I Am A Fine Musician is a song from Barney and Friends.


Pinkie Pie's Lonely Hearts Club Band Style

Ruby Gloom: I am a fine musician, that's what the people say

And everybody dances everytime I play

My trumpet, my trumpet, they love to hear my trumpet


Severus Snape: I am a fine musician, I practice every day

And people come from miles around just to hear me play

My tuba, my tuba, they love to hear my tuba

Oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah, oom-pah!

(Ruby Gloom sings her "ra-ta-ta-ta-tas" with Snipe's "oompah, oompahs")

Oopsy Bear: I am a fine musician, my music is so gay

And when I play my trooooombone, people throw pennies my way!

My trombone, my trombone, they love to hear my trombone!

Waaaaa, waah-waah-o-waah, wa, wa, waa, wa, wah!

(Snipe and Ruby sing)

Little Miss Naughty: I am a fine musician, and people throw me pay

For when I play my flute, people throw money my way

My flute! My flute! They love to hear my flute!

Deedle-dee-dee-deet-dee-dee-de-de-dede-deedle dee deet deet, deedle-deedle, de!

(Everyone sings)

All: We all are fine musicians, that's what the people say

And every time we play, people join our way

Brainy Smurf: My drum. My drum. They love to hear my drum.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

(Snape, Ruby Gloom, Miss Naughty and Oopsy sing along with Brainey)

Ruby Gloom: Oh no, my trumpet has honey in the mouth-piece!

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