Imperial Party

Imperial Party
Motto Pax Hadethan.
Economic ideology Imperialism
Social ideology Imperial
Party leader Nicholas Savant
Seats 663

The Imperial Party was formed, in it's modern form, under Emperor Titus and generally follows the will of the Emperor. This party has help continuous control of the Senate since its formation. The Imperial Party was briefly disbanded, along with the rest of the Senate, when they hired a group of assassins to destroy the sons of Xerik; the assassins were only successful in killing two of the three descendants of Xerik, the third son escaped and managed to wage war on the Senate, culminating in the complete destruction of the Senate body, and the rise of the line of Xerik to the status of Imperator and for the formation of the Empire. The part was later reformed by Emperor Titus, who made sure it would remain a loyal party to the Emperor and his line. The Imperial party holds 142 seats in the House of Commons, 254 seats in the House of Appointees and 267 seats in the House of Lords.

Conservative Party

Conservative Party
Motto By the grace of God.
Economic ideology Conservativism
Social ideology Conservatism
Party leader Dr. Robert Forester
Seats 213

The Conservative Party follows a centrist but very nationalistic political dogma, often focusing on a need for tighter immigration control and an increase in spending to private corporations instead of law and order. This party is rather recent, having formed in the 1940's when the rise of fascism became fashionable and desirable in light of the spread of communism. The Conservative Party was partly responsible for the admirable resistance provided to all communist influences, especially in the media and culture. They have also provided a very anti-jewish voice in the Senate, and were the first to recommend the invasion of Israel that took place in 1972. The Conservative Party holds 88 seats in the House of Commons, 65 seats in the House of Appointees and 60 seats in the House of Lords.

Legionaire Party

Legionnaire Party
Motto Peace Through War.
Economic ideology Militarism
Social ideology Conservatism
Party leader Col. James Picket
Seats 123

The Legionaire Party was formed in 1911 C.E. and currently focuses on issues relating to military officers and veterans. The majority of Legionaire Party seats are in the House of Commons. The Legionaire Party has historically been very loyal to the Imperial family, but has bee accused of providing more support to the Imperial Generals, particularly Crown Prince and Grand General Daniel Reck Xerikus. The Legionaire Party holds 103 seats in the House of Commons,14 seats in the House of Appointees and 6 seats in the House of Lords.

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