In an attempt to resurrect Ebo The Friendly Centurion, a spin-off series was made, entitled Ibi and friends. This was the cause of much controversy amongst die-hard fans, as Ebo is rairly featured. Ibi became the main characer, as directors decided that only the novellty of the "murderous lion" had brought the last series any success. In Ibi and Friends, Ibi encounters and devours new people, and teams up with his long lost friend, Zam. Zam is an Esperanto speaking alien, who often, humorously and originally finds fault with Ibi’s grammar. Despite being close friends, Zam appears to delight in patronising Ibi, resulting more often than not in an amusing 'Carry-On'esque scene with entertaining music. An often nervous alien, Zam is very studious, and is most famously seen wearing his glasses, teaching Esperanto to Ibi's dismembered victims. He is used as Ibi’s walking encyclopedia, although Ibi rarely takes notice and prefers to utlise Zam as a mopping device. Zam often encounters troubles, his catchphrase being “I’m in a spot of trouble here, Ibi!” whereupon Ibi eventually eats his way to Zam, saving him from endless perils. He is also renowned for his habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Zam is completly honest, and will always say what he is thinking, most notably, in Episode 3 “Ibi in Iberia”, when tells a local soldier that he “smell[s] like a crocodile”.

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