Name: Ibrii [Portrait]


Genre: Occult Horror

Race: Human

Occupation: Witch

Gender: Female

Description and Character Notes:

Ibrii is a pleasant and healthy looking young woman with a positively rosy complection. Her slightly wide face is commonly beset with a rather wide grin just below her rather wide nose which itself sits right below her hazel eyes and dirty blonde locks that would probably obscure said peepers if they ever struggled free from her ever-present hat. From head to toe she dresses like a sterotypical witch. All black, floppy pointed hat, the works.


Body: 5
Mind: 4
Soul: 6
Health Points: 55
Energy Points: 90
Shock Value: 11
Combat Value: 5
Defense Value: 3


Acrobatics 1x4 = 4
Cooking 2x1 = 2
Cultural Arts 3x1+ 1 = 4
Occult Specialty
Melee Defense 2x5 = 10
Ranged Defense 2x5 = 10
Energy Bonus 4x1 = 4
Exorcism 6x1 = 6
Magic (and Psionics) 4x4 = 16
Transmutation 6x4 = 24
Can turn anything into a Pumpkin
Weapon Attack 4x4 = 16 (45 damage)
Accurate 1x15 = 15 (-1 bonus to Attack rolls)
Drop Shields
Soul Attack
Limited Shots 1x-15 = -15 (6 shots before reload)
Cannot Penetrate Armor 1x-15 = -15
Forcefields Block Half Damage 1x-15 = -15
Broomstick (Item of Power) 4x2 = 8
Force Field 6x2 = 12 (105 damage prevented)
Two-Dimensional Wall
Blocks Incorporeal
Both Directions
Flight 2x4 = 8
Can Hover
Sixth Sense 2x1 = 2
Sense Spirits
Detect Magic
Dynamic Sorcery 3x4 = 12
Any Discipline
Involuntary Physical Change (At 0 Energy she turns into a pumpkin) 1x-1 = -1
Magical Restrictions (Must Dress like a Witch to use Magic) 1x-1 = -1
Magical Restrictions (Must use Appropriate Occult Props to use Dynamic Sorcery) 1x-1 = -1

Advancement Points - 4

Extra Attacks 1x4 = 4

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