Ibi In Iberia is the third episode to the spin-off series, Ibi and Friends, in which Ibi and Zam visit the Spanish plains, in yet another of Zam's ill thought out plans. Zam finds himself lost, and cannot find Ibi, but in the meanwhile decides to try and teach a hoard of angry dinosaurs Esperanto. After Zam draws up plans for what will be a tense, exiting and devilishly clever escape plan, the episode ends with a great anti climax. Zam pathetically mumbles the words that become his catchphrase, "I'm in a spot of trouble here, Ibi", and in what can only be a massive gapping plot-hole nd inconsistancy in this article, Ibi eats his way towards Zam and saves the day. Indeed the "Just So" story manner of this ending seems to scream out the titles "What Really Killed The Dinosaurs". The creators thought this unwise, as they did't want to draw attention to the use of dinosaurs, due to questions (see Frequently Asked Questions about whether Ibi could really eat all the dinosaurs, and the innevitable complaints of historical annochronisms and innacuracies (it is commonly known that the Ibi didn't really kill off the dinosaurs, they are just really good at hiding these days.

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