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Ian's Not So Boring Life character list


Abir is a Muslim child. He is often seen in the Background with Jik. It is implied after Ian killed Jik's Parents that Jik moved in with Abir. He was seen in the Pilot though he was called Henry and apparently had Tourettes. He was voiced by Matt Stone. In Ians Not so Boring Life: The Alleged Series he was voiced by Paul Reubens.

Agoff Hittor

50 years before Ian, Tak, Zim or Tyler had been born there was an Evil Zardonian known as Aggof Hitttor. He saved his planet from Irken Invaders and was looked upon as a Hero though he soon became Drunk with Power and started rounding up his own race for execution. His death was stated to be caused by an infection to the Uvuela. He was later re-incarnated into Paulie. He is a spoof of Adolf Hitler. He was voiced by Kirby Morrow.

Almighty Tallest

The Almighty Tallests being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim. The Irken Empire has a hierarchal class structure, where shorter individuals are both figuratively and literally looked down upon. The tallest Irken alive takes command of the Empire as "the Tallest", but since Red and Purple, the two current Tallest, are the exact same height, they share equal (and high-supreme) power. While the Tallest function mainly as figureheads, doing little to organize the society (preferring to lounge around and eat snacks), they do hold absolute power over the populace. They travel around to observe and supervise Operation Impending Doom II in the Massive, the largest and most powerful ship in the Irken Armada. They appear to mostly use their unlimited powers of state to amuse themselves- sending loyal Irken soldiers to painful deaths "Battle of the Planets", forcing others weaker than themselves to obey their random whims "Hobo 13" and starving their own command crew "Backseat Drivers". Red is often considered to actually have a slight focus on ruling the Irken race, as is usually seen as being more intelligent than Purple. This is seen in the episode "Backseat Drivers", where, while Purple floats around screaming and eating doughnuts, Red finds out that Zim is controlling the ship via the power core, and switches it with the Resisty's core, thus saving the Massive from hitting Earth. They love to cause other Irkens pain "Walk for your Life" and, Purple expecially, puppets "Walk for Your Life. The voice of Almighty Tallest Purple was done by Kevin McDonald, best known for his participation in the Canadian sketch comedy group The Kids in the Hall and as Pastor Dave in "That 70's show". Almighty Tallest Red was voiced by Wally Wingert.

In Brianne they were Masters of Neptune. Purple had been rendered Female and was voiced by Lenore Zann and Red was voiced by Tom Kenny.

Anger Managment Teacher Earl

Anger Managment Teacher Earl is an anger Managment Teacher.... Did I mention hes a Hippie. He teaches Ian how to be calm and peaceful this annoys Zim and others that he is just not the same. Earl is vaporized by Tyler. He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.


Arien was the Leader of the Irken Rogues in Disaster on Zekklom. His weapons are higher technology bought from Xenu. He had a hate towards Zekklomians since he was a Child. According to his memoirs He enjoys the song The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani. He was voiced by Jeff Bennet.

Arians SIR

Arians SIR is a custom Sir that looks a lot like MiMi. It is able to shoot balls of plasma out of its hand. It was destroyed in a showdown with Stan.


Azure like Tak is an Irken defective, though due to her own ignorance. She is an old friend of Tak's as they both trained at the same time. She visited Earth for the begining half of Season 6, and stayed as some back up for Tak as it would be two against two. She took her rage out on Ian like how Tak did to Zim, despite there being no reason to for her to be Ian's enemy. She seemingly had a crush on Ian though. In her last episode, she was revealed to be a spy hired by Burke to give reports on the movement of Ian so he could strike.

Azure has Red Eyes and wears a set of beads around her neck. Her human disguise consisted of a typical teenage girls wear, a Blue shirt showing her belly and a red skirt. She would use a disguised voice while using her disguise which was provided by Antoinette Spolar. After being revealed as a spy, her normal voice was provided by Olivia D'Abo.

Beaver and Butthole

Beaver and Butthole are parodies of Beavis and Butthead. Ian tried befriending them though Ian finds out what morons they are (What he describes as dumber than Zim). Beaver was voiced by Ian McCormick and Butthole was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.


Bilinar is Ians SIR unit. He was destroyed by The Screw Head Race however Ian drove the species into slavery (As seen in Megadoomer (Smikka Smikka Smoodoo hates Ian) The Tallests offered to get him another one before they sent him to Earth to pretty much to Enslave mankind (Because Zim is inept). On Earth Ian fixed him by downloading some of GIR's Personality and Bilinar isnt as dumb as GIR though. Bilinar Disguises as a Cat with GIR-like Dog suit his cords are still visible upon which Ian says that Bilinar just had Surgery. Bilinar contains Ians spaceship in his head. Bilinar is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons and in Season 5 his voice was done by Speakonia. In Brianne he was called BiR and was voiced by Kirby Morrow.

Billy George

Billy George is a Zekklomian that is a master at Murdering. He was hired by Tak and Ian to take out Zim to which he failed due to the fact that Zim would always move out of the way. He was voiced by Christopher Sabat.

Boss Shadow

&nbsp Another character that later appears as a Main Character in Grizdar. Boss Shadow (Voiced by Jim Belushi) appears in Season 5 and is the final villain although he appears in all seasons before 5 under the alias of Mr. Thompson. In The Beinning of the End pt 1 it is revealed Stan's planet is in the middle of a civil war with an evil shadow-like creature who calls himself "The Shadow" and in The Beinning of the End pt 2 After nearly being defeated by Stan and his people, The Shadow and his followers flee to earth. Stan voluntiers to follow The Shadow to earth and capture him. It is then that Stan decides to take up residence on earth until "The Shadow" re-appears. In The 'ol Desk Job Stan gets a desk job and meets his new boss Mr. Thompson who is actually Boss Shadow. In The Shadow Strikes Back pt 1 When the Resisty take Stan and Dr. Zeeltor back earth, everything seems to be getting back to normal. However, things begin to change when Stan goes back to work. It is there that Stan discovers his boss Mr. Thompson's true identity. In The Shadow Strikes Back pt 2 When Mr. Thompson finds that Stan had been spying on him, he captures and takes Stan to his lair where Stan is held prisoner. Meanwhile, Dr. Zeeltor calls for the aid of the Resisty to get Stan back. In The Sinister 6 To take out Stan and conquer the galaxy, The Shadow gathers an alliance of Stan greatest foes: Lord Garvon, Supreme Master Artilico, Zangas Valtron, Zayak Valtron, Tak, and Vaul, all of whome are revealed to have been allied with The Shadow since his near defeat and capture on Stan's homeworld. Meanwhile Stan must deal with the group's leader, Calamaris



Sat right next to Zim and was probably had the most lines out of the schoolchildren, he also appears in the Season 1 Intro, jumping out of the way before a dodge ball hits Zim. Brian Was sent to the "Underground Classes" in Tak, the Hideous New Girl which depicted that he died, although Brian appears in a crowd in The Most Horrible X-mas Ever, which possibly means the Underground Classes do exist. Brian was replaced by 'Poonchy, Drinker of Hate'. He was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez. In Brianne he was called Lenny and was voiced by Jeff Bennet.


Burke is an old enemy of Ians. Ian had invaded his home planet. He has two assistants called Zip and Henford. Burke tries killing Ian after Zip and Henfords failed attempts. With no success due to Ians skilled weaponry he gave it up though he came back realizing hes bigger than Ian than stepping on him killing him. He was voiced by Gary Chalk. Burkes appearance is based off Dr. Robotnik and is named after Burke from the Edinbburg Corpse sellers.


Caleb is a Child who had a major role in Abduct the Dick!. He hates Cody as well. He is seen in the backgrounds hanging with Johnny (When not with Ian). Though Johnny became a major Character caleb had not. He was voiced by Ian McCormick.


Celina who had appeared originally in Jhonen Vasquez's other TV series Grizdar as Stan's fitness obsessed Girlfriend in The scrapped (but was still made) episode "Stan's Dilema". Later though when Ian thinks hes lost his strength in "Fitness Ian" he has Celina come since she is the best fitness obsessor that could teach him how to become more active that he knows. She was voiced by Nicole Sullivan.



One of the bullies that torments Dib. He has orange hair and drools. He likes dogs. He was voiced by Adam Paul. In Brianne he was a Friend to both Zim and Brianne (Ian) and was a just a Tough Guy instead of a Bully and was voiced by Ian McCormick.


Clive is a Zekklomian who masters in healing Aliens. He helped Ians Pain in Pain of Doom though he asks for one thing "The Wine Cooler on Zeelom 6" the most dilectable of Nectars in Space. He was subscribed to Ian by Dr. Carlin. He was voiced by Louie Anderson.


A Child whom takes great pleasure out of bullying! Ian and Tyler along with two other boys sick of his BS took him captive. Ian dysected his testicles and replaced them with Moth Balls as a Joke. He was voiced by Billy West.

Cortel Germ

Cortel Germ is an Irken Rogue. He planned to kill Invader Billy. Ian killed Cortel Germ to protect his cousin. He was voiced by John Goodman.

Commander Cen


Commander Cen was Ian's Hobo 13 leader when returning but Cen is to hard Core and most members chickened out for his extremely dangerous tests. Cen made Ian do all of the Tests which Ian did but he was in extreme pain. Ian later sent Cen through space with A Jet PAK that he had Bilinar launch out of his head. Cen later takes over The Massive with Vaul in "Irken Empire Corrupt". He is voiced by Robert Cait.


Craiman was a child who was kicked off a bus along with Ian, Zim, Tak, Tyler and Johnny due to disorderly conduct. What was done is unknown but knowing Ian, he probably started cussing at someone. Craiman was not involved with them but kicked off for being mistaken for being with them. Craiman stayed with them for the entire episode while taking refuge in an old abandoned and haunted mansion. He was almost killed by Tak when she went insane, however he jumped out the window off of the top floor (the fifth floor). Whether he lived or not is unknown. He was voiced by Rhys Huber.

Crazy Jeff

Crazy Jeff is a Hunter. He is always trying to hunt Dr. Zeeltor. Ian and him have been old friends though he refuses to help him kill Zeeltor. Crazy Jeff appears in Grizdar as a running gag. The running gag between Dr. Zeeltor and Crazy Jeff ended in the 3-part season 4 premiere episode, "The Irken Empire" where Dib (from Vasquez's other show, Invader Zim) convinces Crazy Jeff to leave Dr. Zeeltor alone and find another hobby. He was voiced by Adam West.


The Former Queen of the Coakroache people. She vows revenge upon the new one! She and her servant James try to make a new one that being Earth. Ian ends up decapitating her in the end. She was voiced by Pamela Hayden.

Dan Halen

Dan Halen is a Character from Squidbillies. He appeared in the crossover episode Flee from dah Government in which he sold Ians Dead body as a Cure for Cancer. A small, kidney-shaped, knee-less business tycoon and is the incarnation of evil who has lived since the beginning of time. He is the actual person in charge of Dan Halen Industries, a multinational corporation responsible for sheet rock, dangerous baby furniture, "body stencils," selling arms to third world countries, and various other concerns. His name and company symbol are direct references to the band Van Halen. He was voiced by Todd Hanson.




Dib being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim A member of Zim's class at the school they both attend. Dib has been obsessed with the paranormal and supernatural since an early age. An avid paranormalist, Dib is often criticised by his classmates for being "crazy" or mentally unstable due to his outlandish theories. He apparently is the only human to recognize or care that Zim is an alien, other than Gaz, who thinks he is too dumb to take over the earth. Dib has devoted himself to stopping Zim's plans of conquest. Almost every being he comes into contact with remarks that Dib has an abnormally large head, even though his head looks no more disproportionate than any one else's. Dib is voiced by Andy Berman. In Brianne he was a friend of Brianne (Ian) and Zim and was voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Dob is a talking Tomato a parody of Bob from Veggie Tales. He was a monster purchased by Lord Garvon from "Thugs 'R' Us". According to the "Thus 'R' Us" sales robot, the 2 are very powerful and capable of bringing a civilization to it's doom with religious propoganda. Dr. Zalvoor then dispatches Dob and Gary to attack Stan. Dob was voiced by Jon Stewart.


Drakon is a sea monster based on the legendary monster Kraken. He looks like a gigantic, mutated fish with twelve tentacles for bottom fins, wide powerful front fins for arms with oversized lobster-like pincers, a long spiked tail, maroon scales, spikes all over his head and running down his back, a huge mouth with multiple rows of spiked, sharp teeth and large round yellow eyes with red and green irises and black pupils with red pinpoint pupils. He destroy ships, forms a massive whirlpools, and finally Ian who has taken control of his ship and rams the pointed bowspirt through the Drakon's abdomen, destroying him in a huge explosion. He was only seen as a gag in the episode Shanghied!. He was voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons.

Dr. Carlin

Dr. Carlin is an old friend of Ians. He has a degree in Medical Treatment. He has diagnosed several treatments for Ian. He was voiced by George Carlin, after Carlins death he was voiced by Unknown Hinson.

Dr. Miui

Dr. Miui is an old Enemy of Ians. Ian invaded his homeplanet Xenor 9. The Doctor is the only one of his kind left. He is a surgeon when Ian invaded his planet Dr. Miui stole his Voot Cruiser leaving Ian stranded until he was saved by passing Invader Tenn. Miui has since then tried to kill Ian with stupid Ideas and such. His full name was said in his first appearance, Miuinisa. He was voiced by British Actor Timothy Bateson.

Dr. Nefarious

Dr. Nefarious appears in some Season 4 episodes and is mentioned in other episodes before and after. He is well known from the Ratchet and Clank Series. He teamed up with Zim in a Four parter episode in an attempt to destroy the escaped Alien test subject #989776 which due to Ians Death in these episodes found the chance to escape. He is involved with the Irken Empire as he replaced the usual Irken Guards with part robotic body and part Irken. He only came because Red and Purple said what a threat the Alien is.

Most of what is known about Doctor Nefarious' past comes from the less-than-reliable Qwark comics featured in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal. Early in his career while still organic, he attempted to kill everyone in Blackwater City on Planet Rilgar with an Amoeboid army. According to the Vid-Comic, Qwark saved the city and followed Doctor Nefarious to his base on the molten planet Magmos. At his base, Qwark encountered Doctor Nefarious on a bridge. The two flashed back to their biology classes, where Qwark constantly bullied Nefarious. Qwark tried to give Nefarious a wedgie for "old time's sake", which ended up with Nefarious falling into the machinery. As Qwark left the base, Nefarious' robotic arm was seen pulling itself out of the wreckage (completely unnoticed by Qwark); the machinery fused with Nefarious. Qwark fought Nefarious again on Planet Kerwan, where he was again defeated and had his head thrown in a bin. Lawrence then knocked Qwark unconscious and took him to another one of Nefarious' bases, from which Qwark soon escaped.

It is also revealed that Nefarious commanded an army of Amoeboids which guard his base on Aquatos and once were sent to attack Blackwater City on Rilgar. They are seen there during Ratchet & Clank, while Qwark is acting as the announcer for the hoverboard races.

His voiced was done by Armin Shimerman.

Dr. Zalvoor

Dr. Zalvoor is a Vortian/Robot that Ian knew back during his days as a scientist on Vort before Zim ever came to the science research Lab on Vort. Zalvoor was ubfortunate to be destroyed and given robot parts due to an explosion caused by Ian. Zalvoor wants revenge on Ian for this and is determined to get his revenge. He is a villian in both Grizdar and Ians Not So Boring Life. He was voiced by Christopher Lloyd. In Brianne he was voiced by French Tickner.

Dr. Zan'Dozz Zeeltor


Dr. Zan'Dozz Zeeltor being from Grizdar and Men in Black the Series (Jhonen wasgiven the rights to use him). He was the Alien in “Anti-Irken that convinced Ian that Irkens arent so bad after all. Ian was extremely freaked out by him.

In 2001 (earth time), Dr. Zeeltor after working at galaxy burger as a chef for 5 years, decided to seek work on the planet earth, as he had heard about an organization on earth that helped aliens adjust to life there so as not to scare the humans. Zeeltor then decided to apply for a job at the organization (known as "Men in Black or more simply "MIB").The head honcho at MIB headquarters, known as Zed gave Zeeltor a job as head lab technicion and alien terror moniter. To this day, Dr. Zeeltor works at MIB headquarters.

Another one of Dr. Zeeltor's jobs involves monitering various alien activity hroughout the universe to make sure that no illegal or deadly activities are taking place. Lately though according to Zeeltor's boss Zed, the Irken armada has been circling earth as though they are going to wage a full scale attack. Dr. Zeelor's job has been to keep an eye on the irken armada until they leave the sector. Zeelor also had orders from Zed to try and make contact with the irken leaders, who reside in the armada's flagship The Massive. Dr. Zeeltor however, has been unable to make contact with the irkens. Dr. Zeeltor even attempted to spy on the irkens via "wire taping" to see what they are up to, but this lead only to failure and MIB is still unsure wether or not the irkens will attack earth. Recently though there were some new developments as Dr. Zeeltor was able to make contact with irken Invader Skoodge who was attempting to conquer the planet Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people. The excitement over the new development was short lived however because Invader Skoodge told Dr. Zeeltor that he knew nothing of the Irken Empire's current agenda.

Dr. Zeeltor isn't just known for his brilliance, but also for his surisingly funny "Late Night" comedy routines. Ionically, most MIB members will stop watching Conan O'Brien and instead watch Dr. Zeeltor's comedy routine about the day's tasks, illegal "aliens", intergalactic boarder patrol, ect. Dr. Zeeltor's most popular comedy routine however, is his satire of alien senator ET. Zeeltor's impression of the seemingly midgit-sized senator is quite funny and some MIB agents have been known to laugh their balls off at Zeeltor's impression, right down to the 'phone home" gag. Zeeltor's impression is also quite accurate, right down to making his chest glow like ET himself. However, Dr. Zeeltor's routine has stirred up some controversy with MIB agents who support ET and some of his "out of this world" ideas. This controversy though, has helped Zeeltor build on his satire of ET as most of ET's supporters seem to be scientologists. He was voiced by Steve Kehela. In Brianne he was voiced by Rob Paulson.

Early Cuyler

Early Cuyler appeared in the Crossover episode with Squidbillies in which he shot Ian. Grandson of Granny and father of Rusty, Early is a barely-literate, foul-mouthed, alcoholic, ex-convict. He's also quick to anger, and expresses it in violent ways via shotgun, knife, or whatever implement is lying around. Early was given the position of CEO—and scapegoat—at Dan Halen Industries, though he has since been relegated to various lower level positions including product tester. He runs a number of illegal home enterprises; including the production of "pine cone" liquor and cultivating and selling marijuana. Early is proud of his "hillbilly" lifestyle and enjoys hunting, fishing, muddin', watching mixed martial arts and NASCAR. He is voiced by Unknown Hinson (Stuart Daniel Baker).

Ed, Edd n Eddy

The Eds are morally Cameo Characters of The Titular Characters in The TV Show Ed, Edd n Eddy and usually pop up in most episodes such as Lunchroom Dilema and Irken Drunkeness. Eddy is the only one out of them all to speak however the other Eds never spoke. Ed is The First of The Eds to appear in Ian's Not So Boring Life as he appears looking at Ian as he starts yelling at Tak in The Tak has Landed. He later appears running out of Skool from Traffic Jammer in Traffic Jammed along with Steve and Meelina. Eddy appears first in Lunchroom Dilema looking at The Horrid Lunch Food after he sniffs it he gags. He later is seen Less He Forget where he speaks for The First time stating That Ian's a Fool. Eddy is later seen in Robots in Crime running and screaming as GIR and MiMi (now Humanized) take over the Skool. He is one of The Kids tossed around by The Richard Simmons Bot 1.0 in Water Fearing Ian. Edd is also seen in Skool Dance of Doom. Eddy was voiced by Tony Sampson.

Egal Fork

Egal Fork is an Irken who was trapped in the Giant Spider Alien's Liar. He helps Ian, Dr. Nefarious and Z.B. defeat The Neural Experiment. He was voiced by Nick Bakay.


An Morbidly Obese Girl that is a parody of Helga from The Oblongs. She became part of Ians "NORMAL" group in Season 6. She is not mocked by any of the Skool Children because they find Dib even weirder. She was voiced by Lea DeLaria.

FBI Leader and Agent FBI

The FBI leader is the head of the FBI, he noticed all the weird goings around the Cul-De-Sac Zim lives on in Backseat Speeders of Doom and sent Agent FBI. Agent FBI was eaten by Zims experiment. The FBI Leader was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez and Agent FBI was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.


Feloiup is a Purple Meekrob. He tried to kill Ian in Trouble on Meekrob, Ian needed to Battle Feloiup and defeat him. Ian releases the Malfunctioning SIR Units to Defeat Feloiup though morally it causes more troubles for Tenn. Feloiup was killed by the SIR's. He was voiced by Seth Green.

Former Almighty Tallest Nigzarvich


Former Almighty Tallest Nigzarvich.

He resigned his post as the Irken leader when Zim set his office on fire. He is now the CEO of Galaxy Burger. He was voiced by Mark Hamill.

Former Vort Prisoner 767

Former Vort Prisoner 767 is a Vortian Prisoner somehow he was put on parol (He states that the Irken Guard was Quite Stupid. He only appears in The Return of the Resisty as part of the rebelion with Invader Tenn, Invader Slacks, Invader Stink, Invader Bill, Invader Lombart, Invader Zee, Invader Poot, Invader Tim, Invader Wex, Invader Skutch, Dr. Zeeltor and Stan. He was voiced by Billy West.

Gangor Voltaire

Gangor Voltaire is an old friend of Dr. Zeeltor. He warned Dr. Zeeltor about the Irken Invasion. Both he and Zeeltor helped put a stop to it along with Stan. Zeeltor ended up getting a new job, Monitoring Irk for anything sucpicous. He was voiced by Rodney Dangerfield


Gary is a talking Cucumber and a parody of Larry from Veggie Tales. Lord Garvon purchased him and Dob from "Thugs 'R' Us". According to the "Thus 'R' Us" sales robot, the 2 are very powerful and capable of bringing a civilization to it's doom with religious propoganda. Dr. Zalvoor then dispatches Dob and Gary to attack Stan. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.


Gaz being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim Gaz is Dib's younger, creepy, antisocial sister, who is often described as "Dib's scary sister." She has a penchant for video games and a fixation with pizza. She is hardly ever seen without her Gameslave videogame. She love Bloaty's Pizza Hog and drawing piggies. She knows and admits that Zim is an alien, but doesn't care because she is aware of his overwhelming ineptitude and incompetence when it comes to World Domination. Gaz is voiced by Melissa Fahn. In Brianne she was voiced by Tress MacNeille.

General Creamy

General Creamy was the General that was sent to Zim and Ians base in Backseat Speeders of Doom by the Almighty Tallests. He was Eaten by the Giant Blob Creature that Zim used for his next plan. He was voiced by Rick Gomez.

General Cyberclaw


General Cyberclaw (Voiced by Billy West) is one of Supreme Master Artilico's 3 generals sent to 3 different cities in the US to begin his conquest. Cyberclaw is sent to Sacramento. In Claws and Effect Stan and Dr. Zeeltor are sent to Sacramento by the Galactic President to take out General Cyberclaw, Supreme Master Artilico's last and most powerful General. When the duo arrives in Sacramento, they are attacked by a group of General Cyberclaw's robotic soldiers, as well the General's second-in-command Mr. Layzor, a caped robot with several laser-like weapons on his body. After the destruction of Mr. Layzor, General Cyberclaw begins searching for a new second in command- one who is also interested in outing Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. The General's search leads him to the prison planet of Vorlon where he finds Zangas Valtron, who is also interested in outing the duo. So the General breaks Zangas Valtron out of prison and makes the fugitive his new second-in-command. General Cyberclaw then send Zangas Valtron, as well as a troup of robotic soldiers to take out Stan. In The Upgrade To aid Zangas Valtron in destroying Stan and Dr. Zeeltor, General Cyberclaw upgrades his mechanical body with more powerful armor and weapons. When Stan faces Zangas Valtron, he is overwhelmed by the cyborg's powers. Stan then combines the power of both his and Dr. Zeeltor's battle suits and is able to defeat Zangas Valtron who is arrested by the galactic police a short time later. In Cyberclaws Wrath General Cyberclaw launches an all-out assult against Stan and Dr. Zeeltor by sending his mechanical soldiers to capture the duo. The two are then taken to the General's lair, but escape captivity. Stan then faces General Cyberclaw in battle. The General however, has other plans, and right before Stan could strike the final blow, General Cyberclaw teleports all three of them to the lair of his boss, Supreme Master Artilico. General Cyberclaw presents his 2 "prisoners" to Supreme Master Artilico, thinking this presentation will please him. Artilico however, is not pleased and becomes angry with General Cyberclaw for not killing Dr. Zeeltor and Stan when he had the chance. Their squabble gives Stan and Dr. Zeeltor enough time to find an escape from Artilico's lair. However, they are confronted by a robot that resembles a tiki statue named Tikiface. Supreme Master Artilico and General Cyberclaw discover that their prisoners have escaped. Artilico then sends his robotic soldiers after escapies Stan and Dr. Zeeltor who are soon captured and brought to Supreme Master Artilico who locks them in a small holding cell on board his personal cruiser. Artilico is then contacted by The Shadow who tells Artilico to finish off Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. Will Supreme Master Artilico succeed? Right before Supreme Master Artilico can make his move and finish off Stan and Dr. Zeeltor, General Cyberclaw interferes and insists that he be given the privilage of finishing the duo off. Artilico denies General Cyberclaw his request and destroys him. Stan uses this time to free both himself and Dr. Zeeltor from Artilico's ship before it takes off. Artilico then takes off in his cruiser, just as Stan and Dr. Zeeltor escape from it and vows revenge.

General Mek


Once a high ranking Invader who had conquered over 40 planets in the name of the Irken Empire between 1977 and 1981, as well as "lady's man", Invader Mek was promoted to the rank of General in 1983 after his strict military tactics(which he learned over the course of 40 years while training on Hobo 13) helped save the lives of 1,000 Irken soldiers during the Battle of Vlorsh, when enemy troops shot down the shuttle that was carrying the Irken soldiers. Mek, who was in the shuttle with the soldiers at the time, was quickly able to steer the shuttle into a nearby river, outside of the Vlorsheons capital city, thus saving the lives of every Irken soldier on the shuttle. Mek's promotion made him the first ever Irken general. Mek didn't know this at first, but the worst days of his life would soon come. Mek's worst days came during The Great Assigning of 1942. During this time, Invader ZIM was trying to get a candy bar from a vending machine, but was unable to do so. Mek, who just happened to be on his way to the same vending machine got there just in time to see Zim attacking the vending machine in a giant mech (giant robot piloted by someone). Mek was so surprised by what he saw that he didn't see that the mech was about to step on him (Zim didn't know this). It was to late, the giant mech had squashed General Mek (which is ironic, considering his name). Mek was taken to a hospital on the city planet, Coruscant, where he was hospitalized. Mek had suffered a broken arm, scarred face, and internal bleeding because of Zim. The next day, Mek was visited by a seemingly eccentric scientist with a large cone-shaped head and pale orangish skin who called himself "Nefarious". Nefarious said that he was an expert in cybernetic reconstruction and could easily help Mek get back on his feet. Mek agreed and so Nefarious took Mek back to his secret lab where Mek was outfitted with many cybernetic implants including a mechanical arm, advanced eyesight as well as a computerized data gathering and storage system in his brain(thus eliminating his need for a SIR Unit), and a partially mechanical mask that not only covered the scars he received on his face, but gave him improved vision in his damaged eye. Mek however, when he returned to Irk, was not all pleased. He became very bitter and vengeful. Mek's change in attitude helped him to become the most feared(as well as the only) Irken General(Before General Viron). General Mek still harbors a grudge against Zim, for screwing up his life and vows to one day find, capture, and destroy Zim. He is voiced by Phil LaMarr

General Viron


A former Irken scientist with a short temper and a ruthless disposition (not to be confused with VIRON), General Viron (AKA Dr. Viron as he was called before he became a general) worked his way through the ranks as he grew taller. He would have become Almighty Tallest after Nigzarvich resigned. This became impossible however when he was gravely injured in a lab explosion and due to his grave injuries, he was unable to fill the post of Almighty Tallest so the next tallest Irken after Viron, Invader Spork, became the Almighty Tallest. For a long time, Viron was confined to a medical facility and it wasn't until Invader Zim and Dr. Nefarious formed an alliance that Linked Dr. Nefarious with the Irken Empire that Viron was able to recover. Viron recovered through a long and painful surgery by Dr. Nefarious's med. droids that revived him as a cyborg with several of the abilities that Dr. Nefarious himself possessed. After his reconstruction into a cyborg, Viron was offered a job as a general of the Irken army by Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple. He gladly accepted the job and became the Irken Empire's most powerful, ruthless, and diabolical General. He was voiced by Jim Belushi.

Gilbert "Gil" Sullivan

Gil is a Vampire. He states he has been around since the 1930s. At Skool he posed as a student until one point he revealed to all that he was a Vampire. He tried sucking all their blood he first sucked Ians blood which made him ill and flee. He was voiced by Charlie Adler.


GIR being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim GIR is a dysfunctional version of the Irken SIR (Standard Information Retrieval) units given to Irken invaders. In order to avoid wasting a functional SIR unit on Zim, GIR was constructed from junk parts found in a trash can. He is completely insane. Zim blames him for most of the problems on the mission, regardless of whether or not it is his fault. GIR takes a lackadaisical approach to life, mostly concerned with his squeaky toys, food, the Scary Monkey Show, pigs, and television. He doesn't know what the 'G' in 'GIR' stands for. GIR is voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons. In Brianne he was renderred Female and was voiced by Nika Futterman.


Gonza is an Irken Rogue who has the power to make people forget things. He made everyone forget about Ian . Gonza was apparently an old Irken Invader named Richie though once he went insane he changed it to Gonza. He states he was blessed with the power by Harry the Drifter whom gave Ian powers in Ian Almighty. Ian ended the fight between the two with an agreement, Everyone gets their memory back of Ian if Gonza gets a Brain Probe which Ian conveniantly has. He was voiced by Steve Little.



Has purple hair and braces. From Tak, the Hideous New Girl it is seen that she fancies Dib, though this fact has not been emphasized in all the episodes thereafter. In the episode Lice, she was dragged everywhere by the louse queen enthusiast. Ironically she sounds similar to Shelly Marsh due to her Braces. She was voiced by Antoinette Spolar.

Harry the Drifer

Harry the Frifter is a Space Drifter that jumps from Asteroid to Asteroid. He has special powers which can make others make dopplegangers. He looks like an Alien version of David Alan Coe. His Home Planet is Signul 4. He was voiced by Eric Trueheart.


Harris was mainly a background Character, however appeared with a major role in L.T. Facist. He was made the new Hall Monitor, much to the aggrivation to the old one. Harris took his job more serious than a Hall Monitor should, His constant citations made Ian angry to no ends. So Ian, devoted most of his time towards being rid of him. The old Hall Monitor had agreed to help Ian. Harris cracked under the pressure and gave the old hall monitor his position back. Harris was voiced by Eddie Glenn.



Main Article: Ian.

Ian is a Mentally Insane Irken. His Eyes are Blue and has a Crippled Antanea which Ian states was crippled by an Irken Smeet (Tak). He is mentally unstable and was once sent to Earth before Zims Mission in which he was stabbed by a Homocidal Maniac (A Direct Reference to Johnny the Homocidal Maniac) and was sent to . He was later sent to Earth to take over Zims Mission (He States "Help") and since then he slowly lost his Sanity until he lost it at Skool and was tossed back in the Insane Assylum. He soon planned an entire massacre on Irk however since he was insane he couldnt keep it up! Ian not long after escaped and landed on Earth again and soon found out that an Irken named Roy had taken his Job! Soon after he went back to Zim and after giving him the Hat that would later Conquer the universe and soon have Zim, GiR, Minimoose and Dib riding Space Bunnies and drink slushies. Ian looked at this and realised his job was done.

Notably Ian has been killed several times (No Continuity within that) however it is stated that Ian is imortal until his job is done.

Ian has been seen later in Grizdar in the episode Ian where he escapes from the Insane asylum and comes to get revenge on Lard Nar rather than Zim since he is closer. He is voiced by Ian McCormick and Billy West on some occasions. In the UK Ian was voiced by John Baddley. In the Series used to introduce INSBL at an Early Stage for Children named Brianne Ian was rendered female and was renamed Brianne which rymes with Ian and was also voiced by Andrea Libman. His Japanese voice actor is Masashi Ebara.

Ian (Human)

A Student in Ms. Bitters class that looks exactly like Invader Ians human guise. In "The Nightmare Begins (Again)" he had noticed Invader Ian in his natural Irken form but didnt take much notice. He was put down to the Underground Classroom in "Tak Returns" yelling he would get his revenge on Ms. Bitters. He was seen in "Ian meets Ian???" where he takes his notice to how Invader Ian looks exactly like him. He was blasted into a different Galaxy. Another episode featuring him is "The Return of Human Ian" where Invader Ian uses the Information Canaster that was used on GIR in the Invader Zim episode "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff" on Human Ian.

Ian disappeared after Season 5 but was seen in the 2009 Spin-Off Scary Stanley.

He was voiced by Ian McCormick

Ian's Adopted Mother

Ian's Adopted Mother was Blasted into Space by Ian when he was a Smeet because she Worked him to Death. In Parenting Slave Skills of Doom she figures out The Tallests sent Ian to Earth. She kidnaps Ian during Class. She literally Made Ian her Slave for all of Eternity. Ians Mom is eventually put in Jail by The Tallests for Nearly Ruining Ian's Mission and working him to Death. She was voiced by The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy Regular Grey DeLisle.

Invader Alyx

Invader Alyx is one of Ians freinds. He was first seen in "Irken Empire Corrupt" during Probing Day where hes pummeled continously by The Tallests using Mallets and then zapped with a Laser. He is later seen again in a larger role in "The Return of The Resisty where he, Invader Dennis and Invader Tyler where attacked by The Resisty. He becomes a Minor character appearing in epsiodes such as "Fitness Ian" and "Zims Death". He was voiced by Billy West.

Invader Bill

Invader Bill is a very cowardly and usually carries along with him a flame thrower. He only appeared in "Invader Billy" only coming to Earth for a vacation after Invading a Planet. He is voiced by Jason Marsden.

Invader Billy

Invader Billy is Ians Cousin. He was on run from an Evil Irken Rogue Cortel Germ who plans to kill him. He moved in with Ian in order to hide. He was voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Invader Dark

Invader Dark was an Irken hired by Zak to disguise himself as Ian. While doing this task, he had convinced those both on Earth and Irk that Ian had lost it once again. Dark's own disguise was rather unconvincing to that of Ian's only because he has part of a mask on the left side of his face (atkin to Phantom of the Opera). His disguise to Ian's Irken form has the same and not to mention that his antannea is unbent.

He managed to destroy an Irken birthing facility, killing several unbirthed Irkens and blowing up the Scientific experimentation hall. He was brutal to several kids at Skool (Even having the strength to beat up Chunk) and robbed several banks. This caused the actual Ian to be on the hideout as The Tallests have sent several guards to be on the lookout for him on both Irk and Earth. Ian took up a new persona in Michigan as a midget working to unload Cargo from Freighters. After 3 months of this, he snaps and goes off to find this imposter. While gone, Dark had taken up a disguise of his own, Ian tracked him down and had a very tense confrontation.

Ian decided to ruin Dark's own persona as he did to his. Instead of focusing on just Irk, he sabotoged several resteraunts on Foodcourtia, Tagged the convention hall on Conventia and Caused a Black out on Irk. He was able to take down Dark and turn him in, he explained to the Tallests about Dark stealing his own position. Dark was launched out into deep space as punishment.

There was speak of him returning for revenge on Ian in Season 7, but this never was adapted. He was voiced by Keith Scott.

Invader Dennis

Invader Dennis is a very vainy Irken Invader with Robot limbs. because he is the Irken that Zim shoved up the chute in The Invader Zim cancelled episode The Trial. Dennis is first seen in the episode Tak Returns wanting to destroy his planet using a giant killing machine however the Tallests refuse but give him a Zap to recharge his PAK making him very burnt. He later appears wanting revenge on Zim for causing this problem and thus starting Painful Overload Day in Invader Dennis's Revenge. In that episode it is revealed he was a friend of Ian's back as children. He later appears no longer wanting revenge on Zim in The Return of The Resisty. He helps put robot attatchments on Ian in Zim's Death after Ian was accidently killed by Tak. In the episode "Jillitos of Death" Dennis was killed by one of the Jillitos 8 Robots along with Ian though ulike Ian he did not return. He was voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Invader Larb


Invader Larb

Larb was almost sent to planet Blorch, home of the slaughtering rat people, but since his height increased, The Tallest changed his assignment to Vort, home of the Universe's most comfortable couch and Blorch was given to Invader Skoodge. Larb is seen sitting on the couch on Probing Day in Walk for Your Lives. We have to assume that Larb was successful since in Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars Dib reads about Vort and it mentions the planet has been conquered by Larb. He was voiced by Andy Berman.

Invader Leno


Invader Leno is the Host of an Irken late night television show called Late Night Invasion with Invader Leno. He abducted Ian and Zim to put them on his show to interview them. He was voiced by Jay Leno.

Invader Skellnek

Invader Skellnek was sent to the planet of Eternal Suffering due to cowardly actions in Opertaion Impending Doom I. He escaped from The Planet and afterword he went to Planet Burnon were Irken Criminal Mastermind Vaul plots his evil Plans on Ian and has Skellnek help him if he wishes to stay. He was voiced by Maurice LaMarche.

Invader Skutch

Invader Skutch was assigned to a planet whose name is not known. When Zim spied on Skutch through his telescope to check his progress, Skutch was seen laughing among the flames of a burning structure.

Invader Slant

Invader Slant can be seen in the Original Door to Door scene along with Invader Groot as the Massive plowed into a Building in New York. He helped Zim with his Scheme in Irken Eye for Dib the Human Guy. He was voiced by Billy West.

Invader Squee

Not to be confused with Jhonen Vasquez's Comic Character of the same name. This mighty invader knows his bombs. He is a close friend to Spleen, as they are masters of all explosives in the Irken Military. Explosives have the variation of Land Mines, Suicide Bombing, Stasis Traps and Remote Mines. He was voiced by Alec Baldwin.

Invader Stink

Invader Stink was assigned to a planet whose name is not known. Zim used his high powered telescope to spy on Stink, and caught him taking a breather on top of an alien structure as the rest of the city burned down. Stink is later seen among the Planetary Conversion Team above Blorch, probably taking a break to see the first victory in Operation Impending Doom II. He gasps along with the crowd when it is revealed that Skoodge was the conqueror. He was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.

Invader Tenn

File:Invader Tenn.jpg

Tenn was assigned to the planet Meekrob, home of a race of beings of pure energy and sworn enemies of Irken Empire. Due to Smikka Smikka Smoodoo's 'revolution' on the Conveyor Belt Planet, Tenn received a package full of malfunctioning SIR units instead of the MegaDoomer she was supposed to get. They destroyed the large base she had built on the planet. In the cancelled season 2 finale, Tenn would've gotten discovered by the Meekrob and held prisoner. Invader Tenn was voiced by Kerri Kenney.

Invader Tim

At the Almighty Tallest's gathering to watch Zim train on Hobo 13, Tim betted 2 thousand monies that Zim would be chopped in half. He was voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons.

Invader Tyler

Tyler is a friend of Ians since they were young. Tyler is even more violant than Ian and has killed Millions of Alien Races. He was on the run from the Irken vs. Resisty War with Invader Dennis and Alyx in The Return of The Resisty. They all decided to stay on Earth Afterwords. Tyler became friends with Johnny later in Season 4. He was picked up from a Michinary Ship in Season 5's Ahhh... The Wilderness by another old Friend Invader Larb due to being Bailed out. Its not clear what happens to him afterwors though Alyx seems to have replaced his role as the second friend. He was voiced by Tyler Robertson.


James was Daisy's Servant. He was very obediant and never questioned a thing she said. After the decapitation of Daisy James fled the scene yelling "IM FINALLY AWAY FROM THE ARROGANT BITCH". Afterword he stayed on Earth to work at Mac Meaties which he appears in later episodes. He was voiced by Fred Willard.


Janelle was the Irken General in the Pilot episodes. She was voiced by Tara Strong


Jeff is a Rebelious Service Drone. He knew Tak as a Smeet and they are good friends though he left Earth only to be caught by Dr. Nefarious's New Irken Soldiers and as punishment he is now A service Drone for Table Headed Service Drone Bob. The Tallests find it amusing that A service drone has a Service Drone. He was voiced by Armin Shimerman.


Jemini was a Succubus alien. She tried getting hooked with Ian (Human) and suck out his soul. With that She was sent back to her planet. She was voiced by Jennifer Howell.


Jessica is one of the popular girls. She worried Zim into getting a best friend after she commented on how someone without friends was inhuman. She was also seen in The Voting of the Doomed where Dib took her Cell-phone and broke so he could tell Willy what to say (Jessica had a Mental Colapse). Was seen on the bus in A Room With a Moose. She is voiced by Antoinette Spolar. In Brianne she was voiced by Venus Terzo.

Jib-Jib and Smilly

Jib-Jib and Smilly are two Nightmare Creatures. Jib-Jib is a Red Nightmare Creature that looks like Pikachu. He is extremely Cowardly and is usually scared by Smilly since Smilly is usually threatening to chop his legs off. He enjoys Comic books. Smilly is a large Bear-like Nightmare Creature that wears a Hockey Mask (A Parody of Jason Voorhees) and usually seen with a chainsaw although he uses it to threaten people he never to Kill. He enjoys Industrial Noise and Threatening to cut off Jib-Jib's Limbs. They were voiced by Robert Cait and Jhonen Vasquez.


Jik is a Brown Haired child that wears a Blue Shirt. He is often seen in the background with Abir. Theyre Science project exploded in Human Romance. In Disorder Bullying he Bullied Ian and as revenge Ian had his parents killed. He was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.


Joe is a tall kid who wears an Orange Hat and red shirt. Hes a Bully along with Smitty, Jik and Kelvill. Ian got his revenge on Joe by framing him for a Crime. He was voiced by Justin Berfield.


Johnny is a kid with a high pitched voice. He has humor in common with Ian and Tyler and since his first appearance he has been seen hanging with them. In Ians Not so Boring Life: The Alleged Series Ian had saved Johnny from iminant destruction by taking him to Irk which is the similar thing Zim did with Dib. He was voiced by Eliza Schneider


Jorgan is a Monkey League Alien who hates the Irkens for killing his Family. He later joind the Resisty though due to an error he causes entire Resisty ship to go in Flames luckily no one is Killed and he is kicked out. He later comes back with his assistants named Keelont and Johnny Cuba as revenge. He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Joseph is an Asian Child that first appeared in the Pilot though he had been gone through Seasons 1-4 he later returned and in Season 6 he joined Ian's "NORMAL" group in an attempt to be Normal through the eyes of the others. He was voiced by Thurop Van Orman and Ian McCormick respectivley.



Main character in Bestest Friend and the unfinished The Return of Keef. Keef was meant to die in both of these episodes (the original script of The Return of Keef allows him to live though), but Nickelodeon wouldn't allow it. He does seem to reappear in the Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom episode, but only for a brief moment while Dib is looking out from his cell in the parallel dimension. He is seen sitting in a cell with several monsters. Keef was voiced by Danny Cooksey. In Brianne he was called Keith which rymes with Keef and was voiced by Rhys Huber.

Keelnor and Johnny Cuba

Keelnor and Johnny Cuba were Jorgans latest defense stratagey. They arent very bright though Johnny Cuba seems to be smarter than Keelnor. They were tossed out of the ship by Lard Nar though they got captured through Ians Ship which he states their going for a long ride. Keelnor was voiced by Maurice LaMarche and Johnny Cuba was voiced by Jack Black. Notably Johnny Cuba is the name of a tedious villian on the British Television Series TUGS.


Kelvill is a Blonde Haired boy who wears a Red Beany. He was one of the Bullies in Disorder Bullying. Ian revenge was that he had his Hamster stomped to Death. He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Kig is a Small Irken Alien that is trained highly in Martial Arts and Weaponry. Tak hired him to attack Zim though Ian tried to teach zim how to be trained in Weaponry atleast ("I dont know crap about Martial Arts"). He was voiced by Cree Summer.


KILT is a Parody of KITT from Night Rider. He is Voot Cruiser that Ian won in a Contest. He tried to destroy Earth with it however KILT is far to reasonable to have done it. Ian ended up giving him to Invader Larb. He was voiced William Daniels.


Kilton is a Zekklomian that was abducted by the Abductors. He helped Zim and Ian escape from the Abductors ship. He was voiced by David Herman.


Krypton is a Mutagenic Alien created by Dr. Miui in an attempt to kill Ian. The Flaw with Krypton is that he is very obediant to anyone and with that Ian figured this flaw out and had him beat Dr. Miui half to Death. He was voiced by Daran Norris.

Land Scramblor

Land Scramblor is a creature that has the ability to disturb nature. He is said not to be an Alien but rather an unknown creature that evolved from a washed up Whale. He disturbed Ian and Zim from their plots so Ian hired an Alien named Skarll. Who Land Scramblor had killed. In the end Land Scramblor and Ian became friends. He was voiced by Ben Stein.

Lard Nar

Leader of the resistance against the Irken empire, he and Dib are the only viable opposition to the Irken empire. Appearing only in the season two premier, Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars, he and The Resisty were scheduled to appear in the unnamed season two finale. His primary concern is to keep The Resisty alive and fed before attempting a coup on the Irken Empire. He was the captain of the last Vortian ship (the others destroyed by Irkens), until it entered "Shrinky Self-Destruct" mode, ejecting all crew members and detonating a significantly smaller ship. In the episode, after over-hearing the Tallests exclaim their weapons were deactivated, providing an opportunity to destroy the Massive, Lard Nar commands "Get those snacks!" even though they could theoretically destroy the entire ship. This seems unlikely however, since the Massive flies through several asteroids and even the outer layer of a star, and the Resisty laser is only powerful enough to shake the Massive and write "Resisty Rocks" on its hull (though it may have been set at a low setting to taunt the Irkens since they are so unorganized). Lard Nar is voiced By Fred Tatasciore. In Brianne Lard Nar had a Criminal reputation for blowing up planets not needing that and was voiced by Rhys Huber.


Lenny is a Curly Blonde haired by. He resembles Napoleon Dynamite and wears a shirt that says Skool Sux! He helped Ian stop a Lunch Monster in Lunchroom Dilema. He was voiced by Billy West.


Lillie was created as purpose to parody fan girls. She appeared on Earth as an Irken fan having an obsession with Zim. Her existance in the end of the episode was shown to just be a fanfiction written by a fan meaning she does not exist. She was voiced by Tara Strong

Lord Garvon

Lord Garvon (Voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson) is A wanted reptilian mercinary. He first appears in Season 2 in a 3 Part episode The Arrival pt 1, The Arrival pt 2 and The Arrival pt 3. Lord Garvon and his men land on earth, hoping to conquer and convert it into a large planet-sized base for his planet. When Stan discovers Lord Garvon's plans for earth and tries to find him. Stan then runs into one of Lord Garvon's generals, a computer-themed cyborg named Viralhacker (Voiced by Armin Shimerman) who infects Stan's arm with a computer virus. After examining Stan's mechanical arm, Dr. Zeeltor come to the conclusion that the only way to destroy the computer virus in it is to destroy Viralhacker. Zeelor then constructs his own mechanical battlesuit to fight Lord Garvon's general. Dr. Zeeltor finally destroys Viralhacker along with the computer virus in Stan's arm, much to the anger of Lord Garvon who vows to destroy Stan and Zeeltor. He later appears again in Thugs 'R' Us Coming to the conclusion that it will aid him in his campaign against Dr. Zeeltor and Stan, Lord Garvon hires "Thugs 'R' Us", a company that supplies paying customers with monsters, robots, mutations, soldiers, and weapons. Garvon meets the "Thugs 'R' Us" saleman, a robot called Salestron 3.0 (Voiced by Billy West) who supplies Garvon with a large robotic monster that resembles a microwave. Stan must now defeat this new threat. In Brianne he was voiced by Michael Donovan.


Magile is an Alien that can reverse the aging process making those that are old younger. He helped Tak and Gaz when Ian used an ager ray on them. He was voiced John DiMaggio.


Marikal is an Alien that has the ability to manipulate the feelings of others. He has the ability to manipulate feelings ranging to atleast 143 Alien races including the Irken race. He apparantely has the ability to make races fall for others. As shown when he made Tak fall for Dib, this miraculously made Ian jealous, causing him to track down Marikal, who has a mark discussion with Ian. Marikal says that for in order for it to be reversed, there must be some sort of challenge. They challenge each other to a fight. However Ian kicks him in the nuts in order to win it. He was voiced by Lee Tockar.

Meg and Pez

Meg and Pez are two Irken Females. Meg is Blue Eyed and Pez is a Dark Red Eyed Irken. Theyre Human disguises are similar to that of Taks though Megs is Brown and in a Similar style to Gaz's. They were hired by tak to be rid of Zim. Though Ian had installed a Vortian Security System which they both struggled to get in. In the end both Meg and Pez quit. Meg was voiced by Eliza Schneider and Pez was voiced by Hynden Walch. In Brianne Meg was called Melissa and Pez was called Peg and were voiced by Andrea Libman and Venus Terzo.


Gives a presentation during the pilot. He eats paste in The Wettening, is hand cuffed to Dib in the episode Lice, and his head floats off for awhile in Career Day. He was voiced by Danny Cooksey


Millicent is a Female bully at Skool! She picks on Males who she finds intimidating. She picked on Ian once and Ian had challanged her to a face down. During this fight Ian died (For the 6th time) and Millicent was put in the Police hands. Ian later came back and bailed her out! They agreed upon a truce. Millicent speaks in a Slur like Shelley Marsh from South Park. Millicent is voiced by Eliza Schneider.


Milley is a Girl with Strawberry Blond Hair. She like Dib has a Beleif in the Paranormal. She has developed a crush on Dib. She stole Dibs Glasses to get his attention which Dibs loss of site gives Ian and Zim a plan. Dib gets them back in the end. Milley has soon become a Background Character. She was voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.


Miltox is a Cloaked Figure. He works for Vaul and reluctantley uses others to do his job to Kill Ian and Zim. Gaz reluctantley agreed though she left when Vaul yelled at Miltox. It isnt known what happens to Miltox afterwords though he was likely Fired. He was voiced by Wally Wingert.


Tak has a custom SIR unit (probably built from pieces of actual SIRs she obtained during janitorial work on planet Dirt) named MiMi. MiMi has a large claw hand used for destruction. While on Earth, MiMi goes disguised as a cat. She is very agile in this state. Gaz obtains MiMi's SIR memory disk which is used to find out Tak's plan. GIR is later hooked up to the disk so he can operate MiMi remotely, causing MiMi to act crazy and wreck Tak's ship while she is in space. Her Human Form has a Pak Built and a Wire from her hand. Like Taks she has Blue Hair on her disguise. She has never spoken though when gaining a Voice through Ians Robot=Human Machine she was voiced by Tara Strong.


Minamina is an Odd Zardonian Silhoutte with God Like Powers. He is able to pass them on to those he wishes which he gave to Ian however Ian abused them awfully. He was voiced by Jim Belushi.


Minifish is similar to Minimoose though is Yellow and Fish-like rather than Purple and Moose-like. Ian creates him to make his Job go quicker though it becomes a failure when Dib stops him and Minimoose is deemed defective however Ian still uses him from time to time like in episodes such as Dib's Dilemna or Moron Invader Moves in. He is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez. After Vasquez left he was voiced by Frank Welker. In Brianne he had the ability to talk and was voiced by Scott McNeil.


Minimoose being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim making more appearances like if Invader Zim continued. A tiny, rounded moose figure, presented as Zim's other henchman, debuting in the series' final episode, The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever. Zim claims that Minimoose has "been there all along", despite having only one appearance. (Vasquez planned to show a montage of scenes from older episodes with Minimoose crudely pasted into them after the quote, but the scene was cut for time). Minimoose was created by Zim from designs given by Vortian Prisoner #777. He has extremely dangerous weapons hidden in his "nubs"; which could be referring to either the small antlers on the sides of his head or the four bumps that serve as his legs. However, these weapons malfunction on their first attempted use, in the unfinished script "Nubs of Doom". Zim created Minimoose to replace Gir, out of sheer frustration with the insane little robot. When Minimoose failed, Zim gave him to Gir to play with. His favourite activities include floating and squeaking adorably; the only form of communication of which he is capable. The actual personality of Minimoose is unknown, as he is incapable of communicating intelligibly, even though it seems his listeners understand him quite clearly. Implications by the context of surrounding dialogue to the squeaks imply that a single squeak from Minimoose can convey a rather large amount of verbiage. Had the show continued, he would have played a major role, as shown in two unfinished scripts, 'Nubs of Doom' and 'Day of da Spookies' Minimoose's squeaks and squeals were done by Jhonen Vasquez under his alias, Mr. Scolex. Minimoose also appeared in Jhonen Vazquez's comic book adaptation of Invader Zim, which was featured in a Nickelodeon magazine, along with an interview. In Brianne he was voiced by Ian James Corlett.


Modusoperandi is an Evil Yellow Alien, whose past is unknown but its likely that Ian had invaded his planet. He had blocked Ian from any communication or any other Irken facilities. Ian had overided this by disguising himself as another Irken. Modusoperandi had found it out and chased him until Ian sent him hurtling into the sun, he survived oddly enough and vowed revenge. His existance wasnt expanded much within INSBL though it was put more in INSBL: The Alleged Series. He was voiced by Tim Curry.


Monty is Ians Clone. Monty was seen in Ian's clone. He appeared in Seasons 3-5 though he has disappeared after words though he made an appearance in late Season 8. He was voiced by Ian McCormick. In Brianne he was Briannes (Ian) Brother and was voiced by Scott McNeil

Ms. Bitters

Ms. Bitters being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim Teacher of Dib and Zim's class. Devoid of any compassionate emotion, she is a tall, slender aged woman of unknown origin. Directly pulled from Vasquez's earlier comic book series Squee! (where she was Todd's teacher), she apparently possesses eerie powers, including the ability to materialize out of shadows, float through the air, and adopt snake-like features. Ms. Bitters is voiced by Lucille Bliss. She would later be voiced by Wallace Shawn.

In Brianne she was a Nice teacher and was voiced by Janyse Jaud.


Mulva is a Stubborn Vortian that helped Zim find the whereabouts of Ian in The Monsters in that Underplace. He killed Naomi to which when Raul stated "You killed my Brother" he states No I didnt! He is similar to Mr. Stubborn from The Mr. Men Show. He is voiced by Godfrey Danchimah.


Nega-GIR was a creation of Zims due to GIR's Failures. Nega-GIR is the opposite of GIR. He is smart and wears a Bowler Hat with a Cane. He tries to destroy Zim due to his incompetence. He was voiced by Wally Wingert.

Neural Experiment #989776

Neural Experiment #989776 is a Rigelian Alien from Rigel 1. He was abducted by Ian while his attempt to destroy Rigel 1 was thwarted by The Rigelian Government. He apparantley has been in Ians captivitey for 12 years. He escaped when Ian died for Several episodes. He planned to Destroy Irk in which Zim along with an Insane Irken named Z.B. and Dr. Nefarious. He was killed off in the last part. He was voiced by Will Ferrell.


A human child held captive by Zim for experimentation, Nick's most notable feature is the large, drill-like probe jutting from his forehead which makes him insanely happy. Nick appears prominently in "Zim Eats Waffles" and "GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff" and has a small appearance in "The Girl Who Cried Gnome". He is voiced by Mr. Scolex which is a pseudonym of The show creater Jhonen Vasquez. In Brianne he was voiced by Scott McNeil.

Nightmare Ian

Nightmare Ian is the Nightmare version of Ian that has eight tentacles instead of two legs and has Black eyes. When Ian went into the Nightmare World he had met Nightmare Ian who threatened to kill him. Ian was extremely freaked out by this and left at once however Nightmare Ian had escaped out of Nightmare World and into the real world where he caused mass havoc on the New Yorkers Ian had eventually tracked Nightmare Ian down and then caught him. Ian threatened to report him to the Tallests about this taking his mission. Nightmare Ian escaped Ian and then went out into space where in "The Return of The Resisty" he joined the Resisty. He was voiced by Ian McCormick

Nightmare Zim

Nightmare Zim is the Nightmare version of Zim. He has Intestines hanging from where his legs should be. He agrees to help Dib get out of the Nightmare World. He was voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz.

Orophious the Taco Monster

Orophious was a mutagenic creation of Ians used from GiR's Tacos. He was voiced by Wally Wingert.


Paulie is an Irken Test subject who is really deformed due to Mutagenic Testing. Before becoming Ians test subject he was a Defective Irken and was quite Suicidal though he willingly offered to be Ians Mutation Subject. He later got Anol Hitlor reincarnated into him. He was voiced by Bill Fagerbakke though before the Mutations he was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez.


Percival is an Irken Detective. He appeared in Dib Joins the Group. Ian hired him so he could spy on Dib when he tried to gain Zim and Ians Trust (Worked on Zim). He was voiced by Wayne Knight.

Professor Membrane

He is the world's smartest man, host of the popular television show "Probing the Membrane of Science", inventor of SuperToast, and father of Dib and Gaz. Membrane's scientific abilities are offset by incredibly poor parenting: his primary method of managing his children is by way of a floating digital projection screen - and his messages to them are often not only prerecorded but woefully out of date (Future Dib, Dibship Rising). Also, he rarely, if ever, calls Dib and Gaz by their names (instead calling them 'son' and 'daughter'). Professor Membrane's first name is Membrane. His last name is unknown. Professor Membrane is voiced by Rodger Bumpass.

P.T. Boomer

PT Boomer was a character who originally was developed for Thomas & the Magic Railroad, however the character was removed after test audiences complained of him being scary.

McCormick had grown a fascination of Boomer after seeing a deleted scene of the chase scene on Youtube. He had contacted the original owners who granted permission though mainly the owners wanted little reference to his removal from the movie in specific terms. Within his own appearance in the show, he has only appeared twice. He first appeared in Nuthouse when Tak came across him. Boomer was still looking for a way to get revenge on Burnett Stone, she agreed that she could help if Boomer helped her expose Zim's identity. The tactics Boomer came up with were cunning ranging to trying to flood their Base and using Dynamite to smoke them out. Boomer's plans mainly failed from instances of disturbances ranging to GIR eating the dynamite and Ian throwing a moldy ham in Boomer's face. Boomer even told Tak that the chaos of the place was too much for him.

His second appearance was in the seventh season, it was only a cameo though. His voice was provided by the actor who played him in the Magic Railroad, Doug Lennox.


Quasnax is the Third addition to the Abductors. Unlike the other two he is not a moron. He is trained highly in Martial Arts and Skilled Weapon Mastery so it is harder for others to escape. He was voiced by David Ogden Stiers.


Quil was the Intern in the Pilot episodes, he isnt very bright and made the Irken General (never named but is clearly Ian but with Red Eyes and an un Bent antenas) lose his job. He was voiced by Ian James Corlett.

Rarl Kove

The Almighty Tallest have their own personal assistants. They inform The Tallest on any important information that might come up. They presumably serve as a sort of council to the Tallest. They also have their Paks on their chests instead of on their backs. His name is an obvious reference Karl Rove.

Raul and Naomi

Raul and Naomi are the Cousins of the Basement Monster Zalom! They wanted revenge on Ian and Zim for killing their cousin. The took Ian captive near the end of Theres no Ian like Insane Ian and held him captive until the Season Finale which involved them. Ian and Zim ended up killing them both. Raul was voiced by Rosearik Rikki Simons and Naomi was voiced by Steve Little.


Razz is a Retarded Irken Individual. She is obsessed with Zim. Zim has stated at least three encounters of her before Ian came. Razz can survive bullets through the head (Due to the Brainless Nature). Ian thought Zims Situation was hilarious until she started to bother him as well. She was Voiced by Rachael MacFarlane.

Republican Zim

Republican Zim is a robot created by Zim, in Ians Not so Boring Life: The Alleged Series. He was voiced by Diedrich Bader. Attempted as a replacement for GIR once again. However he is more evil than Zim himself. Described as an incarnation of the biggest bastards such as Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. Ian cross with Zim's creation and tossed it into a portal sending him into our own universe.

In our universe, the situation began as a small white lie told by President Bush in 2003 while he was confronted by a crowd of Democrats who were angry at the incompetent president over the war in Iraq. When confronted with questions about his true motives for invading the defenseless country, Bush decided to lie his way out of answering any of these questions by stating, "Don't ask me, ask my boss Republican Zim". This lie only infuriated the crowd, so Bush's real boss/puppeteer, Dick Cheney had to take matters into his own hands, yet again, to get Bush (more importantly, himself) out of this jam. Dick found the Robot after it shot into his office. After which he gave The robot superhuman intelligence and free will, as well as other super powers that few humans possessed. The robot, now known as Republican Zim, agreed to help Dick Cheney, and appeared before the crowd that President Bush was speaking to, claiming to be the moronic president's boss. This appearance cleared up the incident as Republican Zim gave several valid reasons for invading Iraq that satisfied the Democrats to a certain extent.

Eventually the portal opened up again and Dick was lead into the Zim universe and started reaking havoc on it as well. Ian and Zim went to stop their reign. However the evil Dick made a deal with them that he would help them conquer Earth. So the two reluctantly accept the agreement. However during this arangement Zim accidently destroyed republican Zim. For unexplained and obviously random reasons, Ian McCormick himself came out of a porthole and destroyed Dick Cheney, revealing he was a robot. All he said before leaving is "You two will thank me for this!".


Ross is an Irken Rogue hird by Miui's after his failures. He is insane and noted very dangerous. He is noted willing to die for the Irken Empire which after dealing with Ian he did! He was voiced by Billy West.


Rusty is a Squidbillies character seen in the Emmy nominated episode Flee from dah Government in which he makes a brief appearance when Early shoots Ian saying "Yeah go on Daddy". The son of Early and Krystal, Rusty is a dimwitted, abused, backwoods boy. He seeks his father's approval in nearly everything he does, going out of his way to emulate and impress him. He has a better sense of morals than the rest of his family and will occasionally show compassion. Like his father, he exhibits stereotypical redneck interests and behavior, though he has to work at it. He was voiced by Daniel McDevitt.


Santa is the Famous Chris Kringle. He was accidentally shot down by Ian. Ian then gets a plan to destroy all humanity using the Sled and putting Bombs in presents. Despite Ian's attempts to destroy everyone Santa comes and tosses a Haywire Mr. Sludgy (Which Ian created to be rid of Carolers) off the Sleigh. Ian then jumps off the Sleigh only to get pummeled by Reindeer. He apears again in Jesus Christ-Mas in which he is abducted by Ian and held captive (In which he remembers being abducted by two Squid reffering to Squidbillies). Ian is killed while trying to carry out his plans from The Legend of Mr. Sludgy and GiR lets Santa out. He was voiced by Brian Doyle-Murray in The Legend of Mr. Sludgy though he was voiced by John Goodman in Jesus Christ-Mas and is voiced by him in all appearances afterwords.


Samantha (Sam for short) is a Goth child though is not as Death Obseesed as Scary Stanley. She though is noted to be quite Nice and artistic. She first appeared in Season 4 as a recurring character she was friend to both Ian and Tyler. She usually carries around a Squee Book in her Backpack and what seems to be Anime Drawings peaking out of it. She became part of Ian's Group in the Season 6 episode The Clan. She was voiced by Tara Strong and later Athena Karkanis.



Sara complains a lot about Dib. She wanted to be a vet, but was told she would be an astronaut based on the results of her blotch test in Career Day. Ms. Bitters' story about implosions in space upset her a lot. Dib's bologna stink bothered Sara so much that her head went up in smoke and she fell limp over her desk in Bolognius Maximus. On Halloween, Mary sat at her desk in place of her. Even so, Sara was spotted on the ground among the children hurt by GIR dressed as an angel. When the class got lice, Sara banged her head against Rob's head. When Tak arrived and was about to recite her poem, Sara claimed that Tak liked Zim. Tak grew angry and hypnotized her, making her apologize and eat her eraser. She was voiced by Janice Kawaye. In Brianne an H was added to the end of her name and was voiced by Kathleen Barr.

Scary Stanley

Scary Stanley is a Parody of Creepie Susie from The Oblongs and Creepy Susie and 13 Other Tragic Tales for Troubled Children. He is a Scary Goth Child who floats 5 inhes in the air making his appearance somewhat taller than the other children. He talks alot about Death which his personality is clearly based from Creepie Susie. He first appeared in Theres no Ian like Insane Ian and in Season 6 Johnny and Ian accepted him into their Group due to Invader Tyler being gone. He speaks with a Brooklyn Accent provided by Terry Klassen. In Brianne he is seen in various scenes though due to his scary nature his roles are replaced with Monty. He Disappeared after Season 7 this is explained that he moved to Wisconsin (Described by Ian as A Smelly Cheese State). This was made into a spin-off called Scary Stanley unlike most spin-off's Ian is not seen though his Human conterpart who disapeared after Season 5 is seen.


Selom is a failed Irken Invader. He tried to attack the massive as revenge for being failed as an Invader. He was sentenced to death after his plans failed though it is implied he was bailed out by some guy. In one episode it is implied he is Tak's Brother. He was voiced by Ian Abercrombie.


Sherrif appeared in Flee from dah Government in which he gave Ian a ride to the Jiggle Hut (Ian had no intentions of going to a Strip Club though he needed a Telephone). He is a character in Squidbillies. The friendly, rather naïve, local sheriff has a close relationship with the Cuyler family despite having had to arrest Early repeatedly. The sheriff character is actually one of many clones grown on a farm as part of a "secret shadow government" developed by Dan Halen. Most are identical--with a few exceptions--and described as having "marginal strength and hypersensitivity to pain", and recognize the Cuylers on sight. He is voiced by Bobby Ellerbee.


Shifty is a shape shifting Robot disguised as a Monster hunter. He was sent to trick Stan and Dr. Zeeltor into going into Dr. Zalvoor's custom-designed "torture" cave. Once in the cave, the duo are surrounded by Dr. Zalvoor's robotic soldiers for extermination. He was voiced by Frank Welker.


Shink is the Demon Creature Leader. The Demon Creatures had all taken over Zim ans Ian's Base sent by Tak to which Ian converses with him and he must endure a Series of Trials. He was voiced by Frank Welker.




Siffler is an Evil Ghost that Haunted Ian and Zims Base. He was a creation for Danny Phantom and later appeared in the episode Ghostbusted!. Siffler is widely believed to be a Ghost he may just as well be a Demon. He was voiced by Brian Doyle Murray.


Skarkash is a member of an alien race related closely to the Irken race named the Trillen race. Skarkash is mentally unstable and has stated that he just sits around one a crater disguised as a drive-in all day begging for spare change. He was reluctantley picked up by Ian and caused havoc for both him and Zim, blowing up one part of his lab. He was catapulted into space by Ian and Zim. He was picked up by Burke as a potnetial evil sidekick. However he ended up causing Zip to lose an arm and Henford to go into a coma so Burke launched him even further into space. He was then picked up by Zak, who took him in as his sidekick. He was seen in the final battle between Ian and Zak. He was killed when Bilinar bludgeoned his head in. He was voiced by Jeff Bennett.


Skarrl is of an alien race similar to that of the Human race, possibly from the described FraGarr316. Skarrl wears a trenchcoat with a hat and glasses. Skarrl was hired by Ian to be rid of Land Scramblor, Skarrl has the apparent ability to tamper with nature and used to mess up his Earthquakes. Skarrl was killed when a piece of debris fell on him, leaving Ian to deal with him, himself. Skarrl has no connections what so ever with Ian or the Irken Empire for that matter. He was voiced by French Tickner.


Skitz is the Leader of the Irken Pirates. He is against the Irken empire and orders his crew to abduct random Irken Invaders. He was seem in Shanghied! and had a major role in Backseat Speeders of Doom. He speaks in an Australian Accent provided by Carlos Alazraqui in Shanghied! he was voiced by Mark Hamill.


Skoodge being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim Invader Skoodge was shown in the first episode of Invader Zim as being the shortest, fattest, ugliest Invader (although it is shown a few episodes that Zim is even shorter). Since the Irken culture idolizes height, little Skoodge was at an instant disadvantage. In scorn of his stature, the Tallest sent him to invade Planet Blorch, home of the Slaughtering Rat People, where he was expected to die horribly. However, Skoodge is a highly skilled Invader – the first Invader of Impending Doom Two to successfully subjugate his assigned planet. The Nickelodeon e-card for Skoodge says he survived on Blorch by eating really nasty things. On the arrival of the Irken Armada to Blorch to proclaim their first successful Invasion, The Tallest refused to make short Skoodge their poster-boy for galactic conquest. Instead, declaring a 'new tradition' on the spot, they instead fired him out of a cannon into space. A taller Irken civilian, randomly selected by Tallest Purple, was dubbed Invader Skoodge, and paraded in front of the cameras. Also when Zim was sent to a planet for military training, (or so he thought) Skoodge was there as well and used by Zim to get through the trials. Skoodge and Zim were smeeted (born) in the same generation of Irkens, (The Trial) and their first (and most subsequent) adventures together usually lead to Skoodge suffering horrible pain. Zim believes Skoodge to be very gullible. Skoodge was originally slated to have a larger role in season two: he was to be hiding from The Tallest in Zim's basement and was later to be in many future episodes such as "Day of da Spookies." For some odd reason, he can live without a PAK to support his life and seems to be able to think without a brain. Invader Skoodge was voiced by Ted Raimi.

His Human Disguise was revealed in The Happy Smiley Ian Show. His Human Disguise is a Hologram like Tak's. He uses Blonde hair and wears a vest.

In Brianne he was called Sploodge (A Suggestive name at that) and was voiced by Richard Newman.


Skunch was a friend of Invader Dennis. He had stolen something valuable to the Jillitos Robot Species of Jillitos 9 that was part of his families origin. He was never instated as an Invader. He was killed by Invader Harmor along with Ian and Dennis on Jillitos 9. He was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Smain, Bocco and Charlie

Smain, Bocco and Charlie are deceased Irken Invaders sentenced to Death for unknown Reasons. All that is known about them is that they were even more criminally Insane than Ian. Theyre spirits still wandered Space and reached Earth to which they chose to posses Ian, Zim and Tyler. They were driven away by Alyx though Bocco wandered off on his own due to Ian being eaten by a Creature in his bases basement. Smain was voiced by Dana Snyder, Bocco was voiced by Unknown Hinson and Charlie was voiced by Jeff Bennet.


Smitty is a Black haired kid who wears a Black Jacket. He is Japanese and wears glasses. He was one of Ians Bullies in Disorder Bullying. Ians revenge towards him was having his home blown up. He was voiced by Trey Parker.

Special Agent Kirm

Special Agent Kirm is an Irken Special Agent used to spy on Vaul. He was found out by Vaul. Vaul stated to Ian that he punished Kirm though it is not neccesarily known what he did, Vaul also said he was not Dead. He was voiced by Kurtwood Smith.


Squee is a Character from Jhonen Vasquez's Comic Johnny the Homocidal Maniac and Squee. Squee is a quiet, introverted, and bullied little kid with a less than supportive family, Squee has been forced to mature a bit more quickly than his peers. He is fond of writing, but only receives criticism from his teacher and taunting from his classmates. Any attempts he makes to deflect these hostilities only results in being shoved into the dirt or otherwise further humiliated. Squee's mother is addicted to some form of pill, possibly prescription pain killers (it is never specified), and spends a lot of time lying around in a nearly incoherent state. She often forgets who Squee is, or that she even has a child. His father, painfully aware of Squee's existence, loathes the boy and never forgets to mention that he blames Squee for 'ruining' his life (obviously he found nothing positive in parenthood). Having little patience for anything Squee says or does, he eventually becomes convinced that Squee is mentally unstable, and by the end of the series, has him committed to the "Defective Head Meat Institute" (though it seems in a one-sheet-artwork he's been freed due to perhaps, Johnny C). Squee also has a grandfather who justifiably believes his children are only waiting for him to die to collect some kind of inheritance. His grandfather claims to keep healthy and young by consuming his children's first-borns, and subsequently attempts to devour Squee, only to reveal in horrifying fashion that he is, in fact a cyborg and quite possibly insane.

Squee's next door neighbor is Johnny C, aka "Nny" (pronounced knee), the main character of Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. "Nny" regularly visits Squee late at night by breaking into his room. JTHM focused more on the 'mentoring' or 'big brother' aspect of "Nny" and Squee's relationship, but little interaction occurs in Squee!, aside from the occasional drawing or note left in Squee's room, or short references to 'the crazy neighbor man' (he does appear as an out-patient of "Defective Head Meat Institute", who Squee is oddly pleased to see). Squee has only one friend, albeit a possibly imaginary one, the dilapidated teddy bear affectionately referred to as Shmee. Only one real person makes any attempt to befriend Squee, a boy named Pepito who happens to be the Antichrist. During the course of the series, Squee encounters a killer chihuahua (that fatally mauls the only classmate who was friendly to him), zombified classmates, sporting mishaps, alien abductions, near recruitment into Satan's army, an encounter with his future self, a ghostly visitor, a giant murderous dust mite, and eventual committal to a mental institution despite being one of the most sane characters in the comic (however a one sheet artwork shows he has somehow escaped and is hiding out in Pepito's home). These experiences lead him to remark to a 'lamb-baby-dog-thing' in one strip that some bitter cartoonist must be drawing his life and therefore he doesn't want to get too attached to anyone or anything in it.

In the Series he makes various Background Cameos like in Zim's Doom though he makes a major appearance in Ian's New Best Friend in which Ian tries to befriend him to look normal in which in the end Squee is entirely Traumatized and sent back to the Insane Asylum (though normally he always is but for reasons his parents wanted him back there again). He was voiced by Nicky Jones.

Stan Grizdar

Stan Grizdar (Voiced by Phil LaMarr) is the titular character of the show Grizdar. He is a Zardonian who hails from the planet Zardon. Through most of the series, Stan has a "macho"/"tough guy" attitude and is usually ready to kick @$$ on any evildoers. In season 2, Stan's girlfriend from his home planet is introduced. Later in the series though (particularly near the end of season 4), Stan becomes more laid back and relaxed after learning to take it easy. Stan is most easily recognized by his mechanical arm, which can transform into various weapons when necessary. The origins of Stan's arm and why he had an amputation are explained in the series' final season, along with several other revelations. Stan's mechanical arm also acivates a powerful battle suit that he uses to deal with hostile supervillains and other such scum. An interesting note is that Stan's origins and early life, like the origin of his mechanical arm, are not revealed until season 5. He is shown throughout Ians Not So Boring Life and has become a reccuring Character. In Brianne he was a Former Cop whose arm was injured and removed and was voiced by Paul Dobson.


Starlight, like Dib is a paranormal investigator. She 7 years before either Zim or Ian came to Earth was victim to Tyler who had come for a brief gathering of information to invade planet FraGarr316, a planet with inhabitants that have a similar anatomy and appearance to those on Earth. When arriving, Tyler posed as a Skool child. Starlight had noticed unlike anyone else that he was an Alien. She after skool persued Tyler and chased him through the city. He eventually blasted her with a freeze ray. He sent her to Alyx to have her placed into the body of a dog and placed her back on Earth.

7 years later, Dib found the strayed dog, and took some care for her. Ian was informed by Tyler, who had been taken back to Irk a few episodes ago, to keep lookout for this dog. Ian had noticed Dib with it and kept trying to kidnap it. Dib had learned the origins and tested creations to reverse the effects. Ian persues Dib and tries to destroy any chance of bringing a formuable sidekick for Dib. However Ian failed when one of his spider arms ended up breaking and crashed right into the back of a camper.

Dib brought her back to human form. She became somewhat of a girlfriend for Dib, though this action is not mentioned directly in the series. After that Starlight made appearances in other episodes as a reccuring character though she didnt appear in the last season. She was voiced by Jeannie Elias.

On a side note, Tyler seems to denounce her awareness of him being an Alien, "as coming on to him".

Stinky Peterson

Also a Name commonly used on Red Green, Hey Arnold and Recess Stinky Peterson (Voiced by Pamela Adlon) is a Morally nice Kid but is not very Smart. Ian pretends to be Stinkys Friend so he can use him as his New Test Subject. After finding out Ian was only using him he Beat Ian severely. He was claimed The New Student in Mutation Nation however in Season 1 he can be seen as The Boy Ian Trampled in GIR Goes Crazy Again while running from GIR. Stinky in that episode was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez rather than Pamela Adlon. He appears at Skool in several other episodes after Mutation Nation.

Supreme Master Artilicron

Supreme Master Artilicron (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is mainly a Grizdar first appears in Season 3 being featured in 3 episodes The Tank has Landed pt 1, The Tank has Landed pt 2 and The Tank has Landed pt 3. An insectoid alien from the planet Hunthra named Artilus begins his long planned invasion of earth. Soon, Artilus's tanks begin patroling the streets where Stan and Dr. Zeeltor live. Stan decides to put an end to artilus's plans once and for all. Stan finally finds Artilus and engages in battle with him. Stan throws Artilus into one of his tanks. Then out of nowhere, Lord Garvon's "Morph-O-Tron" weapon enters the area through a dimentional gate and combines Artilus with the tank he was thrown into. After his transformation into a insectoid/tank-like cyborg, Artilus dawns the name "Supreme Master Artilico" and gains the upper hand against Stan. Lord Garvon's weapon then disappears through another dimentional gate. Artilus, now Supreme Master Artilico, gains the upper hand in his battle against Stan. Dr. Zeeltor then arrives and gives Stan an upgrade for his battle suit. Stan is then able to seriously damage his foe. Supreme Master Artilico then temporarely calls off his attack. He then vows revenge against Stan, and disappears underground along with his men. Later appearing in General Widespread of Doom Back in his lair underneath the city, Supreme Master Artilico prepares to dispatch his 3 generals to 3 different cities in the US to begin his conquest. General Hacker is sent to Las Vegas Nevada, General Gyro-gear is sent to New York City, and General Cyberclaw is sent to Sacramento. Artilico then dispatches a small army of mechanical soldiers to take out Stan. Again in A Tale of Two Zardonians pt 1 and A Tale of Two Zardonians pt 2 Having his generals dispatched and a troop of his best mechanical soldiers defeated by Stan, Supreme Master Artilico decides to find another way to defeat Stan. So he sends a polygon-like creature called Morpho to destroy Stan by becoming his doppelgonger.


Tak being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim making more appearances like if Invader Zim continued. Tak seems to show some sort of Affection towards Ian as shown in "Tak Returns" and "Doom for Zim" (Is seen hugging him) though Ian is oblivious to this. Tak, another Irken with a serious grudge against Zim appears on Earth in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl". Ian shows to hold a Grudge against Tak due to the fact She was the careless Smeet that had pulled his antanea. Originally assigned to janitorial duty, she comes to Earth to steal Zim's mission and impress the Tallest, hoping to achieve Invader status in this way. She also owns a SIR unit named Mimi, who wears a cat disguise. She was set to come back as a big villian in "Top of the Line". Tak is voiced by Olivia D'Abo. In Brianne she was nice and known as Zim's Girlfriend and had hate towards Brianne (who was Ian renderred female) and was voiced by Grey DeLisle.

The Abductors

The Abductors are a father-son alien duo who travel through the galaxy collecting specimens in a massive holding area of their vast ship. However, they are so incompetent that 99.9% of their prisoners escape. Zim and GIR were their choice for a human and a dog, as the Abductors were fooled by their ingenious disguises, but they easily escaped. They kidnapped Zim and GIR by appearing at their doorstep in hideous human disguises, with the nametags Mary and Fred (but with the genders not matching the names). When Zim saw through their disguises, they stuffed the alien into a sack and beamed aboard their ship. Dib was later selected as their specimen of the Earth weasel. The two aliens (sometimes dubbed Blue and Green by fans due to their eye colors) are the same ones from Jhonen Vasquez's comics who abduct Rob Hummel and attempt to abduct Squee!, except here they don't have their hover pod wheel chairs. They Later reappear in Abducting The Abducted! abducting Zim, GIR and Ian however they cant make an easy escape since they have a Smarter Member of their Group. They were voiced by Brian George and Jim Wise. The Smarter Abductor was voiced by David Ogden Stiers.

The Fabulous 5

The Fabulous Five are based on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy who take Dib and give him a makeover saying he isnt Irken enough!. They were voiced by Mr Lawerence, Jhonen Vasquez and Rosearik Rikki Simons.

The Godfather

The Godfather is the head of the Irken Mafia. He is big and has a Muatache and speaks in an accent like Marlon Brando. He had the Mafia kidnap Zim because he wouldnt join them. He would appear later in Grizdar. He was voiced by Trey Parker.

The Growlongs

The Growlongs appeared in GIR is God!!. Growlongs is a religion known only to robots and one human (Justin Timberlake). It rivals the main robot religion, Robotology. Gir is the growlong god. We can only speculate on rites, rituals, and otherwise "underground" actions of Growlongs. Also Growlongs means meaty monger in their native language.

They consider GIR their god though they mentioned other gods!

  • Scary Monkey - The growlong Goddess (this is not a typo, the monkey is female) of good fortune. Many growlongs have a picture of the Scary Monkey in which they wish for good luck and all that rubbish. Scary Monkey also has her own television show in which it is required for all growlongs to watch each Sunday. Luckily, it is aired before the superbowl.
  • Johnny the Homicidal Maniac - The growlong God of pure chaos and awesomeness. He is the one who created what growlongs come to know as the random factor. He is also the God of killing for fun and killing out of revenge. He is one of the more well known deitys, next to Gir himself. Squee has the godly ability of instant decapitation, the fifth best power in the world, right after Gir's head asplodey powers, Bruce Lee's punch, Oscar Wilde's quotation powers, Jesus's Halo 2 online skills, and the omnipotence of God.
  • SQUEE - The growlong God of love and joy. He is the sole creator of love and kindness. He wishes everyone to be joyful and happy for their wonderful lifes. He is the sole opposite of Squee. Nny is also sometimes known as Jhonen Vasquez, the mortal name he used to save a bunch of orphans from a flaming school bus. Nny has three magical elfs called Mr.Friendship, Happydoughboy, and Tamale bunny. They are his messengers in which they bring newborn babies according to growlong beliefs.
  • Spongebob - The growlong equivalent to Satan. Growlongs believe him to be the CEO of Nickeleodeon, in which bad growlongs go to suffer an eternity. Growlongs describe him as the king of faggots and homosexuals. Spongebob also shoots soul stealing cum from his nose that will tear the mortal soul of a growlong and imprison it in Nickeleodeon studios.
  • Marilyn Manson - The growlong God(Goddess?)) of Fucking and of Sex.This creature is said to have given all the Growlongs their gender and if any of them are unclear it is because he made them Hermaphadikes or people with both genitalia.He is the main God of the Mansonites.

They were all killed by Ian and Bilinar due to annoyance. They were voiced by Jhonen Vasquez, Ian McCormick, Richard Horvitz and Billy West. Justin Timberlake was voiced by Jeff Bennet.

The Hacker

The Hacker is a Human character of unknown origin, though Ian McCormick describes him as being 50 and unhappy with the people he is forced to make contact with. He is a source who helped Ian in "Psuedo Ian" over the telephone. He appears in 5 episodes in the series. Whenever seen he is only a Silhouette in front of a computer in the dark.

According to McCormick, The Hacker was based upon a prank call victim he would see on youtube videos named "Chris the Hacker", his voice and designed specifically after him. He was voiced by H. Jon Benjamin.

The Irken Defectives

These Irkens are Defectives like Zim that once Tried to make Zim join them.

Wex is voiced by Melissa Fahn.

Invader Chez is without a doubt, the most nervous and uneasy of all the invaders. He was deemed defective by Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple and was to be eliminated. Chez was able to escape this grim fate however by agreeing to prove to the Tallest that he could single-handidly conquer a planet like the other invaders. Chez is voiced by Kevin McDonald.

Although he is considered by moxt of the irkens around him to be anorexic, Invader Chin's skeleton-like appearence or past is unknown. Most of his personality has not developed well. Chorg is voiced by Kevin Micheal Richardson.

Lentil is voiced by Wally Wingert.

Zubazub is voiced by Ted Raimi.

Lobart is voiced by Jhonen Vasquez under his alias, Mr. Scolex.

In Brianne they were Neptunians gone bad and were called Lelslie, Chaz, Clay, Lesley, Henry and James and were voiced by Richard Newman and Leslie was voiced by Andrea Libman.

The Irken Pirates

The Irken Pirates are against the Irken Empire. They abduct innocent Invaders at random. They abducted Ian and wanted him to join them. Ian escaped with the aid of a former Irken Invader who was against them. They are voiced by Maurice LaMarche, Mark Hamill, Dan Castellaneta, Jhonen Vasquez, Hank Azaria and Billy West.

The Men in Gray

The Men in Gray are a Parody of The Men in Black. They were called by Ian due to a Ghost. They found out that Ian, Zim and Skoodge were aliens and tried to kill them. Ian vaporized them with a Gun when it seemed like the end. They were voiced by Trey Parker and Will Smith.

The Richard Simmons Bot 1.0

The Richard Simmons Bot 1.0 was a creation by Ian. He created him to cause chaos when the Skool went to a Field Trip to the Pool. He ended up exploding due to overheating. It has a Big Metal Gap around its left eye. He was voiced by Richard Simmons.

The SIR Trainer

The SIR Trainer as his name suggests is a SIR Trainer. He failed his tests to be an Irken Invader in the explosion that trapped Tak and fled to a Desert Planet known as Mecros 2. He trains any defunct SIR Units. He had no success with GiR however. He was voiced by Bart Flynn.

The Spare Resisty Ship

The Spare Resisty Ship was one of the ships in storage on the Resisty Ship. It was put in the hands of Dib where doing modifications he found it had a mind of its own and started destroying the City. It was voiced by Wally Wingert.

The Terzo Family

The Terzo family was a rich family mentioned in the episode Trapped, it is said that the father of the family, Henry Terzo went insane and murdered the family and killed himself. It is said he was haunted by an evil spirit, which when Ian, Tyler, Zim, Johnny, Tak and Craiman got stuck in their abandoned mansion got proved when Tak got infested with it. They were not seen but they could be seen in various photos around the mansion. They are named after Venus Terzo according to Ian McCormick.

The Triple T's

The Triple Ts are 3 Whorish looking Irkens. There names are Tina (Voiced by Mila Kunis), Tiera (Voiced by Melissa Fahn) and Tiff (Voiced by April Stewart). They attempt to Destroy The Entire Population to show The Tallests they're worthy of Being invader's.

The Tugs of Bigg City Port

The Tugs of Bigg City Port appear in Brianne which was the F***** up adaption of INSBL and Tugs to which all the Characters personalitys and in some cases names and genders were changed. In Ians Not so Boring Life: The Alleged Series the original footage and storylines were done as well as new stories accomidated by new footage was done.

Note that * means renderred female and the renames are listed

The Star Fleet

  • Ten Cents
  • Big Mac (Big Stack)
  • O.J. (Otis)
  • Top Hat
  • Warrior
  • Hercules
  • Sunshine *

The Zeb Stacks

  • Zorran
  • Zebedee (Z.B.)
  • Zak
  • Zug
  • Zip (Ziggy)

The two fleets have a Captain, The Star Fleet is under control of Captain Star * and the Zeb Stacks under the command of Captain Zero.

Ten Cents was voiced by Simon Nash and Ian James Corlett.

Big Mac was voiced by Nigel Anthony and Paul Daubson

O.J. was voiced by Timothy Bateson, Ian James Corlett and Tom Kenny

Top Hat was voiced by John Baddley, Long John Baldry, Ian McCormick and John Cleese

Warrior was voiced by Sean Barret, Michael Donavan and Dan Castellaneta

Hercules was voiced by Nigel Anthony, Long John Baldry and Ian McCormick

Sunshine was voiced by Shaun Prendergaust, Andre Libman, Terry Klassen and Richard Steven Horvitz

Captain Star was voiced by Patrick Allen, Lenore Zann and Michael Angelis

Zorran was voiced by Chris Tulloch, Scott McNeil and Kirby Morrow

Zebedee was voiced by Nigel Anthony, Ian James Corlett and Michael Angelis

Zak was voiced by Shaun Prendergaust and Terry Klassen

Zug was voiced by Mike Mulloy, Scott McNeil and Kirby Morrow

Zip was voiced by John Baddley, Ian James Corlett and Greg Eagles

Captain Zero was voiced by Mike Mulloy, French Tickner and Billy West


Thurop was a Former Irken Invader until resigning . He was on the run in Ians Not here Man!! in which he wanted Ian to help him hide. To what he was hiding from is unknown as he never answered Zim as to what he was hiding from. He was voiced by Diedrich Bader.

Time Lord

Time Lord is a Cyborg. He has the ability to time Travel. His appearance was in a Grizdar related episode. He arrived on earth and used Dr. Zeeltor's labtop to open a portal to the past to make it so he rules the world in the present. Stan and Dr. Zeeltor persue Time Lord through the time portal, but end up in the year 4090. Dr. Zeeltor and Stan eventually end up in the Cold War erra, inside Time Lord's secret base. There, Stan faced off against Time Lord and destroyed him once and for all, thus undoing Time Lord's altercations to the Space-Time Continuam. He was voiced by Hank Azaria.

Tom Cruion

Tom Cruion is Ians Cousin. He takes things rather fancy and speaks with a German Accent. He is an Odd yet Mysterious Parody on Tom Cruise. He moves in with Zim and Ian in Ian's Cousin though eventually he becomes a Burden on both Zim and Ian. He told Zim and Ian that their suits were So Last Month. Ian and Zim use many Methods that Dont work to get rid of Him however he later decides to leave due to the fact they have no Fashion Sense. He was voiced by Camp Lazlo regular Mr. Lawrence.

Tourettes Guy

Tourettes Guy was gag in the episode Internet Phenomena. Ian called a friend which is revealed to be Tourettes Guy which he hangs up to him saying "FUCK YOU". After that a Big gag is put on in which Al Gore calls him about and Emergancy Manbearpig Meeting which is audio used from the South Park episode Man-Bear-Pig afterwords it uses footage with adding the tourettes Guy disturbing the meeting with Swearing ('Kiss my Ass", "Go to Touch his Dick" .etc). This can be seen here

Traffic Jammer

Traffic Jammer is a Robot made of wrecked cars sent by Lord Garvon to destroy Stan by taking control of his car. He was voiced by Ted Lewis.



Vaul is an Irken Crimminal mastermind that was locked up on Planet Vort. Ian had accidentally released Vaul in "Crimminal" and in "Irken Empire Corrupt" he and Commander Cen had taken over "The Massive" and Restyled it. He escaped The Massive but later in "Chase of Doom" he was captured. Vaul is later released again in Grizdar by Stan Grizdar. He was voiced by Eric Roberts. In Brianne he was a friendly Irken named Ocho and was voiced by Terry Klassen.


Xennog is a Xenamorph, and was layed within Ian when a Xenamorph layes eggs within him. Ian layed these eggs uncontrollably, he concaucted a plan to lay these and use them to destroy the humans. Xennog had hatched inside Ian. He ended up killing Ian and scaring away most of the children and terrorizing the city. However mainly he was rattled. In the end he befriended Zim, and discussed his issues with Zim. He still believed that Ian was alive. He was voiced by Jim Fortier.


Xenu (Voiced by Maurice LaMarche) is a Villian from Grizdar and South Park. Though he never Spoke in South Park only with Subtitles. Though in Grizdar he talks full English. He appears in two episodes. With phase 1 of his plan, consisting of turning people into mindless zombies with a phony religion called scientology complete, the dark lord Xenu begins his invasion of earth with the help of his general, Tom Cruise who was already stationed on earth. The only thing standing in Xenu's way is Stan. Knowing he must save earth from Lord Xenu, Stan starts his task by unmasking Tom Cruise to the scientologists as Xenu's alien general, thus breaking them from the spell that is Scientology. Stan then faces off against Xenu himself in a battle for the minds of the human race. Xenu made one appearance in INSBL in Disaster on Zekklom discussing terms with an Irken Rogue.


Zablont is a Mentally Retarded Tiny Irken. He wears a Battle Suit (Similar to Zim's from the Pilot) that makes him look bigger. He picks on Various Irkens though all the Irkens hes fought... won. He challanged Ian and Ian revealed his nasty secret, hes a Midget. He was voiced by Conan O'Brien.


Zak was a major villian in Season 5. Zak was an old friend of Ian's back during training but as Ian got more and more successful, he grew more and more jealous. He took a vow to kill Ian, though he put the plans on hold once learning that he was in the Insane Asylum. He got the news of his release at least 5 years late. He had decided to take a trip to Earth in order to kill Ian. He had held Ian captive at least 3 times during the 5th Season. Zak orbited around Earth during the entire period. He picked up Skarkash as his sidekick during that time. At the end of Season 5, in a two part Season Finale and Season opening, Zak was killed in a face off with Ian. He incidentally had a knife thrown by Tyler, through his head before he was to kill Ian.

Zak's original voice was intended to be John Bellis, who was meant to be the original voice of Thomas in Thomas & the Magic Railroad but no contact was able to be made with him. His voice actor was chosen as H. John Benjamin.


Zalom is a Monster that lived in Zim and Ians Basement. He attacked Skoodge and attempted to take over the base by connecting his tentacles to the Database to Zims Lab way down under. He was destroyed in the end. He was voiced by Rob Paulsen.

Zangas Valtron

Zangas Valtron (Voiced by Brad Garrett) is an old enemy of Dr. Zeeltor whome Zeeltor thought had died in an explosion has traced the Doctor to earth, in hopes of destroying him. With the help of Stan, Valtron is apprehended by the galactic authorities. In The Return of Zangas Valtron Zangas Valtron breaks out of prison and returns to earth to exact his revenge on the doctor. He does this by kidnapping Stan and then threatening to destroy him if Dr. Zeeltor doesn't surrender himself. In Escape and Confusion Zangas Valtron breaks out of prison with the help of a shapeshifting blob-like monster named Zurt who was sent by General Gyro-gear. Upon his escape, Zangas Valtron agrees to help General Gyro-gear destroy Stan, as long as he is givin the opportunity to personaly destroy Dr. Zeeltor. In Zekklomium Dr. Zeeltor inherits a mine full of a rare alien metal called Zekklomium on his home planet of Zekklom 7 from his recently deceased uncle. So he and Stan go to Zekklom 7 to check up on the doctor's newfound wealth. Unfortunatly, Zangas Valtron finds out about Dr. Zeeltor's wealth and follows him and Stan to Zekklom 7 to steal the Doctor's Zekklomium. In Old Foe, New Position After the destruction of Mr. Layzor, General Cyberclaw begins searching for a new second in command- one who is also interested in outing Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. The General's search leads him to the prison planet of Vorlon where he finds Zangas Valtron, who is also interested in outing the duo. So the General breaks Zangas Valtron out of prison and makes the fugitive his new second-in-command. General Cyberclaw then send Zangas Valtron, as well as a troup of robotic soldiers to take out Stan. In Brothers in Crime Upon escaping from prison, Zangas Valtron enlists the help of his brother Zayak , a former assassin for mobster Boss Slorr to aid him in taking out Stan and Dr. Zeeltor. Their plans change however when they are recruited by Vaul to lead his forces as generals. In Brianne he was re-named Zanglor and was voiced by Jeff Bennet.


Z.B. is a Defective Invader though he has no problems with this! He is noted masochist as he takes pleasure out of whittling his feet into animals. He usually wears fake robotic legs due to this though in most episodes they heal back into the usual form. He agrees to help Zim in a Four parter episode. He was voiced by Charles Napier.


Zentros is an Evil Spibbly. He tried taking over the Hotel Planet Hotelress 7. Zim had foiled his plans however. He is noted too stupid to have succesfully taken it over anyhow. He was Voiced by Jeff Bennett.



Zim being from Jhonens Previous Series Invader Zim still has no sucess in conquer the Human Race which is why The Tallests send Ian to conquer all of the humans. Zim is a short, green, almost stereotypical looking alien from the planet Irk. He is trying to conquer the Earth, and is generally unsuccessful. He uses ridiculously excessive and elaborate plans to destroy the planet when he obviously has the resources to do so much more efficiently. After the series's cancellation, Jhonen Vasquez did a four-page comic for the Nickolodeon Magazine. In it, Zim has successfully conquers the earth in less than half a minute when Dib isn't looking. Dib and Zim then go to outerspace to ride space bunnies. This blunt and exaggerated plot may have been done out of spite for the cancellation. Zim isn't technically an Invader, and his superiors actively despise him. The episode "The Frycook What Came From All That Space" confirms that Zim was officially demoted from the rank of Invader to Food Services after his disastrous performance during Operation Impending Doom One. His current assignment to destroy earth is actually just the Tallest's latest and most desperate attempt to get Zim as far away from them as possible. Zim is voiced by Richard Steven Horvitz. In Brianne he was smart and was voiced by Billy West.

Zip and Henford

Zip and Henford are Burkes Idiotic sidekicks. They have tried many attempts to kill Ian though to no availe out of the fact that their plans are idiotic. Zip was voiced by Ian James Corlett and Henford was voiced by Scott McNeil.


Was blinded by potatoes in Gaz, Taster of Pork. She also used one of the three "crazy cards" given to the class to commit Dib to an insane asylum in Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom. In one episode, Zita was given an A from Ms. Bitters for calling Dib crazy. She appears to be Ms. Bitters' favorite student. She was voiced by Mo Collins. In Brianne she was voiced by Andrea Libman.


Once Planned to be a Grizdar character Zolgar is a mysterious cloaked figure who kidnaps Lard Nar and uses a copy of the Necronomicon to turn Lard Nar into a monster. He was voiced by Eric Roberts.

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