ITV nan 1

In 1988, Granada decided to acquire the Nick at Nite block from Viacom. From 1985-2002, Nick at Nite aired after Nickelodeon. This was their logo used in 1989, a year they acquired the block. It lasted for only a few months.

ITV nan 2

1999-2001: After a few months, ITV decided to bring back the classic Nick at Nite logo (when it was still owned by Viacom). It was slightly modified in 1992 and in 1999, they added ITV's logo at the bottom of the logo with the new "Hearts" ident package, contrary to ITV being at the top and Nick at Night at the bottom.

ITV Nan 3

2001-02: By 2001, ITV was expanding, so Nick at Nite's ident was modified to have the ITV1 logo.

ITV nan 4

2002-03: ITV decided to retire the Nick at Nite logo in 2002, and switch to a text-only version as part of the switch to the evil and horrid "Celebrities" package.

ITV Nan 5

Even though the logo was retired on idents after 2002, programs produced by Nick at Nite were still using the old 1992 logo, but also with Granada "G-Arrow" logos and the Granada name. This lasted until February 2004. Could this mean that Nick at Nite as a name was to disappear completely?

ITV nan 2003

2003-04: The logo was taken away. They just used the N@N name, which was sad. However, the worst was yet to come.

Nan 2004

2004-06: Oh, they still used the name. But it's still not there yet...

Nan an itv production

In February 2004, the Granada and Carlton group companies finally merged to form ITV plc. So that Nick at Nite was here.

Itv 50 nan

2005: However, they did use the ITV50 logo in the year 2005 to celebrate ITV's 50th anniversary year.

Nan 2006

2006: We're almost there. The Emotions set of idents were the last with the name.

ITV Productions 2006

Now, the Nick at Nite name was no more into ITV Productions.

ITV1 2006

2006-10: That was it. No more name, ever. How sad. I am sorry for Nick and Nick@Nite. No sign of a "Nick at Nite" title anywhere on the new batch of ITV idents, however it is name checked in the voiceover.

ITV1 2010

2010-13: Same as before.

ITV 2013

2013-present: Same as before.

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