces through its sheer size it can occupy foreign lands and sweep over enemy territories. The Army makes up the majority of the ITD military and many of the soldiers who are trained in the Army go on to careers in the Praetorian Guard. There are no tribal requirements for membership in the Army, and all members are treated equally. The sole requirement for entry is the completetion of a short stint in one of the civilian militias. Pay is not high on the lower levels, but all needs are covered and financed by the government.

Total Army Size: 90,793,200
Total Army Field Personnel 55,383,852
Unlisted Army Personnel 35,409,348
Army Composition
Infantry 28,799,603
Artillery 3,323,031
Air Defense 2,215,354
Armor 8,861,416
Special Forces 4,707,627
Pilots 7,476,820
Special Forces Composition
Elite Legionaires 3,766,102
Snipers 47,076
Recon 470,763
Other 423,686
Structure of Infantry
Divisions 4,799
Brigades 19,199
Companies 115,198
Platoons 719,990

Army Structure:

Unit Personnel Composition Commanding Officer
Army 100000 2 corps, HQ General
Corp 45000 3 divisions Lieutenant General
Division 15000 3 brigades HQ Major General
Brigade 4500 3 regiments Brigadier General
Regiment 1500 2 battalions Colonel
Battalion 750 5 companies Lieutenant Colonel
Company 150 3 platoons Captain
Platoon 50 5 squads Lieutenant
Squad 10 10 soldiers Squad Leader

Standard Weapons:
Standard Infantry Rifle: XM8 and OICW.
Standard Sidearm: M-1911-A1 .45 caliber pistol.
Standard Crew Weapon: MP-5N sub-machine gun.
Standard SAW: M-249 SAW
Standard Reserve Rifle: XM8

Division Types:
The ITD Army is divided into several types of Divisions.

  • Standard Infantry
  • Mechanied Infantry
  • Armored
  • Engineer Infantry
  • Airborne/Parachute
  • Reserve

Standard Infantry:
15,000 to a division. Transported via trucks and transport vehicles. Escorted by 150 SA-19 mobile SAM launchers, 350 towed M198 Howitzers, 30 M252 Mortar launchers, an assortment of other artillery and vehicles.

Mechanied Infantry:
15,000 to a division. Transported via 500 BMP-3, 500 British "Warrior" ICV's. 200 Paladin SPA's, 100 SA-19 SAM launchers. Assortment of other vehicles.

Armored Infantry:
15,000 to a division. 500 M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. 500 BMP-3's, 500 British "Warrior" ICV's. 200 Paladin SPA's. 100 SA-19 SAM launchers. 50 MLRS.

Engineer Infantry:
15, 000 to a division. Assortment of engineering and construction equipment. Light armored transport vehicles and small, less bulky arms. Usually teamed up with an Infantry Division if in a combat zone.

Airborne/Parachute Infantry:
15,000 to a division. Transported via C-130's. 3000 humvee vehicles. Light, shoulder rockets, light artillery and mortars. Various other transport vehicles.

Reserve Infantry:
15,000 to a division. Very similar to standard infantry, minus any heavy artillery.


Total Navy size 39,135,000
Total Naval Field Personnel 23,872,350
Unlisted Naval Personnel 15,262,650
Naval Composition
Shipman 19,097,880
Command Crew 348,724
Navy Pilots 1,133,937
Aircraft Support 3,401,810
  • 80 Nimitz
  • 160 United States Class Carriers
  • 280 Battleships (80 Iowa, 40 Pennsylvania, 80 Lexington, 80 Alaska)
  • 160 Destroyers (120 Arleigh Burke, 40 Spruance)
  • 400 Elco Class Torpedo Boats
  • 300 Subs (160 Seawolf, 80 Los Angeles, 60 Virginia)
  • 900 Support Ships (T-AFS 8 Sirius, T-AFS 1 Mars, T-AE-26 Kilauea, AOE-1 Sacramento)
Fleet Names
Thors Hammer Shattered Shield Black Water Privateer Fleet
Broken Glass Notched Blade Red Water Power
Bloody Fury Lords Grace The Lions Den Hope
Lords Wrath Lazarus Devils Own Grace
Eye of Loki Erik Trust Engineering Fleet
Daniel Reck Persephone Victory Historical Fleet
Breath of Eris Bane of Marx Retribution Sparrow Fleet
Fire Reborn Gaz Fleet Unstoppable Ter'Paxis Prime
Imperiums Might Deveron Fleet Unbreakable Hells Fury
Broken Spear Deep Dreams Privateer Fleet Utah


Total Airforce size 21,915,600
Total Airforce Field Personnel 13,368,516
Unlisted Airforce Personnel 8,547,084
Airforce Composition
Airforce Pilots 3,342,129
Aircraft Support 10,026,387

Praetorian Guard

The Praetorian Guard is comprised of a special force of bodyguards used by ITD Emperors. Before the Empire formed, the guard was employed under warlords. The members of the Praetorian Guard are among the most skilled and celebrated warriors in ITD history.

Praetorian Guard
Total Praetorian Guard size 4,696,200
Praetorian Guard Field Personnel 2,864,682
Unlisted Praetorian Guard Personnel 1,831,518
Army Composition
Infantry 2,119,865
Special Forces 200,528
Pilots 200,528
Aircraft Support 343,762
Special Forces
Rangers 160,422
Snipers 2,005
Recon 20,053
Other 18,047
Infantry Organization
Divisions 353
Brigades 1,413
Companies 8,479
Platoons 52,996

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

Main article: Itinerate Tree Dweller

Individuals: Daniel Reck, Emperor Erik Kersk, Emperor Lazarus Kersk, Empress Persephone Kersk, James Riker, Rickter Scott

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