I Was A Teenage It Girl intro/outro is Pikachufreak's fanmade intro.


  • Here's the intro and outro to the 1997 animated series: I Was A Teenage It Girl. The intro sequence is in a similar fashion to Lizzie McGuire, and the opening theme is performed by Christina Aguilera. The outro sequence features a winking and smiling Ramona Sparks in the style of The Scooby-Doo Show against a pale red background, as the end theme is an instrumental version of the theme song. After the outro finishes, the Stretch Films Inc laughing mouth logo and the Hanna Barbera All-Stars Action logo appear.

Opening Lyrics

  • Christina Aguilera: If you Believe that We've got a picture perfect plan we've got you fooled Cause' We only do the best we can and sometimes we make it sometimes we fake it and we get one step closer each and every day We can figure it out our own way.

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