I Worship His Shadow is the first movie of the first season of Lexx.

I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilization. The Timeprophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the divine order in the league of the 20.000 planets. Someday that will happen, but not today. Cause' today is my day of death. The day our story begins.


A small group of Brunnen-G, led by Kai, fly from the surface of their home planet to engage the Divine Shadow’s Fore Shadow, knowing that they will die as their ancient, scorpion-like, fighters are no match for their enemy’s formidable weapon. The Foreshadow fires on the planet. Kai’s fighters fire at the Fore Shadow. The planet is destroyed. Many of the fighters are destroyed and Kai orders the remaining vessels to crash into the control pod. Kai’s craft is the only one that makes it before the shields close. Kai is thrown from his craft onto the deck, bleeding. Kai tells His Divine Shadow that the Time Prophet saw the demise of His Order, destroyed at the hands of the Brunnen-G. The Divine Shadow kills Kai and extracts his memories before sending him to the Bio-scholars for preservation. The insect flying machines intrigue His Shadow.

2,008 years later Security Guard Stanley Tweedle is woken from his berth on the Cluster with his third wake-up call and is informed of his punishment if he is late for work. A prisoner transport ship, on its way to the Cluster, wakes from cryosleep. Zev, a fat, ugly woman, Giggerota the Wicked and the Arch-Heretic Thodin are aboard.

Stanley refuses to allow the transport to dock for not remembering the correct authority code. His superior steps in. Stanley is punished and must enter himself into a correction centre by the end of watch change.

The old Divine Shadow is dying and the clerics prepare the new one. The Shadow is transferred from the old host to the new one. The brain of the former Divine Shadow is removed from his skull placed on a pedestal with the other Divine Predecessors. The new Divine Shadow’s mind is not fully cleansed when the transfer occurs. He goes against the Divine Predecessors and the warning in the prophecy by determining that he will command the Lexx when it leaves the Cluster to root out all those who oppose him. However, the Divine Predecessors are taken aboard the Lexx so that he will not be separated from them.

The prisoners begin to come in. One of them recognizes Stan and denounces him a traitor. The prisoners’ trials begin, presided over by holograms. The first prisoner is memory probed, found guilty and sentenced to have his organs donated to the protein bank for purposes that serve His Shadow.

Stanley reports to a correction centre claiming to be in charge of escorting a prisoner and asks what his punishment will be if he doesn’t show up. Stanley’s punishment if he turns himself in would be one to three organs; if he doesn’t a termination order will be issued. Stanley leaves the correction centre.

Zev is put on trial next. Her crimes are failing to perform her wifely duties and humiliating her husband in the temple. She is probed and found guilty. She is sentenced to be transformed into a love slave. She pleads they end her miserable life by sending her to the protein bank.

Thodin is taken to the stadium were he will be tried for his crimes of heresy and piracy and his sentence immediately executed for the entertainment of His Shadow’s loyal followers. Thodin activates a bug bomb that will help him escape.

Stanley decides to turn himself in to the correction centre. On his way Stanley swats at the bug bomb and it falls to the ground. It is damaged but continues on its mission to disrupt the Cluster’s signals.

The correction centre closes before Stanley reaches it. A warrant is issued for his termination and begins to display it on screens throughout the Cluster.

A group of youths arrive to be recognized with awards of merit.

The bug bomb cannot locate the correct signal and explodes causing a malfunction. Thodin is now the recipient of the award of merit. The children are sentenced to be devoured by cluster lizards. The cluster lizards are set loose.

The robot, 790, begins Zev’s transformation. Zev’s libido is increased. 790 chooses her new appearance.

Thodin finally escapes and begins releasing the other prisoners, including Giggerotta, who escapes down the protein bank chute and heads towards the Lexx.

One of the cluster lizards makes its way into the Lusticon chamber. It eats 790’s body and then tries to eat Zev but gets stuck in the Lusticon and merges with Zev during her transformation. Zev now has the strength to break her restraints and places 790’s head under the Lusticon as it completes the love slave mind transformation. 790 is now in love with Zev and follows her around as she escapes.

Zev and Stanley meet in a corridor and Stanley tries t o give her up to the guards. Zev catches a glimpse of herself in a mirror and likes what she sees of her new face and body. She uses 790 to unlock the door to the special projects area. Cluster lizards block their path. Zev shrieks at them, they leave her alone and eat the guards instead.

Thodin and the other heretics make there way to the special projects area where the Lexx is kept. They are unimpeded by the guards until his award of merit is rescinded.

His Divine Shadow allows Thodin to continue to the Lexx, confident that he has the only key. And wishing to prove the prophecy false, he sends the assassin, Kai after them.

Stanley and Zev meet Thodin and the heretics outside the Lexx. Zev is attracted to Thodin. Thodin reveals that he has a key to the Lexx. Kai tries to stop them from reaching the Lexx. Thodin transfers the key to his second in command while he fights Kai. He kisses Zev goodbye. Kai kills Thodin.

A cluster lizard kills the heretic and the key is transferred to Stanley. Stanley, Zev, Giggerota, and 790 take a moth up to Lexx’s command centre. Zev commands Stanley to take control of the Lexx and they leave the Cluster.

Having failed the Divine Shadow offers his life. His brain is removed and replaced with Shadow.

Stanley reveals that he was forced to reveal information about the Ostral-B heretics when captured by the Sub-Ns. Information hidden in his tooth lead to the creation of the Lexx and the destruction of 100 reform planets.

A frontier station tries to stop them and Stanley commands the Lexx to blow it up. Lexx fires his weapon and the post is destroyed. In his excitement, Stanley grabs Zev and tries to kiss her. Zev becomes very aggressive, tries to bite him and shrieks, which scares Stanley.

The Shadow’s flagship the Megashadow follows them. Stanley asks Lexx to fire on them but it is not permitted.

Kai arrives at the command centre. Stanley tries to convince Kai that he was coerced. Kai throws Giggerota off the command centre. Kai is about to kill Stan and Zev when he hears the Divine Predecessors screaming as the cluster lizard begins to eat them.

His Shadow’s forces close on them. His shadow is determined to destroy Kai and end the prophecy. The Divine Shadow boards the Lexx.

Kai saves the Divine Predecessors. He touches the remaining brain off the Divine Shadow who killed him and regains his memory and his willpower; he is no longer under the power of His Shadow.

Using directions hidden in Stan’s tooth, the Lexx travels to a fractal core into the Dark Zone.

His Shadow shoots at Kai. Zev begins to kill the Divine Predecessors hoping to weaken His Shadow, Stanley joins her. Kai slices His Shadow’s head and the Shadow is released from his body.

The Lexx and the Megashadow travel through the fractal core. Most of Lexx’s memory is erased and he is now able to fire on His Shadow’s flagship and destroy it.

790 has no knowledge of the Dark Zone. Lost, Zev and Stan begin their search of a new home.

The Shadow returns to the Cluster vowing to avenge his predecessors.


Originally written by a_morris for

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