I Was A Teenage It Girl: The Complete First Season is an I Was A Teenage It Girl DVD idea made by Pikachufreak. Released in March 2002, it has all twenty six episodes of the first season on two discs. The DVD also has bonus features.


Disc 1

  1. The Story Begins
  2. Hotshots For A Day
  3. The Law of The Gravity
  4. Paternal Distinct
  5. As Clean As Ever
  6. To Cure A Hiccup
  7. Managing Things Right
  8. From One Way To Another
  9. Caves of Terror
  10. Who's Popular Now?
  11. The Biggest Score
  12. Don't Call 911
  13. Live and Let Real

Disc 2

  1. The Scars of Surrendering
  2. Good Sweep Fun
  3. At The Bat
  4. Fierce Encounters With A Werewolf
  5. Much Ado About Working
  6. Blackmailed
  7. Elemental, My Dear Ophelia
  8. Rosie and Diana's Sisterly Love
  9. Oh, Bummer!
  10. Kicked Out For Worse Behaviors
  11. Ramona's Happy Valentine's Day
  12. Scrambled Bacon
  13. What A Showoff!

Bonus Features


  • Release Date: March 12, 2002.
  • Each episode starts with the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment logo and ends with the Warner Bros. Television Animation logo.
  • Distributed by Warner Home Video.
  • The following trailers are from this DVD.

Opening Previews

Disc 1

Disc 2

Closing Previews

Disc 1

Disc 2

Cover Art

Front Cover

  • Rachael, Ramona and Rosie

Back Cover

  • Amanda, Sonia and Hank Sparks

Cover Color

  • Red

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