Playing Cowboys and Indians with Icasa

Place a WiMax on the roof of any house inside a CommunityBlockNetwork. Icasa's Bloemfontein division explained to me that their wings are clipped by the constitution. Vodacom can't bribe Icasa and the SAPS to obtain a court order for an entire street and seal it off, they can only raid one premise at a time looking for an illegal WiMax transmitter. All sorts of schemes will have to be considered to protect these devices from Vodacom. Didata who owns Internet Solutions partnered with an ex Icasa official and worked out a scheme whereby only they and five others were to get a road cutting license. Altech was left out of these "negotiations" with Icasa and took them to court. Everybody is involved in some sort of scheme to get a piece of the R100bil telecoms market. You must interpret these schemes in the light of the the LegalPerspective

NPA protects us

The protector of free men - - will not criminally prosecute anybody for using whatever device on 2.4ghz because it is a license free band. Vodacom is merely using Icasa and their equipment licensing as a ruse to drive up the cost of 2.4ghz devices. The FCC is Verizon's telecoms police force with the powers to prosecute. Icasa , ANC , Judges and the SAPS can't prosecute anybody only the - LegalPerspective can do this.

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