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Jsrashad's movie-spoof of "The Flintstones: I Yabba Dabba Do!" 

Cast of Characters:

  • Robin (Teen Titans/Young Justice) as Fred Flintstone
  • Beast-Boy (Teen Titans) as Barney Rubble
  • Starfire (Teen Titans) as Wilma Flintstone
  • Terra (Teen Titans) as Betty Rubble
  • Wolf (Young Justice) as Dino
  • Raven (Teen Titans) as Pebbles Flintstone
  • Superboy (Young Justice) as Bamm Bamm Rubble
  • Hawkgirl (DCAU) as Pearl Shaghoople
  • Slade (Teen Titans) as Mr. Slate
  • Poison Ivy (DC Animated Universe) as Mrs. Slate
  • Duke (G.I. Joe) as Mr. Pyrite
  • Quasimodo (The Hunchback of Notre Dame) as The Priest
  • Lady Deathstrike, Sabertooth, and Deadpool (Hulk vs. Wolverine) as The Wedding Whackers
  • Batman and Superman (DCAU) as Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera

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