I Could Have My Wish (Dr. Vindaloo MD. Quack Version)

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  • Count Chuckala as Thaddeus Plotz
  • Booberry as Ralph
  • Captain K'nuckles as Yakko
  • Bubbie as Dot
  • Flapjack as Wakko
  • Sonic as Brain
  • Tails as Pinky
  • Mittens as Rita
  • Pooh as Runt
  • Princess Bubblegum as Hello Nurse
  • Finn as Dr. Otto Scrathnsniff
  • Mario, Luigi and Yoshi as The Goodfeathers
  • Huckle's Mom as Slappy
  • Huckle as Skippy
  • Sally as Mindy
  • Dug as Buttons
  • and The Noid as King Salazar

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