Iccelsstatem is one of the three main relgions of sersex

Evoluation of Iccelsstatem

Iccelsstatem is seen more as a personal morale code a way of leaving void of conventional worship that has gained large enough momentuem and influence that it has independantly grown roots in many peoples lifestyles. The South western coast of lasting sands was once inhabited by a tribal people that favoured water to land. There villages and eventaully citys would border and sometimes extend out to sea. They seem to inherit a disdain for land and saw the sea as physically, economiclly and spritually more fertile. As a result they developed a very acute and robust naval force although in a millitarlisc sense it was very docile. They used it to explore and colonise the islands of **** and subsequently colonize them. As a result these islands, no longer considered part of Lasting Sands, have developed minor feudal systems devotley aligned to Iccelsstatem. Many of these Islands are still similar to the years of when they where first populized providing a hermetic world of vaules implyed by Iccelsstatem.

Values and Implyed Responsibiltys of Iccelsstatem

Becuase of the nature of sea travel and the construction of towns geared to maintaining fleets. Iccelsstatem values monoverabilty in its followers.

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