The Imperial Senate is the legislative body of ITD, its body consists of three separate houses, all with unique functions and powers.

All three houses can issue laws falling under the "general" category, but all three houses still report to the Emperor, who must sign all laws before they can be enforced; in addition to this, the Emperor can remove representatives at will.

Prime Minister and Ministers

The Emperor is the sole seat of power and oversees all other sections of government. However, such responsibility can be tiring and exhausting, so His Majesty's government watch over specific sections of the national government.

  • Chief Warden & Prime Minister: Rt Hon Daniel Reck Kersk
  • Deputy Prime Minister: Rt Hon Winston Vossi
  • Secretary of Ministry of Military: Rt Hon Darius Tinnell
  • Secretary of Ministry of Education: Rt Hon Jessie Fall
  • Secretary of Ministry of Security: Rt Hon Mikael Romult
  • Secretary of Ministry of Media: Rt Hon Kendrick Rinjos
  • Secretary of Ministry of Science, Industry & Technology: Rt Hon Dane Landrus
  • Secretary of Ministry of Intelligence: Rt Hon Thadeus Doom
  • Secretary of Ministry of International Relations: Rt Hon Jeffery Kandel
  • Secretary of Ministry of Economy, Trade & Finance: Rt Hon Jackson Blaydes
  • Secretary of Ministry of Justice & Law: Rt Hon Martin Shilvey
  • Secretary of Ministry of Internal Investigations: Rt Hon Nolan Kucharik
  • Secretary of Ministry of Populace Control: Rt Hon Robert Coln
  • Secretary of Ministry of Culture & Society: Rt Hon Javier Loud
  • Secretary of Ministry of Labor: Rt Hon Nelson Fritze
  • Secretary of Ministry of Agriculture & Interior: Rt Hon Son Bosman
  • Secretary of Ministry of Research: Rt Hon Bryon Karpel
  • Secretary of Ministry of Transportation: Rt Hon Marshall Haverrman
  • Secretary of Ministry of Health: Rt Hon Wes Wile
  • Attorney General: Rt Hon Nicolas Osterweis

Party Dominance

There are currently 3 parties that hold seats in the Imperial Senate.

Party Party Leader Party Description Percentage of Senate Senate Seats (C,A,L)
Imperial Party Nicholas Savant The Imperial Party was formed under Emperor Titus and generally follows the will of the Emperor. This party has held continuous control of the Senate since its formation 66% 663 (142,254,267)
Conservative Party Dr. Robert Forester The Conservative Party follows a centrist but very nationalistic political dogma, often focusing on a need for tighter immigration control and an increase in spending to private corporations instead of law and order. 21% 213 (88,65,60)
Legionaire Party Col. James Picket The Legionaire Party was formed in 1911 C.E. and currently focuses on issues relating to military officers and veterans. The majority of Legionaire Party seats are in the House of Commons. 13% 123 (103,14,6)

The House of Commons

The House of Commons is what the original Imperial Senate evolved into. With its members elected directly by the populace, this house remains the sole section of power that regular citizens hold in the Imperial government. The House of Commons can levy taxes and remains the only government venue where private citizens can address the government. This house checks the House of Lords by levying land taxes on estates. This house checks the House of Appointees by regulating how many representatives a Governor-General may appoint.




The House of Commons
First Name Surname Political Party
Roy Aft Legionaire
Prince Agnes Conservative
Eloy Albright Imperial
Andrew Alice Legionaire
Mike Alliman Conservative
Darius Altman Imperial
Merrill Ann Legionaire
Edgar Armstrong Imperial
Clair Atkinson Legionaire
Laurence Auman Conservative
Johnny Baker Imperial
Buster Barkley Legionaire
Agustin Barnes Imperial
Geoffrey Barnes Legionaire
Mohammad Bashline Imperial
Irving Basmanoff Conservative
Ted Bauerle Imperial
Jerrell Baughman Legionaire
Marco Beedell Conservative
Wendell Bellinger Legionaire
Tim Bender Imperial
Dustin Benford Imperial
Genaro Bickerson Legionaire
Floyd Black Imperial
Weston Blackburn Conservative
Courtney Blatenberger Legionaire
Abdul Blois Imperial
Alfred Bloise Legionaire
Tony Boyer Imperial
Rhett Branson Imperial
Manuel Breitenstein Conservative
Frederic Bridger Legionaire
Alec Briggs Imperial
Solomon Burney Imperial
Sung Busk Legionaire
Davis Bynum Conservative
Bernardo Cable Imperial
Milo Campbell Imperial
Paris Candles Legionaire
Robin Canham Conservative
Mathew Carbaugh Imperial
Lynn Carpenter Legionaire
Willis Cason Imperial
Terrell Casteel Legionaire
Cleo Catleay Imperial
Emmitt Cattley Conservative
Jonathon Cherry Imperial
Daren Christman Legionaire
Brandon Churchill Imperial
Seymour Conrad Imperial
Jean Costello Legionaire
Vern Countryman Conservative
Lindsey Courtney Imperial
Curtis Coveney Conservative
Fermin Cowher Legionaire
Johnson Cowper Imperial
Alberto Cram Conservative
Theo Crawford Legionaire
Loren Cribbs Imperial
Nolan Cypret Legionaire
Jaylen Daly Imperial
Aldo Davis Conservative
Cesar Demuth Legionaire
Granville Dimsdale Imperial
Thadeus Doom Imperial
Cameron Draudy Legionaire
Scotty Drennan Imperial
Marlon Dugmore Conservative
Burton Earl Conservative
Jules Eggbert Imperial
Lionel Eisenman Legionaire
Thanh Eisenmann Conservative
Edmond Elder Imperial
Rodrick Elinor Legionaire
Dewey Eliza Imperial
Billie Emrick Legionaire
Leland Enderly Conservative
Mauricio Erskine Imperial
Andreas Evans Legionaire
Garfield Ewing Conservative
Elijah Fea Imperial
Klaus Ferdie Legionaire
Shayne Fillmore Imperial
Dillon Finck Conservative
Jamie Finlay Conservative
Ulysses Fleming Conservative
Zack Focell Legionaire
Roland Foster Imperial
Lonnie Fowler Legionaire
Nelson Fritze Conservative
Josiah Fuller Imperial
Herman Fulton Legionaire
Alvin Garratt Conservative
Olen Garry Imperial
Virgil Gates Legionaire
Tyron Gearhart Conservative
Felix Geyer Imperial
Carlos Gibson Legionaire
Angelo Gibson Imperial
Alejandro Gisiko Conservative
Odell Gist Legionaire
Cristopher Glover Imperial
Jere Goodman Legionaire
Clifton Gottwine Imperial
Christopher Graham Conservative
Rocco Green Legionaire
Elwood Greene Imperial
Gus Gregory Legionaire
Theron Griffis Imperial
Dwight Gronko Conservative
Dana Guess Legionaire
Andrea Hair Imperial
Marcos Hall Legionaire
Larry Hall Imperial
Richard Hamilton Imperial
Isaias Hanford Legionaire
Geraldo Hanseu Conservative
Tyson Harden Imperial
Edmundo Hardie Legionaire
Franklyn Harding Imperial
Kurtis Hardy Conservative
Randall Harris Legionaire
Trenton Hasely Imperial
Ellsworth Hastings Legionaire
Royce Hatcher Imperial
Marshall Haverrman Conservative
Tyrone Hawkins Imperial
Clark Hay Conservative
Jordan Haynes Legionaire
Jason Heyman Imperial
Lon Hicks Imperial
Von Higgens Legionaire
Elliot Hincken Conservative
Rob Hindman Conservative
Reid Hoenshell Legionaire
Minh Hoffhants Imperial
Alexis Holdsworth Conservative
Will Howard Imperial
Erik Howe Imperial
Matthew Hunter Legionaire
Rodrigo Ironmonger Imperial
Renaldo Iseman Conservative
Stacey Jackson Conservative
Alphonso Jackson Imperial
Terrell Jaye Imperial
Barrett Jewell Legionaire
Terrance Joghs Imperial
Jorge Johann Conservative
Carmen Johns Conservative
Guadalupe Johnson Imperial
William Johnston Legionaire
Otha Jolce Imperial
Quintin Jowers Conservative
Refugio Jyllian Imperial
Eduardo Kadel Conservative
Bryon Karpel Legionaire
Nestor Kelley Imperial
Pedro Kellogg Conservative
Graham Kepple Conservative
Francisco Knisely Imperial
Bart Koster Legionaire
Steve Laborde Imperial
Giovanni Lafortune Conservative
Dane Landrus Imperial
Kirk Laurence Conservative
Ezequiel Leach Imperial
Freddy Leslie Legionaire
Joaquin Lester Imperial
Ronny Light Conservative
Irvin Ling Conservative
Stan Linton Imperial
Lawerence Littlefield Legionaire
Carson Llora Conservative
Ramiro Loewentsein Conservative
Beau Logue Imperial
Gaylord Lombardi Legionaire
Randell Lord Imperial
Hugh Lotherington Conservative
Charles Lowe Legionaire
Bronte Lucian Imperial
Emory Mackendoerfer Conservative
Jeffrey Mackendrick Imperial
Elvin Magor Legionaire
Delmar Marjorie Imperial
Hong Mary Imperial
Mervin Mathews Conservative
Shelton Maugham Imperial
Logan Mccullough Legionaire
Armando Mcdonald Imperial
Dalton Mcelroy Legionaire
Earle Mcintosh Conservative
Delmer Mckee Imperial
Judson Mckinnon Legionaire
Raymon Mcloskey Imperial
Clayton Mcmichaels Imperial
Ira Mench Legionaire
Jude Merryman Conservative
Lenard Metzer Imperial
Korey Milliron Legionaire
Eric Mills Imperial
Louis Moffat Imperial
Van Moon Conservative
Maurice Moore Imperial
Boyce Morland Legionaire
Ronald Mortland Conservative
Mariano Mull Imperial
Harlan Muller Conservative
Fabian Munshower Imperial
Sergio Munson Legionaire
Sammie Murray Conservative
Napoleon Napier Imperial
Tanner Nash Legionaire
Mikel Nehling Conservative
Al Newbiggin Imperial
Wilmer Nicholas Legionaire
Erasmo Oppenheimer Imperial
Nicolas Osterweis Conservative
Rudy Otis Imperial
Bert Owens Conservative
Abel Painter Legionaire
Adalberto Park Imperial
Darwin Paul Conservative
Cletus Paynter Legionaire
Ahmad Peters Imperial
Rolando Philbrick Imperial
Col. James Picket Legionaire
Brent Pirl Conservative
Vance Pittman Legionaire
Vaughn Poley Conservative
Jerold Pratt Conservative
Mickey Prechtl Legionaire
Barton Pullman Imperial
Denver Putnam Legionaire
Jae Pyle Imperial
Basil Queer Conservative
Deon Ramsey Legionaire
Cory Raub Conservative
Jared Ray Conservative
Johnathon Raybould Imperial
Bob Reade Conservative
King Ream Legionaire
Ariel Reddish Imperial
Zachary Reed Imperial
Barry Reese Legionaire
Evan Richardson Conservative
Spencer Rifler Imperial
Herb Riggle Legionaire
Frank Robertson Imperial
Ian Robinson Conservative
Newton Rockefeller Imperial
Caleb Rockwell Conservative
Dorian Rodacker Legionaire
Gerardo Rogers Conservative
Arturo Roose Imperial
Earnest Rosensteel Legionaire
Leon Rowe Conservative
Willie Rowley Imperial
Laverne Rummel Legionaire
Deshawn Sanders Conservative
Modesto Sandys Legionaire
Coleman Sanforth Imperial
Nicholas Savant Imperial
Willian Schaeffer Legionaire
Hans Schmidt Conservative
Vincenzo Schmiel Imperial
Daryl Schreckengost Conservative
Bernard Schuck Imperial
Xavier Sealis Legionaire
Lazaro Shaffer Conservative
Martin Shilvey Imperial
Amado Shupe Legionaire
Corey Simpson Conservative
Sid Smith Imperial
Scot Smothers Legionaire
Allen Soames Imperial
Karl Southern Legionaire
Antonio Stall Conservative
Boris Staymates Imperial
Wm Steele Legionaire
Wilfredo Steiner Imperial
Millard Stoddard Legionaire
Garth Stough Imperial
Allan Stroble Imperial
Philip Style Legionaire
Darnell Sulyard Conservative
Damian Sutton Imperial
Nicky Swabey Conservative
James Swift Imperial
Javier Sybilla Legionaire
Ronnie Thomas Imperial
Dorsey Thompson Imperial
Mac Throckmorton Legionaire
Darius Tinnell Imperial
Chad Todd Imperial
Rufus Toke Legionaire
Lewis Tomco Imperial
Bradford Toulmin Legionaire
Toby Townsend Imperial
Mitch Trovato Imperial
Connor Tyrell Legionaire
Kenny Ullman Conservative
Emil Walker Legionaire
Colby Wall Imperial
Michale Ward Imperial
Antonia Ward Legionaire
Heriberto Wardle Imperial
Anibal Warner Conservative
Tommy Warren Legionaire
Kerry Weeter Imperial
Heath Weidemann Imperial
Nicholas Weinstein Legionaire
Don Wentzel Imperial
Layton Werner Imperial
Joey Werry Imperial
Walker White Legionaire
Chase Whitehead Legionaire
Doyle Wickes Conservative
Jasper Wildman Imperial
Marlin Wilkerson Legionaire
Jon Williams Imperial
Art Wilo Conservative
Noble Wilson Legionaire
Devin Winton Imperial
Brice Wire Imperial
Tristan Woodworth Conservative
Milan Woolery Imperial
Dick Wyatt Legionaire
Fredrick Wynter Imperial
Nathaniel Yates Imperial
Arnold Yonkie Legionaire
Isiah Young Imperial
Hollis Zadovsky Legionaire
Jake Zundel Conservative

The House of Appointees

The House of Appointees consists of those representatives appointed by regional Governor-Generals, and is charged with maintaining trade and commerce between the various territories. All territorial disputes between regions are settled on the floor of the House of Appointees. This house checks the House of Lords by overseeing all land entitlements that members of the House of Lords may own. This house checks the House of Commons by regulating how many representatives the people may elect.




The House of Appointees
First Name Surname Political Party
Louie Ackerley Conservative
Hosea Adcock Imperial
Terry Agg Imperial
Dexter Alcocke Conservative
Alfredo Alington Imperial
Johnie Altmann Imperial
Rodolfo Ammons Conservative
Sanford Appleby Imperial
Merlin Archibald Imperial
Billy Armstrong Conservative
Maximo Arthur Imperial
Chung Ashbaugh Imperial
Kim Ashmore Conservative
Rodger Aultman Imperial
Lee Baer Imperial
Octavio Baird Conservative
Wallace Barth Imperial
Gilbert Basinger Imperial
Rogelio Baumgartner Conservative
Dion Beach Imperial
Grant Beard Imperial
Darrel Bell Conservative
Malcom Best Imperial
Lino Blaine Imperial
Noe Blair Conservative
Lucas Blunt Imperial
Maynard Bollinger Imperial
Darrin Bonner Imperial
Moises Bousum Conservative
Trent Bowchiew Imperial
Jordon Bowman Imperial
Felton Boyd Conservative
Arnoldo Braham Imperial
Victor Brandenburg Imperial
Shannon Bratton Conservative
Wade Briner Imperial
Dino Brooks Imperial
Johnnie Bryan Conservative
Carter Bryant Imperial
Antone Bullard Imperial
Emilio Burch Imperial
Jeremiah Burns Conservative
Randal Butt Imperial
Carmine Buttermore Imperial
Ned Caldwell Imperial
Freeman Camp Conservative
Roosevelt Cass Imperial
Adan Catlay Imperial
Elmo Cavalet Conservative
Lemuel Chappel Imperial
Dallas Chase Imperial
Gavin Coates Imperial
Bud Coldsmith Conservative
Grover Compton Imperial
Luciano Cox Imperial
Chauncey Cressman Imperial
Levi Cross Conservative
Andre Curry Imperial
Silas Dale Imperial
Booker Day Conservative
Fausto Dealtry Imperial
Kermit Dean Conservative
Riley Diller Imperial
Henry Dimeling Imperial
Bruno Doverspike Conservative
Seth Driggers Imperial
Mose Drumm Imperial
Eldridge Dryfus Conservative
Martin Dull Imperial
Edwin Duncan Imperial
Russ Dunkle Conservative
Hipolito Dunlap Imperial
Ruben Durstine Imperial
Everett Easter Conservative
Pat Echard Imperial
Eddie Eckhardstein Imperial
Mack Ehret Imperial
Jess Eiford Conservative
John Eisenhart Imperial
Jacques Elless Imperial
Isreal Elliott Conservative
Jose Errett Imperial
Blake Ewing Imperial
Jessie Fall Conservative
Rueben Faqua Imperial
Dale Felbrigge Imperial
Garrett Feufer Conservative
Carol Fiddler Imperial
Orlando Field Imperial
Kelvin Fields Conservative
Colton Filby Imperial
Erich Fiscina Imperial
Jarod Fisher Conservative
Gary Fitzgerald Imperial
Gaston Flick Imperial
Dr. Robert Forester Conservative
Diego Fraser Imperial
Freddie Friedline Imperial
Sherman Gadow Conservative
Jody Gardner Imperial
Hobert Garneis Imperial
Joesph Gaskins Conservative
Kendrick Giesen Imperial
Abram Giesler Imperial
Jonathan Gilman Conservative
Tomas Gleper Imperial
Efren Goldvogel Conservative
Russel Grant Legionaire
Cristobal Greenawalt Imperial
Gonzalo Greenwood Imperial
Kelly Greif Conservative
Tyree Groah Imperial
Lesley Guest Imperial
Robbie Hahn Conservative
Clinton Haile Imperial
Elisha Haines Imperial
Santo Handyside Imperial
Daniel Harrold Imperial
Jerrold Harrow Conservative
Darron Harshman Imperial
Ty Hatfield Imperial
Waylon Hatherly Conservative
Orval Hawker Imperial
Tad Hayhurst Imperial
Hector Hays Conservative
Landon Heckendora Imperial
Bryant Henderson Imperial
Grady Henry Conservative
Esteban Herrold Imperial
Antony Hil Conservative
Ernie Hildyard Imperial
Forrest Hiles Imperial
Blair Hills Legionaire
Fernando Hobbs Imperial
Edwardo Hook Imperial
Isidro Hoopengarner Conservative
Kareem Houser Imperial
Demetrius Hozier Imperial
Williams Huey Imperial
Horacio Hughes Conservative
Miquel Hujsak Imperial
Wilburn Hunt Imperial
Bradly Hutton Conservative
Fredric Isaman Imperial
Darryl Isemann Imperial
Morgan James Conservative
Nickolas James Imperial
Sydney Jardine Imperial
Carlton Jelliman Conservative
Wilbur Jerome Imperial
Wesley Jones Imperial
Jeffery Kandel Conservative
Darin Kemerer Imperial
Stephan Keppel Imperial
Rory Kern Conservative
Mason Kiefer Imperial
Jamal Kifer Imperial
Aubrey Kight Conservative
Benito Kimmons Imperial
Rickey Kimple Imperial
Rupert King Imperial
Hal Kistler Conservative
Ricardo Klockman Imperial
Craig Knight Imperial
Harry Knopsnider Conservative
Eddy Kooser Imperial
Nolan Kucharik Imperial
Clemente Kuster Conservative
Carrol Lane Imperial
Nathan Langston Imperial
Mitchell Law Imperial
Terence Lazzo Imperial
Jeff Ledgerwood Conservative
Jermaine Leech Imperial
Emanuel Leonard Imperial
Lyman Levett Conservative
Lawrence Lineman Imperial
Javier Loud Imperial
Rey Lowry Imperial
Cole Lowstetter Conservative
Mario Marcotte Imperial
Jerry Margaret Imperial
Homer Mason Imperial
Shad Mayers Conservative
Dennis Mays Imperial
Margarito Mcclymonds Imperial
Kent Mccrady Imperial
Aron Mcdonald Imperial
Richie Mcmullen Conservative
Stevie Mens Imperial
Warren Mercer Imperial
Cortez Millard Imperial
Elton Milne Conservative
Thaddeus Mingle Legionaire
Garland Mitchell Imperial
Vince Mixey Imperial
Roderick Moore Imperial
Oliver Mosser Imperial
Collin Moulton Conservative
Wyatt Mueller Imperial
Donnie Murray Imperial
Dwayne Myers Imperial
Chadwick Nabholz Imperial
Luther Newbern Imperial
Moses Newlove Imperial
Emmett Newman Imperial
Hunter Newton Imperial
Luke Nickolson Imperial
Santiago Nicola Imperial
Hilton Northey Imperial
Vicente Oppie Imperial
Abe Orner Conservative
Earl Osterweiss Legionaire
Rigoberto Osterwise Imperial
Bret Overholt Imperial
Ross Patterson Conservative
Irwin Patton Imperial
Lanny Pearsall Imperial
Efrain Pershing Imperial
Sidney Pery Imperial
Robby Pheleps Imperial
Isaac Philips Imperial
Rafael Poehl Conservative
Normand Poorbaugh Imperial
Royal Potter Imperial
Herbert Powers Imperial
Kristopher Prescott Imperial
Oswaldo Prevatt Conservative
Hai Quinn Imperial
Keith Quirin Imperial
Deangelo Rader Imperial
Gregorio Ramos Imperial
Damion Randolph Imperial
Fritz Ratcliff Conservative
Benedict Rawls Imperial
Rex Rega Imperial
Kendall Reiss Imperial
Elias Rhinehart Imperial
Maxwell Rhodes Imperial
Jamel Richards Imperial
Barney Richter Imperial
Del Roadman Imperial
Justin Roberts Imperial
Jayson Roberts Imperial
Max Roby Legionaire
Lacy Rohtin Imperial
Val Romanoff Imperial
Linwood Ropes Imperial
Donnell Rosenstiehl Imperial
Clarence Ruhl Imperial
Connie Ryals Imperial
Markus Sachse Imperial
Kenneth Sadley Imperial
Sal Saltser Imperial
Chas Sanborn Imperial
Romeo Sandblom Legionaire
Matt Sauter Imperial
Titus Schneider Imperial
Dante Schofield Imperial
Ed Schrader Imperial
Bill Scott Imperial
Dee Seelig Imperial
Shaun Seidner Legionaire
Percy Sell Imperial
Felipe Shafer Imperial
Ken Shea Imperial
Stanton Sheets Imperial
Arlie Sholl Imperial
Nelson Sidower Imperial
Jarvis Smail Imperial
Eldon Stahl Imperial
Loyd Stainforth Imperial
Walter Stanfield Imperial
Berry Stange Imperial
Wilber Stephenson Imperial
Micah Stewart Legionaire
Gerald Stocker Imperial
Albert Stone Imperial
Patricia Straub Imperial
Chet Strickland Imperial
Jimmie Stroh Imperial
Florentino Sullivan Imperial
Erwin Summy Imperial
Chang Surrency Imperial
Lowell Sutorius Imperial
Ike Swartzbaugh Imperial
Jed Taggart Imperial
Buck Tanner Imperial
Lucius Teagarden Imperial
Elroy Tennant Legionaire
Arron Thomlinson Imperial
Shon Tilton Imperial
Timothy Tireman Imperial
Rico Todd Imperial
Dong Tomey Imperial
Salvador Tomlinson Imperial
Dewitt Toyley Legionaire
Fidel Trevithick Imperial
Lester Trout Imperial
Wilford Tue Imperial
Guy Ulery Imperial
Neil Van Imperial
Hyman Vanleer Imperial
Raleigh Wade Legionaire
Ivory Wain Imperial
Ernesto Waldron Imperial
Emerson Wallace Imperial
Kieth Warner Imperial
Fletcher Watkins Imperial
Lindsay Watson Imperial
Frankie Weeks Legionaire
Marc Wegley Imperial
Jamaal Weingarten Imperial
Reggie Weldi Imperial
Palmer Wells Imperial
Jacinto Wells Imperial
Denny Welty Imperial
Jonah Wheeler Imperial
Dewayne Wheeler Imperial
Rene Whirlow Imperial
Warner Whishaw Imperial
Damon Wilks Imperial
Russell Willcox Imperial
Kasey Williams Imperial
Reuben Wolfe Legionaire
Tuan Woodward Imperial
Antoine Woollard Imperial
Morris Wortman Imperial
Sol Yeskey Imperial
Bennie Zaun Imperial
Marcel Zeal Legionaire
Tracey Zimmer Imperial
Leslie Zoucks Imperial

The House of Lords

The House of Lords consists of those representatives appointed directly by the Emperor, they usually come from the well off, or the historically noble families of the empire. This house can issue declaration of wars, and can regulate international trade with regards to the empire. This house also appoints ambassadors and maintains embassies. This house checks the House of Commons and the House of Appointees by regulating salaries for all three houses.




The House of Lords
First Name Surname Political Party
Phillip Adams Imperial
Avery Adams Imperial
Duncan Agg Imperial
Foster Akers Imperial
Francis Allshouse Imperial
Marion Anderson Imperial
Stuart Anderson Imperial
Edmund Armitage Imperial
Lincoln Atweeke Imperial
Quinton Bagley Imperial
Franklin Bailey Imperial
Jospeh Baker Imperial
Rusty Baldwin Imperial
Leopoldo Ballou Imperial
Filiberto Bard Imperial
Dylan Barr Imperial
Houston Bash Imperial
Stefan Baskett Imperial
Leif Bastion Imperial
Tommie Batten Imperial
Roberto Baum Imperial
Carroll Baxter Imperial
Lane Beail Imperial
Jamison Beals Imperial
Odis Beck Imperial
Kelley Bennett Imperial
Dominic Bennett Imperial
Buddy Berkheimer Imperial
Stewart Berry Imperial
Kevin Bicknell Imperial
Gil Biery Imperial
Neville Billimek Imperial
Cornelius Birdsall Imperial
Harley Bishop Imperial
Jackson Blaydes Imperial
Erick Blyant Imperial
Burl Bode Imperial
Son Bosman Imperial
Alton Braun Imperial
Ralph Brindle Imperial
Monty Brinigh Imperial
Florencio Brown Imperial
Kennith Bruxner Imperial
Jan Buck Imperial
Teddy Buehler Imperial
Omer Bunten Imperial
Shawn Burkett Imperial
Amos Burnett Imperial
Robt Burris Imperial
Haywood Butler Imperial
Benny Butterfill Imperial
Winston Buzzard Imperial
Stanford Byers Imperial
Elliott Cady Imperial
Julius Caesar Imperial
Jacob Callison Imperial
Wilfred Carden Imperial
Emery Carmichael Imperial
Nathanael Carr Imperial
Weldon Carter Imperial
Jeremy Catherina Imperial
Theodore Chapman Imperial
Charley Chauvin Imperial
Sonny Christner Imperial
Hung Christopher Imperial
Chance Clark Imperial
Len Clarke Imperial
Austin Clewett Imperial
German Close Imperial
Robert Coln Imperial
Ashley Conkle Imperial
Hayden Cook Imperial
Andres Coughenour Imperial
Adolfo Cowart Imperial
Marty Cox Imperial
Noel Craig Imperial
Enrique Crissman Imperial
Eugene Crom Imperial
Wayne David Imperial
Gerry Davis Imperial
Paul Dennis Imperial
Claude Dickinson Imperial
Lamar Dickson Imperial
Cornell Diegel Imperial
Glen Downing Imperial
Roscoe Drabble Imperial
Sean Dugger Imperial
Frances Earhart Imperial
Rubin Eastwood Imperial
Bernie Eckert Imperial
Lavern Eisaman Imperial
Kyle Elizabeth Imperial
Numbers Elsas Imperial
Glenn Endsley Imperial
Zane Erschoff Imperial
Gregory Eva Imperial
Thurman Eve Imperial
Rolf Faast Imperial
Brock Faust Imperial
Lucio Fischer Conservative
Jesse Fisher Imperial
Jerald Flanders Imperial
Jackie Flickinger Imperial
Mary Fonblanque Imperial
Phil Foster Imperial
Maria Fox Imperial
Augustine Fry Imperial
Milton Fryer Imperial
Samuel Fuhrer Conservative
Marvin Fye Imperial
Alden Fylbrigg Imperial
Antione Garland Imperial
Harrison Garneys Imperial
Trevor Geddinge Conservative
Kenton Genii Imperial
Eugene Genii Imperial
Rogelio Genii Imperial
Bud Genii Conservative
Cortez Genii Imperial
Nelson Genii Imperial
Javier Genii Conservative
Andreas Genii Imperial
Cornelius Genii Imperial
Jeffry Genii Imperial
Wiley Gertraht Imperial
Bennett Gettemy Conservative
Calvin Gongaware Imperial
Aurelio Graff Imperial
Junior Hallauer Imperial
Donte Harper Imperial
Murray Hatch Imperial
Scottie Hector Conservative
Neal Hegarty Imperial
Oren Henley Imperial
Sebastian Herndon Imperial
Rosendo Hice Imperial
Kirby Highlands Conservative
Danilo Hill Imperial
Harland Hirleman Conservative
Peter Holdeman Imperial
Luigi Holts Imperial
Oscar Holtzer Imperial
Darell Hooker Imperial
Dominick Hoover Conservative
Kristofer Houston Imperial
Rocky Hurst Imperial
Isaiah Hynes Imperial
Jewel Jenkins Conservative
Emmanuel Jenner Imperial
Les Jesse Imperial
Ellis Joyce Conservative
Cedric Jube Imperial
Walton Judge Imperial
Ryan Kalp Imperial
Edison Keener Imperial
Ismael Keilbach Imperial
Bradley Keister Conservative
Parker Kemble Imperial
Randy Kepplinger Imperial
Broderick Kettlewell Imperial
Aaron Kirschner Imperial
Gale Kline Imperial
Dane Knapp Conservative
Carl Koepple Imperial
Garry Lacon Imperial
Humberto Lambert Imperial
Otto Larson Conservative
Colin Lauffer Imperial
Mohamed Laurenzi Imperial
Abraham Lear Imperial
Lou Leichter Imperial
Alan Little Imperial
Steven Lucy Conservative
Winford Ludwig Imperial
Jefferey Maclagan Imperial
Myles Mang Imperial
Arlen Marriman Imperial
Kurt Marshall Conservative
Angel Martin Imperial
Moshe Mccallum Imperial
Branden Mccune Conservative
Joshua Mcfall Imperial
Jarrod Mcindoe Imperial
Reyes Messina Imperial
Lowell Messina Imperial
Hugo Messina Imperial
Victor Messina Conservative
Earnest Messina Imperial
Britt Messina Imperial
Columbus Messina Imperial
Edward Messina Imperial
Valentin Messina Imperial
Hugh Messina Imperial
Gene Meyers Conservative
Kip Mildred Imperial
Domingo Miller Imperial
Anthony Millhouse Conservative
Ramon Minnie Imperial
Fred Mitchell Conservative
Britt Moberly Imperial
Orville Monahan Conservative
Tory Monroe Imperial
Hoyt Moonshower Conservative
Mel Morgan Imperial
Buford Neely Imperial
Malik Noton Conservative
Gilberto Olphert Imperial
Wilbert Omara Imperial
Boyd Oneal Conservative
Raymundo Orbell Imperial
Santos Osteen Imperial
Bryon Osteen Imperial
Marcellus Overstreet Conservative
Reyes Owen Imperial
Todd Parkinson Imperial
Reginald Parrish Conservative
Carmelo Patterson Imperial
Derek Pawle Imperial
Cyril Pearson Conservative
Andy Pennington Imperial
Randolph Perkins Imperial
Raphael Pfeifer Imperial
Eusebio Pickering Conservative
Galen Pierce Imperial
Emile Polson Imperial
Malcolm Porter Imperial
Roman Porter Imperial
Luis Powell Conservative
Desmond Pratt Imperial
Kris Priebe Conservative
Jay Pritchard Imperial
Nigel Pycroft Conservative
Ali Rahl Imperial
Stanley Read Conservative
Conrad Reamer Imperial
Sterling Reed Imperial
Teodoro Reichard Conservative
Anderson Reighner Imperial
Israel Rice Conservative
Kendrick Rinjos Imperial
Patrick Ritter Imperial
Son Robinson Conservative
Gayle Roche Imperial
Mikael Romult Imperial
Harold Ruch Imperial
Doug Rumbaugh Imperial
Sherwood Saline Legionaire
Daron Sandford Imperial
Rosario Sanner Conservative
Miguel Sayre Imperial
Eli Schere Imperial
Toney Schuth Conservative
Cordell Shallenberger Conservative
Virgilio Shaner Imperial
Carlo Shaw Imperial
Rodney Sherlock Conservative
Scott Shirey Conservative
Long Shotts Imperial
Jack Siegrist Imperial
Ambrose Simmons Imperial
Gordon Sloan Conservative
Donovan Smith Imperial
Ivan Snyder Legionaire
Tod Sommer Imperial
Drew Spring Conservative
Forest Stafford Imperial
Chi Stern Imperial
Herschel Stiffey Imperial
Everette Swain Conservative
Michal Swarner Imperial
Brooks Swink Imperial
Chong Tavoularis Imperial
Salvatore Taylor Imperial
Kraig Tedrow Conservative
Jerome Thigpen Imperial
Derick Thorley Imperial
Robert Treeby Conservative
Augustus Tripp Imperial
Joel Turzanski Imperial
Ricky Unk Legionaire
Jamal Valor Imperial
Winford Valor Conservative
Weston Valor Imperial
Ezra Valor Imperial
Henry Valor Imperial
Renaldo Valor Conservative
Rickie Valor Imperial
Wes Valor Imperial
Barton Valor Imperial
Andrea Valor Imperial
Zachery Veith Conservative
Godfrei Villefort Conservative
Benjamin Villefort Imperial
Simon Vinsant Imperial
Elbert Vorrasi Imperial
Johnathan Vossi Imperial
Rick Vossi Conservative
Sterling Vossi Legionaire
Ernest Vossi Imperial
Riley Vossi Imperial
Nicky Vossi Imperial
Winston Vossi Imperial
Donald Vossi Imperial
Lincoln Vossi Imperial
Carmen Vossi Imperial
Alex Walker Conservative
Woodrow Wallick Imperial
Alonso Warren Imperial
Pete Warrick Imperial
Keven Weisgarber Conservative
Cary Werner Imperial
Jaime West Imperial
Milford White Legionaire
Saul Whiteman Imperial
Jonas Whitling Conservative
Mark Whitten Imperial
Burt Whittier Imperial
Tom Wible Imperial
Valentin Widaman Conservative
Christian Wiggins Imperial
Wes Wile Imperial
Julio Wilkins Imperial
Bryan Wilkinson Conservative
Keenan Willey Imperial
Alva Williamson Imperial
Hassan Wise Imperial
Gregg Wolff Conservative
Merle Wood Imperial
Willard Wood Imperial
Darren Wylie Conservative
Trey Wynne Imperial
Jeramy Young Conservative
Alvaro Zalack Legionaire

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

Main article: Itinerate Tree Dweller

Individuals: Daniel Reck, Emperor Erik Kersk, Emperor Lazarus Kersk, Empress Persephone Kersk, James Riker, Rickter Scott

Miscellaneous: Flag of Itinerate Tree Dweller, IG virus, ITD Constitution, ITD Credit, ITD History, ITD Imperial Bloodline Family Tree, ITD Maps, ITD Military, ITD colonies, Ninthian, Ninthok, Venom Corporation, ITD Political Parties, ITD Senate

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