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He's a parrot that appears in Aladdin.

Aa Boomer in The Fox and the Kitten

He wants to take evinrude with Archimedes and eating it in the movie.

As Archimedes in The Sword in the Rock and The Sword in the Stone (Tugs Time Style)

-- He stays with Young Tod aka Merlin and Oliver aka Wart in the movie.

-- He stays with Mr. Porter and Young Tod in the Movie.

As Bartok in Mariestasia and Iago the Magnificent

He goes with Jafar aka Rasputin and helps him in the movie.

[[As Henry in An American World

[[As Petrie in The Land After Time

[[As Norville in Patch's Puppy Days

[[As Seagull in Olingu

[[As Deacon Owl in The Rescuers (Ver.505)

[[As Jim Crow in Dumbo (Fujiko Fujio style version)

[[As Fidget in The Great Kid Detective

[[As Shishi in Ninja Hattori (Disney Version)

[[As Percy in Mariehontas

[[As Zazu in The Kitten King (Ver.11), The Cat King and The Kitten King (Math98 Style Version) and those sequels

[[As Boris in Olivbalto

[[As Aracuan Bird in The Three Gatitos

[[As Mr. Stork in Dumbo (Fujiko Fujio Style Version)

[[As Panic in Fievelcules

[[As Flit in Berthahontas

[[As Doraemon in Iagomon

His Animated Crossover Films

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