I Am 50's Tax Write-Off is the second album from G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo.[1]



In an interview with XXL, Tony Yayo commented on the album. He said:

My second solo project, I wanna call it I Am 50's Tax Write-Off and the reason why I wanna do it is because it's the truth! Everytime 50 makes money, I make muthafuckin' money. He's the one that changed my life, he's the one that changed Buck life, he's the one that changed Banks' life.[2]


The first promotional single was "It's a Stick Up", featuring Mazaradi FOX and Snoop From The Wire. A video was shot for that single and can be seen on Tony Yayo's MySpace page.[3]

In an interview with DefSounds, Tony Yayo commented on his upcoming release. He said:

I really don’t care if it sells or generates any money towards Interscope, because Interscope only cares about three people: Eminem, Dr. Dre and 50 Cent. I’m not going to sit here and grow gray hairs over it. I’m gonna give you the best music possible because 50 is going to make sure I’m all right. I can do five shows with 50 and make over $100,000 being his hype man. So me going on tour with 50, I can generate millions of dollars that an artist would make doing shows off their own album.[4]

In an interview with, Tony Yayo stated that the album is complete and that he did not consult Interscope staff about the singles.[1]

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