Lionkingrulezagain1's Spoof Tarzan 2

Ice Age/Tarzan 2


Tarzan - Scrat (Ice Age)

Zugor - Uncle Fungus (Ice Age Continental Drift)

Uto - Zeke (Ice Age)

Kago - Oscar (Ice Age)

Mama Gunda - Raz (Ice Age Continental Drift)

Kala - Peaches (Ice Age Continental Drift)

Kerchak - Diego (Ice Age Continental Drift)

Terk - Dory (Finding Nemo)

Tanor - Maurice (The Jungle Bunch To The Rescue)

Sabor - Swiper The Fox (Dora The Explorer)

Rhino & Bird - Carl & Frank (Ice Age)


Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 1 Run Away/Son Of Prehistoric Squirrel

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 2 Going To New Home/Storm At African Jungle

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 3 Leaving Home Find My Way/Swiper Chase/Dark Mountain

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 4 It's A Uncle Fungus/Raz To Read A Bedtime Story About Three Little Frog's New Home

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 5 Scrat & Uncle Fungus's Discovery/Carl & Frank Chase

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 6 Maurice & Dory Searching For Scrat/Talk To Uncle Fungus/Who Am I/Talk To Peaches/Scrat & Uncle Fungus Very Tired/Dory & Maurice Went To Dark Mountain

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 7 Talk To Zeke Oscar Raz & Dory In Dark Mountain/Scrat & Uncle Fungus Sleep In A Uncle Fungus's Treehouse/Talk To Dory In Dark Mountain

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 8 Talk To Uncle Fungus To Scrat/I'm A Uncle Fungus/Back At Dark Mountain/Back At Uncle Fungus's Treehouse

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 9 Zeke & Oscar Destroy Uncle Fungus's Treehouse/Talk To Uncle Fungus Again/Sliding In The Dark Mountain

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 10 Final Battle/Playing Games/Battle

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 11 Scrat Rescues Peaches/Talk To Raz/Happy Ending/Who Am I Reprise

Ice Age/Tarzan 2 Part 12 End Credits

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