The Iapyx

The Iapyx is a design that had been on the drawing board of the leadership of Daedalus kabal for nearly a year before it was finally completed. It was only with the timely assistance of the then new Chief Velkro that CRA Slagar and the rest of the design team were able to work out the last few problems with the design and move it to full production.

The Iapyx is in a very similar class to the discontinued Dahak, however it out performs the earlier design in almost every way possible. A highly aerodynamic design, the Iapyx performs much better when inside a planet's atmosphere then other comparable transport class vessels. The Iapyx also has repulsors on the surfaces of her stub wings, allowing for the repulsors to push off of a gravitational field to create changes in attitude and direction, improving the handling characteristics of the craft within a gravity well.


150,000 ICs


38 metres

Hull Strength

67 RU

Armour Bay

160 VUs

Avionics Bay

110 VUs

Cargo Bay

170 VUs

Transport Engine Bay

500 VUs

Engine Upgrade Bay

15 VUs

General Equipment Bay

300 VUs

Habitation Bay

100 VUs

Thruster Bay

50 VUs

Weapons Bay

150 VUs

Weapons Bay

150 VUs

Weapons Bay

80 VUs

Torpedo Bay

120 VUs

Torpedo Bay

120 VUs

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